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Gemini Energy Reading

GEMINI MONTHLY READING: KEYWORDS: 6lack Getting Old, toxic romantic cycles, arguments, going to low, pull back, forward focus, regurgitating things, Back Up Off Me by Dej Loaf, Love Come Down Evelyn Champagne. Let's chill, we ain't gotta settle down is going off in my head. If you are looking for a relationship I think you probably need to get to know someone's intentions so you won't be misled. Because it is definitely bringing some form of chaos especially if it isn't some form of understanding between you and someone else. Because someone doesn't know they are about to date a firecracker when it comes to their emotions. Who is this that is living out past life karma feeling like they are going to get the bare minimum out of life? Maybe it is because someone doesn't want to change their approach to life or even take any form of advice from anyone. I don't know who this is that had a near death experience but it didn’t do this person no good. They are still the same and blaming everybody for everything that is going wrong in their life. Someone has been held to be responsible for everybody's happiness and now that they have no choice but to be happy it is quite concerning to this person. For some they don't know how. This is where you would see this person being the mother to other people's kids and not even themselves. It’s like someone doesn't know how to receive from other people. Someone has been so accustomed to allowing other people to walk all of their feelings that when it comes to standing up for themselves they lack in this area. So, if you have been speaking your truth even if your voice shakes you have someone side eyeing the hell out of you. Maybe even evil eyeing you at that because this person just sits up and sucks their teeth all of the time. It’s like this hidden animosity towards someone and it's like you don't know if you are the person but if you are the person who's doing it someone is picking up on it. I’m hearing Aquarius, Scorpio, Libra, Gemini, and Virgo. And this is blocking someone's blessings because the only thing they do is sit up and talk shit about this person all day. It is even causing a fall out in a friend group dynamic because someone just won't someone shut up. Because who is this emotional manipulative queen who is worried about what everybody else got going on. It’s not going to make blessings pour down on them. If it has then why are we here? This maybe a cycle you are coming out of because someone has been so accustomed to them giving that they haven't had time to receive. And someone wants you to stay in this cycle. It may seem like someone is giving you compliments about not needings things because it's a mind game to get you to not receive things. It’s like oh you're okay you don't need it while smirking because they live off of other people's finances. And people are starting to catch on to this user because why are they so fixated on someone else's blessings. I mean this argument between you and someone is getting old. The lack of clarity between you and this person is not a conversation you can have. Sweetie, someone is jealous at heart and it isn’t your job to figure out why. Y’all have tried to have a sit down, talk over the phone, have a meeting over dinner, and even have someone intervene in the middle only for shit to go sideways. Baby, I'll just give up and walk away because it’s gotten to a point where you are going to have to say I don't want to live by your existence. I don't know if this is the older sibling dynamic where there is this comparison where everyone thinks you are supposed to live up to this person's expectations. Or this person just constantly keeps bringing up their accomplishments only for them to be codependent on other people to survive. Whether this is attention seeking, lying, gossiping, dirty macking, and chaos magic. It’s only so many times someone can keep downplaying someone else to make themselves look better until this person shows you up. Because someone is about to get exposed for all of their control tactics they have been pulling off. And for someone you didn't even know you were being manipulated this whole entire time because someone acts so sweet but they are not. For others it is time to say goodbye to your ex and cut that cord if you were once married because they may still be siphoning from you. And you may not know it. This could show up as a solar plexus block where you are kinda scared to show off your talents. Because you have been in someone's shadow for so long that it doesn't make any sense. And I’m sensing this has been affecting someone's career. Someone may be taking someone up under their wing and this is going to piss someone off. Because someone didn’t know they needed just a little polishing so they could get out there and get to the bag. All I’m saying is ground yourself when it comes down to your expectation because you don't want to blow out your own candles from fear. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. And no I am not saying that you have to be something you are not. No, I’m saying to say I’m happy today, I look good, or I feel great. You decide how you feel and the emotions will catch up later. #PYA CIAO

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