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Funny Business in The Cosmos

Collective Energy:

For those of you that are into spiritual work or an empathic being do you feel some type of underlying energy going on at the moment? Like it doesn’t feel heavy, but it feels like something is unknown and have yet to be identified?

I know from readings that the collective of people are running to magic for their problems like that’s going to wash away their sins. Chile, y’all know what I mean because those who do practice magic knows there just about a spell for everything but is it needed? Because sometimes the emotions can block your judgement and while a typical spell may or may not be needed sometimes hearing someone out can change a person situation.

Instead of just being so rash to make decisions that may or may not throw off someone cosmic alignment. In most cases some people get stuck and need that spiritual nudge. While on the other hand others can and will block your relationship with the metaphysical. For those of you that aren’t into the metaphysical aspect of life. It is the if I think it will happen it can happen, but in most cases for those of you who do practice magic and quite often abuse their relationship with magic.

You can end up with some sort spiritual block. You know when you see those post that say today is a good day to make today a good day.

Which is true but if you’re in a funk or down in the dumps you’ll sometimes take it as yeah whatever. Because in that moment of you not being able to see things from a lighthearted approach you’ll tend to be more into the analytical ways of life. Trying to come up with ways to do what it is that makes you happy but without the passion. And that my friend is not being in tune the mind, body, and spirit.

It’s like causing your body to be in separate realms to discover some form of happiness. And that what is have been feeling from some of the collective energy it’s like all of you are not mental or physically in one place. I mean it really feels like we are in some time warps while the world is moving at a slow place while everybody is bouncing to the beat of their own drum.

It’s like I feel like the flash when he is trying to accomplish something and while at the same time, he hasn’t mastered his powers to be in the moment. One because he is the flash but at the same time, he is human and not immortal. So, the confliction of the body is to be in movement, while the mind is still, and spirit is searching or longing for some form of connection.

I hope I’m translating this right because my crown chakra activity has been off the charts and it is a lot to discuss. So, words haven’t been coming put because I’ve been trying to pinpoint the direction of this energy. It’s like seeing someone pass and seeing the soul or spirit leave the body and while you’re chasing this being to see where it goes everybody thinks you’ve gone mad. Because it’s intriguing to encounter but on the other hand, you think what’s the danger of this.

I don’t know if its curiosity that is getting the best of the collective, I don’t know if the collective has used to many portals and we are now sitting back looking like what the f*** is going. It’s like some intergalactic being has stepped into earths realm and trying to embody a person or it is a person. That causes a shift in people they way they think or act.

Because sometimes I ask myself is it genuine or true? Or the desired change that is coming. Or is it the gimmick of it all? That has where I been trying to pinpoint what the hell is going on. I know I have researched and have had some encounter with deities such as Jesus, Buddha, Oshun, Shango, Dark Faes, Gaia, and earthbound spirits.

And it feels like all of these into one. I know I used to joke and say that God is coming back to earth and that message didn’t smooth over with certain people. Because they thought I was being some religious freak, but I felt it and I knew it. Like from the ending of time in the biblical standpoint to say destruction was supposed to come about before God’s presence and for me I think that’s just the warning or chance to redo your wrongs.

It’s the unfamiliar inkling to discovery or to figure out if this being is evil or good. Now keep in my mind somebody could be trying to figure this out about me, but if your downloads been off the chain then we see each other. In my Nene Leakes voice.

Because for those of you that know you know its something greater at hand to be discovered or felt out of life. I really feel like this God like being is nothing more than try to be human while at the same time figure out what it is to do next.

At the same time, it’s fascinating because I said the balance of life and death was off. But I digress maybe on I ate too many edibles and now you are all reading this like what the hell she is talking about. But my blogs are dropping shawty got a job now and sweety gotta this business going in the direction I need it too.

Like y’all ain’t trying to hook me up with a sugar daddy that’s lowkey, no drama, and wanna spend some money on me. So, other than that we are back to the drawing board. Let’s see how this goes.


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