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Gemini Monthly Reading


Spirit is blowing the trumpet on a situation that has been going on for too long. You could’ve been in a battle or having a peacocking session with someone and whoever this is didn’t want to give up. So, spirit had to step in and gone shut it down. Even them candles you been burning over someone's head. This could result in someone coming clean about the dirty work they did against someone, or someone is coming to confess they feelings about how they feel about you. And for some you really don’t give a damn because this has been an argument that has been going on for too long. If I'm being honest it's a catty relationship with you and someone else that has been dragging on for so long. You get cool and then they turn about and do something fucked up. It's like you’re continuously working to repair the same thing that has been broken by two people. Now it could be a relationship or a friendship.

To me it’s a friendship but others apply it where it fits. If it is a sexual connection, you and someone had baby somebody you are finally seeing it exactly for what it is just a, situationship. Something or someone who comes in and blocks you every time you decide to move forward in love, life, career, support, and even new things. It’s been dragging and holding somebody back for a long time. It’s been nothing but tears, fear, and heartaches with this connection. For some of you, your throat chakra may even became blocked because somebody takes everything someone says out of context. On the other hand, it’s figuring out how you can and someone can relate better, and this isn’t even worth the hassle if I'm being honest. It's like a bully paradigm going, it’s like in seasons you have to be the Dom and in the other seasons you have to be the submissive.

And whoever this is, it kind of gets dark because someone likes to use someone deep darkest secrets over them too especially if you are confiding anything about your childhood wounds. Or your deep darkest fears it’s like someone doesn’t want someone to grow outside of who they used to be. It's like they want you to stay in a trap. Everytime you get happy it’s like this person is on the sideline ready to remind you of the fucks up you made only to get you or someone around them to go low all of the time. They use these tactics to get you to do their dirty work all of the time. This is why you always feel like the bad guy because they hold shit over your head.

Baby, once somebody learn self acceptance and evaluation them people you run with, talk with, eat it, smoke with, or even drink with ain’t gone be a problem no more. For others it’s time to get out of your city you been some place too long. On the other side it’s time to shake things up, stop going to the same places especially if you are trying to change things. Because someone is counting on the sidelines that you are not going to change at all. If you are going to any psychics or mediums at this state and time, make sure you are going to the right person. Because somebody looks good on paper but they hell behind them doors. They may have some degree in sociology or something or psychology, but they don’t know how to use it. For others this could be someone who comes off like they are some college professor in some area to speak to people about they issues and baby it just gets worse.

Like listening to their advice always seems to backfire on someone. You do know that you don’t have to listen to them all of the time. You can just politely go look for a new person to talk to. Like there are people out here that can gladly help you. So, trying to stick it out in area that doesn’t work for you is only going to bring you more problems.



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