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Gemini Love Tarot Reading


Who is that over there stalking and writing love letters to somebody. Is it a fling, a lover, or a potential suitor? For some of y’all you're not looking for a commitment at this time. Now this don’t have to be you this could be somebody else but somebody just looking to fly, fuck, and shop. And this person may already have somebody. A fight may break out over some money being giving to someone or needing some financial assistance. What you is a sugar daddy or a sugar mama? Why is all this coming from a third party anyway? Somebody don’t know what they want whether to be single or in a relationship child if you like toxic just say that because that what it is giving. Somebody has to learn patience and a more tactical approach when it comes to things because they are kinda rude.

Either you or your person is going to learn to stop sticking up for everybody because somebody isn't so nice. And this may be a lesson you are learning at this time. I see somebody so beaten down from life that DON’T know which way is up and they are tired. Could be on soul searching mission or not? The goal for the month is to release because everybody ain’t meant to be held onto. But guess what even after this person fucks up you are still standing there with your arms wide open. Do you have Venus in a water placement or dating a water sign. Because this emotional clusterfuck you got going on is giving one way in and no way out. If someone is an abusive relationship, they may need to seek counsel and not from your family.

Only staying only hoping that someone will change only keeps you locked and available for the abuse they choose to throw at you. You been working too hard to prove a point to someone, I heard a father figure. I don’t know if this is you taking care of kids, arguing with your baby daddy, somebody looking for a parent for their kids, or you trying to be something that you are not in order to date someone. Somebody likes to hold money over someone head and they cold and manipulative too. If you aren't making no money, giving them no money, or spending it on them then they don’t want you. What you dating a hoe? I’m just kidding but are you though? On the other hand, some of y’all need to budget more and pull back because someone is emotional spending because they been holding too much in. I think it’s about time you go sit and talk with a counselor.

I heard somebody is money hungry, working somebody to hard, or trying to pimp someone out for cash. And this person is narcissistic ass fuck and they got a way with words so wining a battle with them isn't going to be easy. All I keep here is I'm going down by Mary J. Blige. Stop talking to whoever this person is because somebody like to hold shit over people heads and all I here is someone saying “enough and fuck a lot". Somebody don’t like to clean up or look after themselves they think they got a maid child. Well, if you signed up to be SuAnnie just make so the paper right.

Now this generally could be some sort of infidelity going on or has been and someone is not quite over it. Stop taking a cheater back if you gone constantly throw it up in, they face either move on or work it and working it out takes time. Just because you did something wrong once doesn’t mean someone gets to treat someone like shit. Now if it is a recurring thing then somebody has to be honest here. And learn how to walk away and that can be hard when you calculate time, emotions, kids, and memories. It will make a fool out of someone to stay somewhere they shouldn’t be. Moral of the story stop lying like you over things when you not.

For my folks who like to parlay meaning those 3-way seasons somebody partner been sneaking and seeing somebody behind they back. And it’s the person who y’all had sex with together they saying it's some form of friendship, but somebody likes somebody more than they letting on. And if you the third party the gone blame you for everything when somebody been broke, aint had no job, and they been having problems. The thing is somebody just like the fact this person can get up and go so they like to leave the responsibilities on the other person and that’s the problem. And whoever this is that tries to leave they try to come in and love bomb and every time they fall for it. This person knows what they doing it's just the other party that aint caught onto it yet. And for some of y’all this is making someone feel like they are left out instead of standing up for what is right they just going on along.

And they gone get their feelings hurt because no matter if this person loves you or them, they need to grow up. So, who’s real the problem him, them, they, you, her, she, he, or we. Nobody can make that decision for you that’s you on. You may get a muse every now again that comes along and pushes you into the right direction but you second guess it every time.

Somebody is going to have to make a choice in a relationship because someone is depleting them energetically and someone has to heal them. WTF? This person has them throwed off you can see them and know something is off. They don’t want to hear nothing nobody has to say and they may or may not be argumentative or feisty. Ima keep it a buck for some of y’all its drugs and alcohol. And y’all aint never seen no shit like before and you don’t how to help them. And it keeps you up at night worried about them to the point it throws off your mental, physically, and emotional health. You may be at the point where you ready to cut the cord on them but you don’t know how. If this is what you been going through then God sped for your stomach because somebody is throwing off your central nervous system. DID ANYBODY ORDER A DOSE OF ANXIETY?


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