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Gemin, Libra, Aquarius


KEYWORDS: It feels Good Rapheal Saddiq, drama alert, buzz kill, all fun ain’t good fun, what happens in the dark comes to the light, how soon is too soon, and when will money go on trees. LIBRA, SCORPIO, GEMINI, AQUARIUS, VIRGO.

For some of yall, yall dealing with somebody who don’t know when to quit. They feel like just because you are available that you are available for their drama and this comes with fights and arguments. Whoever this is they come with a think piece every time and it never pans out right and they blame you for everything. If you take two steps forward, they want you to take ten steps back. It’s like it’s my party. I can cry if I want to, and you should cry with me or I will make you cry over what I do to you. It's giving manipulation, emotionally uncomfortable, and control if you ask me. If you like it, I love, it but we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t a problem. Some of you may be feeling ghosted by someone or something baby we are in a new age nobody owes you a reason for it. That’s the reality of it, for some this person does this to be immature or to have the last word they feel like this keeps you in your place. It’s like you don’t move until I say so, baby if you are over the age of 18 please do as you want. IF YOU ARE IN REALTIONSHIP DONT LISTEN TO ME!

Somebody needs to go the eye doctor and get them some glasses so they can stop squinching so much and it may be related to some form of a health issue, that has something to do with the intestines or the liver. For others you have been using your third eye too much spying, prying, and being in people business that spirit way of saying aht, aht go to bed. You may feel like someone is spoon feeding you information, so you want to jump the line and get to the heart of the matter. For some this shows up in conversations cutting people off while they are talking, being rude, and leaving abruptly. Because you feel like it’s all or nothing when I just said you are going to leave anyway so, why do people have to be so open with you like that. This ain’t how this works sweetie. I think this came up once before in a reading that somebody doesn’t like to hear the truth and they get in their feelings about it. So, you be around their tip toeing and appeasing someone ego versus letting them know how you feel about things.

I’m not saying you have to be an ass but clearly some boundaries, block, delete, and mute could do you some justice with people in your love life. Because someone in your life is like a damn pest, they are intrusive and always in your space. It’s like you can't breathe either they want to know about your career moves, love life, and just overall everything. It’s like going on one date and the next time we are locked in for life. Screams and runs away in agony because why you trying to get to know me like that. Spoken like any Air Sign that’s gets dose of their own medicine. Some of you are also waiting on some medical clearance, I don’t know what for, but I heard that your good to go. Somebody could be looking for a clean bill of health or a release from the hospital. Stress could be a major issue, could be anxiety that causes stomach and other general health issues.

Somebody is a goody to shoes and not in bad way, but you got somebody that’s trying to corrupt you because they feel like it’s too good to be true. Because I heard once this good girl goes bad baby, she ain’t coming back from the dark side and you’re going to be mad because you pushed her over the edge again, and again. Some people can’t handle that, they ain’t made for that you are going to get mad at the monster you made. It’s like trying to get a wild tiger to go live in the zoo even though it's been raised in the zoo. Horrible analogy but that’s what coming across. It’s like the schoolgirl meets the hood guy and now this bitch think she John Gotti in this bitch. Like calm down Cleo from Set it Off. Everybody ain’t trying to hurt you.

But whoever this is adapted to this state of mind because they felt you never listened when they spoke about, they feelings or even acknowledged them before and they blame you for it too. It may be some hidden resentment behind this, and somebody is scared to say it because they don’t want to lose the relationship that they have with you. Because whoever this is they feel like they have had to change for their partner and their partner can’t even change for them. Somebody also feels like one of the other is selfish so, you should shut up and take what they dish out because they did it with you. So, what is the problem? It’s cool when you do it but when I do it’s a problem? Facts! Marriage changed someone, oddly for someone to believe marriage is always rainbows and sunshine. This may come as a shocker to someone because either they haven't been married before or they have been around this rodeo a multitude of times.

So this person starts to self-sabotage the connection on purpose because they feel they know how the relationship is going to end. It’s like someone has all these expectations for you or the relationship but they never told you, so they get mad at you for the things you don’t do. Got to be dating Leo, Pisces, Virgo, or a gawd damn Scorpio. So, instead of communicating or stating what the issue is they emotional shutdown or end up playing emotional games to mess with your head when two people are wrong the whole time. Because if you bend to, they will all of the time and they bend yo your will all of the time how do find time for yourself. This is why y’all always saying you need to see other people or y’all just gone stop messing with each other over and over again. It wouldn't surprise me if your friends don’t listen to you anymore. That’s why I said be weary of that pesky person because a vulnerable time will have you spilling your beans to someone you think is friend.

I’m not saying this person is your enemy, but they have enemy like tendencies. Like constantly repeating your business to other people. I'll let you think on that one for a minute. Because you be thinking you and somebody good but that little vent session you be having with old girl. Be having everybody looking upside your head crazy when you walk in room with egg on hour face for a reason. Somebody does this because they have this star of the show type of personality. So, they feel like they ain’t causing no harm and everybody allows this, but you be telling your darkest truths and this why everybody be side eyeing you. Like why would you tell her that when you know Karens a gossip? But don’t fear it seems like someone is waking up to the scheme and scams going on deciding to put them first because that one trick pony act ain’t gone work for a horse that plays in the rodeo.


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