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Focal Point


As the energies seem to be dragging it's going to come to a point where you are going to have to nip some things in the bud. Some people may not like this energy but dealing with this lamb chop this is the song that doesn’t end is going to get old real quick. And if it doesn’t it seems as if it will become some depressing cycle because you are trying to make yourself comfortable with something that is making you uncomfortable for a reason. The gripping reality you are trying to hold onto no longer exist so trying to create or look for it in other places is no longer part of your design. It may seem uncomfortable so the uncomfortableness you are feeling in other areas is the reason why you are trying to make things seem normal when they aren't. It's like you don’t want to adjust to the reality that you are changing. It may not seem so because you may not have the things you think that solidify that you have changed.

Like the new car, job, house, new look, or even the deal you were looking to sign but remember you have changed. As I was in the shower the message said get to the focal point and I thought to myself, “huh” I'm not even looking for anything right now. The message then ended up following up with the episode of The Office when Michael Scott ended up dating Jan Leviston and he hated it. Because she pushed him to do things he didn’t want to do and because he was lonely, he accepted it. Jan role was not a perfect fit for Michael Scott because the sinister cool guy with the cold hearted hot chick was killing his libido for life. If it wasn’t for hanging with Pam, he never would've broke it off with her. Now before yawl go off jumping the gun she didn’t desire him she just knew he wasn't his normal self.

So, this isn’t the best friend type of love story you think it isnfor my people who like to fill in the blanks. She basically just had to get aggressive with him and what did he want because he kept beating around the bush when it came to the things that he wanted. With that being said, this is why some of you are feeling like you are being forced to get to a focal point. And it may seem harsh for my ones who like to take their time, take other people's feelings into consideration, and constantly put off what it is they need to say because of the fear of conflict. Sometimes the conflict isn’t even about you, it's about how the other person feels inside. Some people really don’t like to let people down so they just put up with shit until they can’t no more. Then guess what, they become a ghost and when they come back ready to tell you the truth it becomes a repetitive cycle because in the other party's mind they think you are back to stay.

I mean if this a repetitive thing you are going through then you gone have to at some point change the narrative. Because frankly it would be annoying constantly going through the same challenges over and over again or trying to make something out of nothing. It's not about who gets mad because anybody can access anger but to access truth without the need of anger is a challenge that many have mastered. -Lanem. But remember this week we are working with the element of air so, what is it at this state and time that you have been leaving for the universe to do when they are waiting on you.


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