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Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Monthly Love Reading



KEYWORDS: Kirk Franklin –Love, Rihanna- Love and Affection, patience, meaning, learning the value of something, is it really worth the reward, and is all really worth it. It's giving lethargic if I'm being honest and emotionally scattered. Possible zodiac signs Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius, and Scorpio.

I don’t know if you dealing with a fire sign but they shit all over these messages they got smoking out the window and baby they tired of adjusting to somebody needs. Somebody could need some form of mental health help and they are burdening their partner with all of their emotions and it's dragging them down. Somebody probably needs to go to counseling or finally open up and say I can’t do this shit by my damn self. It’s giving a nervous breakdown that is bound to happen. Somebody feels like they don’t have friends, kin, and loved ones to support them emotionally or understand them. This is possibly leaving someone to be frustrated all of the time. This starts a lot of argument most of the time because somebody has this new me, new look aspect to things and they still the same.

Somebody may suffer with a personality disorder or some brain affect that causes them to be irate they can’t control it at times. Someone doesn’t want to be on medication it’s not like someone is saying they are slow, dumb, or off they just have to learn how to balance their emotions. So, a mood stabilizer maybe in affect for someone one. They may have to start out small on the dosages because the way they’re going about trying to numb their emotions is quite insane to me. It is causing them heavy problems and affecting their mobile skill and it causes them to go in bouts of depression to the point they don’t want to do nothing at all. Nothing seems to make someone happy I'm hearing the word TRAUMA. It's like you damned if you do and damn if you don’t.

Somebody is trying to force some communication out of someone it's like pulling teeth no pun intended but at the same time you are aggravating to them or they are with you. Somebody needs space and to stay the fuck off of social media because that is the number one problem in the relationship. Someone has a messy ass friend who always keep them into some shit. For others of y’all it’s a love choice that brings about a lot of hardships and someone is fucking over it. If it’s a situation where someone is saying choose me or them, I see them giving someone no option because they are going to walk away. Someone is tired of somebody they feel like their voice is unheard and they feel unhappy. They feel like the love choice they made is coming back to bite them in the ass.

You or your person might be dating a rapper because I just wanted to rap a whole versus for no apparent reason. Child, ima be honest some of y’all the worst one wrong argument and bitch I'm on diss tape and you calling me a fat ass bitch. That’s enough to send me on by my way, someone says things they really don’t mean and it leaves someone riddle with what the fuck am I supposed to do with this. Someone has silenced their voice and they go along with everything they partner wants to do this is why someone wants a way out. For some it’s a divorce and for others it's for someone to move out. The police done been over there so many damn times it makes no damn sense.

Y'all spend so much time trying to prove to people that love each other that it is starting to make y’all hate each other. I’m hearing I don’t want to go off the deep end my body different. This could be an issue someone could be going through a weight loss challenge or weight gain problems. Like its somebody trying to gain while someone is trying to lose and one of the other is making insensitive comments about someone's body. You better like that roll before you lose it because you’ll still, hate yourself when you lose the weight or get the surgery. Somebody could be trying to stretch their ears you know those tribal piercing and someone is not into that. A fight broke out and it is still the topic of the town and someone is like when will this shit be over.

Maybe someone doesn’t know how to get over it or acknowledge the damage that it has caused someone. For others it's just simple embarrassment about a tip or someone not always having enough money to go out. For some of y’all this person does this just to use this individual because they feel like they have more money so it’s not affecting them. Somehow, they think this person has a unlimited cash flow. Someone stole something from somebody and that starts another argument in the household again this could be record of sales or book of sales, money, clothes, shoes, hair, and property damage. This is costing someone a lot of money because this person has to pay for another person mistakes.

Someone also resents someone because they feel like if I never would've done this my life would've gone a different way and they take this out on their partner. Somebody still isn’t taking accountability for the problems they have caused someone and they feel like everybody is blaming them. Somebody is con artist they be getting over on people and I'm hearing the words cheap sake and someone is bound to get mad as hell. There's a difference between balling on a budget then always balling on my dime. For some of you, you have business ties with this person and they aren't doing their part with the money. For others you have someone who is lying saying they are a part of someone business only to steal or take from them. Heavy on some form of investors or investment such as audio, book reading, podcast, radio, film industry, and tell all book.


Somebody is bad mouthing somebody in a work place, social dynamic, or around other friends and this falls upon you. I don’t know if you are supposed to be the ring leader or the mature one but everybody is back to blaming you. I just keep hearing everybody hates Chris. The is the truth that someone has to face and it's going to be a hard one and someone isn’t going to take it so light I see them gaslighting, manipulating, or basically trying to deny some truth. Spirit said stop pushing this individual because they like to become violent. I’m just hearing somebody say that guh lie for no damn reason. So, somebody is definitely country as hell.

Watch your weed, food and drinks because you got somebody that is putting shit in your stuff. For some of y’all it is drugs this person is purposely trying to make this person insane. And if you are dealing with this person, they are on the come down from the effects of what somebody was doing. They were feeding them antidepressants and this person wasn’t depressed. They have to get that out of their system for some of you this person that is spazzing the fuck out is because they found out. Some of yall this is a mother figure or a feminine energy who is doing this. Somebody went through this in childhood and they didn't like this experience and it is wreaking havoc in somebody life.

Somebody might show up to somebody house unannounced and ready to fight singing Jazmine Sullivan bust the windows out of your car and have a mental breakdown. WTF! Meanwhile some of y’all are married and this is your sidepiece or the side piece to someone girlfriend. If you offended somebody, somebody is saying you better apologize or else. Who is this because sweetie they not backing down, she has a vengeance plot and hell in her heart. For some of y’all you saying hell nah that’s what the bitch gets because she was barking up the wrong damn tree. Do yo thang chicken wang just exclude this part of the message.

ORACLE CARD- Erzulie Dantor, Etheric Cords

The spirit of attachment is your worst enemy it comes off as if you’re a child needing to be nursed all the time. It leaves you to feed from sources that means you no good being easy to be manipulated, gouped, and pushed down the wrong path. You are your mother's daughter whether you like it or not it doesn’t mean that you are your mother. For some of you, you are acting like her and that is a truth that you do not want to face. It can be hard looking in the mirror when you have created and painted the picture of who you think you are. It is a lie and you know, no truths until you discover the meaning of you. #channeledmessage.


I do not own copyrights to this photo it is a group on Facebook who devotee of the Goddess Erzulie.

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