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On this journey in life my most hardest battle was forgiving people who I know didn’t give a damn if they hurt me. The challenging part was for me like many was thinking just because I did the work I was supposed to stick around and wait on them to do theirs.

I didn’t recognize I was creating the same cycles of hurt people hurt people. Especially in the friend group dynamic because the older you get; you want the same as well for your friends.

But what happens when you grow and evolve, and they don’t. I’m not talking about money, materialism, and fame. I’m talking about the way you care about life and they don’t you just don’t see no progress with them. They still think the same, act the same, and continuously allow the same things in their life to hurt them. What do you do? Do you stay and continuously allow yourself to be hurt or you move on for you?

Some would say you ain’t no ride or die but baby it comes a point where all the old things won’t work no more. I want to say you change and see if you like anything that you used to. It’s not saying that you don’t have patience or understanding for people that do but it won’t be your cup of tea. And lowkey the more you surround yourself around them more than likely you will kill off parts of your happiness to please them and develop some emotional disdain towards them.

Causing you to treat them like the enemy they are towards you and your happiness. That’s why I say ain’t sh** beautiful healing its only when you get to the other side to see the rainbow. And some people stop along way too many times that they never experience the evolution of themselves. It ain’t fun being the only light bringer when you always surrounded by darkness. So, I ask do you go where the stars are do you stay in the darkness and hide your potential and greatness.

You don’t know the countless of times people have come to me excited about new beginnings and start to see the hate in how other people aren’t happy for their success. It may be a cliché saying but that emotional turmoil that goes on behind the scenes is real. Because people don’t have the concept if you win, we all win. No, they have this concept of what is being taken away from me that they rarely have the time to be empathetic enough to see things from your perspective.

Some people are naturally born selfish or life turned them this way because some people haven’t mastered inner peace, happiness, and eternal joy.

But enough of that lets get into the reading…..


People this day and age speak of forgiveness as if it is some fruit that grows on trees and at any given moment you can take a potion, and all is forgiven. Now I got a wild imagination and even I don’t believe that shit.

Because one we are human, and the human experience can become flawed when do not process the emotions that goes on with the body.

Think about a grudge and how it festered was it a one-time thing or somebody did something continuously that over time you allowed something to keep happening. That you developed some type of hate or emotional disdain for them. So, to protect yourself emotionally you had to make them the villain whether out loud or mentally before you got, the will power to change the outcome.

And the change that came with that was to cut them off, stop speaking to them, revoking their access to you, or downright revenge. Because nothing says you hurt me like a good old Scorpionic revenge plot. Yes, the lower vibrational parts of me love that shit when it is done correctly.

Sidebar I don’t like people who are always in conflict and trying to get everybody when they don’t see that they are the problem. You know most of these people end up alone or around people who are no good to them. It’s like they eat their own. Child, I digress that’s their problem not ours.

But forgiveness is a tricky tool because not only does its free up emotional space for new things to come into your life it also releases old ways of thinking and doing. Whether this is in a relationship with friends, family, lovers, and siblings. It’s easier to forgive someone of the wrong they have done to you when you don’t know what it is that you deserve out of life. But its even harder for those who fail at making the decision of forgiving themselves when their tied to outcome of other people.