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Gemini Monthly Reading


Who is this on their pivot stating all the things they need in a demanding manor that is coming from an emotional place where nobody knows how to read that energy. For some of y’all this could be someone that is love sick and it is emotional aggravating to deal with because one minute you cool and the next minute you spazzing the hell out. Do you need a chill pill or learn better ways to emotionally express what is going in your life because anger isn't going to get it. Have you ever heard of the idea that you get more honey with flies? Just because you having a hissy fit about the things you want doesn’t mean you gone get it. Baby we grown around here you gone have to state what it is you need the same way you do with that anger. Pissing people off just because you pissed off only creates a charged environment and when the environment is already at its max capacity it only reciprocates the energy that is giving.

Moral of the story what you put out is what you are going to get. If you see something that is going to be a nuance and you add to it or allow it to dictate you then the consequence is on you. For some of yall it is getting more boundaries and standing up for yourself. Saying no and stating what it is you are not going to deal with. This isn't being weak. If someone doesn’t understand that you are firm on your no’s then isn’t your job to back out on it. Constantly adjusting to the needs of someone else isn't called being strong it really can be a weakness in the wrong hands if you allow someone to exploit it. So, when you go on your emotional tangents about your needs not being met and this person wouldn't do this for you why do you do it? This month may have you in self reflective mode and have you on shut up mode and not because you talk too much it's to sit back watch some things.

Spirit said you don’t pay attention to how people react around you this is why people always feel offended by everything you do. It's like an all or nothing attitude and you have this mind frame like ain’t nobody gone call me out so ima do it anyway. Baby have you ever heard of the word ghost because that is what I would be doing but it ain’t about me it’s about you. Spirit said you need to get focused and stop taking every opportunity that comes across your desk. What do you want to do? I feel like you really don’t know yourself or your needs. It's like you giving I been a mom or a parent my whole life and now my kids going off to college what will I do? What do you want to do? Is somebody asking you what you want to do? Somebody needs to incorporate some boundaries with the kids I don’t know if you are not a strict parent but that will come back to bite you in the ass.

Just because you are tired doesn’t mean that you have to let them run lose and tear up the house because you need a moment. Who is going to clean that up? You, no them kids gone pick that up. Now if you believe in that soft parenting thing you have to be firm in your tone. You have to find another way to communicate to them kids and let them know how they got you fucked up. Without moving off your pivot and not changing your facial expression. It is doing this over and over again until it clicks in the brain. Keep in mind you have been here before not them kids and if you are incorporating a new style just know it is going to take time. Cause hell you don’t want to do it no way and they sense it. They smaller humans not dumb ones.

You got a fake ass friend trying to come back into your life one who only want to hang when it's time to get high, party, smoke, drink, possibly even trying to fuck. Y’all be having this catty and competitive behavior going on that you may not see this person may stab you in the back or talk about you to your demise. Now this could be you doing this because somebody is trying to figure out how the hell they can fix or renter somebody life when they been talking big mess. They been in competition with you for a minute and it's been hidden. It's been masked behind this false competition or mentor/ mentee type shit but it’s been fake from the jump. If somebody has conflict going on in a relationship this person has been the one who doing it and when you call them out, they gone act so shock.

It's like they want to be caught and they don’t care if you find out because they feel like these two people aren't supposed to be together or even be friends. Someone is very controlling on some dark shit like they want you to be alone and have no friends but them and whoever this could be depressed because of this. Somebody ain’t been eating right, sleeping right, or even thinking right. It’s giving a run away and stray dog tendencies. Like someone needs to be nurtured but its giving if ima fight or bite you even if it takes them out. I kinda want to cry because this person could be so emotionally combative to a fault. Like they have been beaten and traumatize by something or someone close to them.

You gone have to start blocking people on your page and controlling your newsfeed better because getting into it with people only causes you more stress. Some of y’all think you are being the bigger person by ignoring things but it actually keeps them going. Because if you pissing somebody off that bad some people can wait to piss your ass off too. With purpose and on purpose go read the first paragraph. Because it is time for someone to grow the hell up and they don’t want to so they find themselves okay with shutting out the world when they are completely wrong and not accepting feedback or even acknowledging someone else feelings. Someone can be stubborn and emotionally immature and this is killing the connections you have in your life.

Somebody can’t get a word in edge wise with you because you gone cut them off or say snarky remarks. Some of y’all dealing with a Mr. and Mrs. Goodie two shoes. Someone maybe going to jail for bribery and coercion and keeping a fake front on a business. And they been trying to over work a company so they make up for the money they say they got coming in. For your business customers may have been dry because you only prioritize the ones who spend big money and not the ones who continually shop with you. So, you end up overworking yourself to the point that you feel burnt out when it comes to your business, you have to get some help or find a schedule that actual works for you. And whoever sells merchandise one of your employees been stealing your merchandise meanwhile you cursing out all of your kinfolks and they ain’t taking the clothes.

A betrayal won’t heal until you talk about how it made you feel trying to numb it by, smoking and fucking the pain away isn't going to fix it. You just keep a separation gap between you in your partner going on and they just stay more and more away from you. Because they gave up on trying to fix you a long time ago but they still there. For some of your spirituality maybe where you actually find healing it could be talking to an ancestor or someone who could be a guide for you. Watch it though because you may fall for them because they understand your emotional needs and you romanticizing the hell out of them. This doesn’t mean they are good at a relationship with you, they may be good at they job.

Oh, and that boyfriend that can’t keep a job is fina spend the block to see if he can make the relationship work one more time. Only for him to blame you for how his life ended up in the first-place child let me know how that turns out. And this could be a girl too it’s giving I might need a restraining order.



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