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Gemini Energy Reading


Stop barking up the wrong tree because somebody true colors are showing whether that is you or another person. It's really giving a dog just barking at air and everybody is trying to figure out what is going on. Be wary, of not going into the boy who cried wolf energy to the point nobody actually hears your cries when you need them.


Somebody is going through it and they are thinking about their actions, choices, and consequences of their decisions. And they maybe dealing with their sorrows with a drink in their hand. And spirit has been urging you put that cup down because one time you almost swirled and you got yourself and that spooked the shit out of you because you didn’t see that happening. Somebody has been meddling in people's affairs and some drama is bound to break out. Because they have been keeping it a secret and quiet too, so whoever this is knows why everyone is arguing and fighting and they can’t say nothing because they either started it or reacted out of haste. Because someone doesn’t know when to quit because this can or has led to a possible shootout between you and someone else being involved. This could be and heated exchange and someone do or says something they can't take back and they knew it too when they said it out, they mouth.

It's giving hateful, spiteful, arrogant, and egoistical if you give someone the power to communicate you have to know that something is going to get lost in translation. Because whoever this take charge kinda of person leads them right into a heap of shit all the time. Somebody needs to slow down and read the room before they go off having emotionally charged conversations and doing stuff that nobody asked them to do. You get more flies with honey than vinegar so somebody has to do energy work on themselves before they go off telling other people what to do. What you don’t know can hurt you because if there are any beefs at this time don’t take a side because information will come to you in due time. Because someone doesn’t know how to keep a secret and some stuff isn’t supposed to be repeated. It’s giving family conversations, dinner tables, and outings and someone is basically trying to humiliate someone.

And someone finally tells someone to go sit your tail down in very country southern voice. And someone is going to be sad about it because they didn’t get the response they always get from people. It’s giving, staying in a child's place whether this is a child or an adult. This may trigger someone because they have heard this they whole life and it shows someone has some healing to do; on a deeper level and connect with they self to understand why they always having problems. It could be attention, getting notary, or trying to prove to people that you can do things you haven't mastered yet. Because every time to take ten steps forward it's like getting the wind knocked out of YOU. Now keep in mind this doesn't have to be you this could be someone around you or who you know.

Someone has to learn how to walk away from conflict and stop calling people out because you ain’t gone like this response if you the bully. Because I keep getting this energy whoever you are somebody eats, they own if you know what I mean. So, this could be someone just as ruthless or badder than you when to comes problem solving. Because I keep hearing bitch do it look like l fight, hoe just be cool when I got on this ice. So, again you may have to watch your business or place of establishments especially if you trying to go places. Somebody has to learn that it isn't about looking like they have it all together but also learning there is a time and place for this. Just learn how to smile and wave when it comes to the bs. Because you don’t want to be the friend, cousin, sister, auntie, brother, nephew, or niece nobody wants to be around because they associate you with drama. So, gone do your clean house and get some folks out of your life. ASAP!

Someone may want to rekindle things with you because they feel like things didn’t get off to the right start in a relationship, franchise, merchandise, or a major deal. And for some I see you saying nawl and walking away to go do your own thing it could be a spiritual thing while for some you have found something you like for once. And you have made peace with it and you're not losing sleep over the matter anymore, but why do I feel like this person petty and still gone be offended anyway because they can't have, the way. This maybe the real test for some to show you that you might need to walk away and close the chapter for good because it’s not worth the hassle anymore. For some I see some debts being paid off especially if you loaned, borrowed, or took something from someone. I don’t know how they gone get the money but the money coming back some way. Spirit said take it but don’t spend it because it really ain’t worth a damn. Unless you want to fuck it off, then fuck it off but don’t put that in your real bank account because it might be a block for you.

Because whoever this is, isn't good with money anyway and they mean you no good anyway. It’s feels more like a sorry gift than anything or lets be friends again. For some of y’all you might have to gone cut off your mama especially if you paying all of the bills and she waiting on your money to hit first. It’s time to wrap that season up, it might be a kid, someone with your child, but it’s definitely a woman. Possibly someone who is emotionally immature and acts like a brat when they don’t get they way and it is exhausting. Because this person is a treat and not the good kind. It’s my way, my way type vibes. The kind that will ruin the party on purpose because it isn't their party to begin with. Cleanse your social circle ima keep saying that because someone likes to project and blame a lot. You maybe contemplating on putting them out of a home because they have a takeover spirit that leads to gossip and mess.

Meanwhile somebody else spends the block because they just got evicted, gawd damn this is sick and they need a place to stay. It's like you get rid of one and another motherfucker just keep coming and they got a kid too. Some of y’all might pack up and leave the house I mean leave the whole place to them because they got a job, they can pay the bills. Somebody just wanted a free ride anyway and you don’t see it because they always stuck in the past of some childhood cycle. Someone doesn't know when they are wearing their welcome the hell out. It could BE you or another person at odds because this person possibly wasn’t so nice to you as a kid or growing up. And for some this is a parent while for others its giving sibling rivalry or a cousin. And it's time for someone to grow up and stop being responsible for everybody else but yourself.

Because you haven't had time to go do the things you want to do or even be happy. It’s giving stressed and someone needs to go to a grief counselor because I don’t know if someone has passed in the family or this is unnecessary stress someone has been dealing with. Now I that I see you might be the bully airing your whole family out because somebody been picking up the pieces and trying to be the glue to the 10 of pentacles in reverse. And you feel unappreciated because they don’t see you as strong, they see you as person who just gone do it anyway and you have nothing else to do. So, this argument or disagreement you might have about an issue I don’t see somebody seeing the other side of it because it’s giving fed up. Even if you are wrong in a sense.

The person who is the blamer in the family dynamic just wants attention it’s like they just got hip to the new of what's going on and now wants justice and this may aggravate the hell out of you. Let them have they moment you might need ally before you go off into no man's land or mission. On the other side of this conflict, you are dealing with someone who likes to argue and have the last say so, so the best response is no response. First off why you got them unblocked? Oh, and those people who are addicted to tarot you are watching or receiving advice from someone who is psychically blocked by the Divine so the advice you are getting is bullshit. This why y’all arguing all the time, either they can't read that energy because it is unknown and someone has been doing protection work. Or you may have things buried deep into your subconscious memory that you don’t want to bring up.

So, dream state healing might work for you. For others this is cloaking somebody doesn’t want you to access this information so whoever this is that is trying to burst through someone crowns chakra get prepared for the blow back. Because some of you have been doing hydromancy on people and acting like you haven’t? In the words of D'Angelo “How Does It Feel”? Because some of y’all have someone who is acting like they got your best interest at heart and this is to protect you and the whole entire time this motherfucker been doing root work on you and the person they say you need protection from is them. They also have been trying to affect your health, your mental health, memory, sensory skills, putting road blocks on your path, and trying to affect your eating habits to where you end up being sick. Those zodiac signs are: Libra, Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Virgo! Those are the root workers that’s doing roots on you if you are a Gemini. Taurus in here somewhere but not as potent as the others.

Yep, basically some of y’all just gone have to fall out because y’all to close to fix the issue. It's too emotional for me and nobody is using logic and this leads y’all to argue over and over again. It’s the makeup to break up energy. Go find a non-bias third party if you really want to heal the rift, if not just gone on by your way and do like us black folks and don’t bring it up no more.



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