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First Day Out

Well, well look at the time. We are out of quarantine and we are back to our regular schedule programs. For some of you, you’re still working from home and some of you are preparing to go back to work. I hope you enjoyed your stay on vacation. You ain’t gotta home but you gotta get out of here. It is just a weird process like honestly the world stop for moment. Like divine timing was forcing some holding process on relationships, friendships, and business projects. Leaving us scrambling to get things done because we thought the world would end what a Y2K moment. I mean some people lost their lives due to COVID-19 and my condolences to those people who have experience losses in this period. A moment of silence is required for the souls we lost in this season.

Some people are still mourning while others are still caught on arguments, fallouts, and people who served them no purpose in life. 2020 is a new decade and a new cycle to start creating a lifestyle you would want for many years to come. I started to write this to be hilarious, but I chose not to because some people learned with me and some did not and that is okay. But the first day out is to be aware of cycles you had with people and with self. I told you guys about the video of the tarot the lady had about the death of narcissism not an actual death but a rebirth. Some people did not balance certain personality traits well and some emotions where forced to be purged out properly. I seen people mad because they could not go see friends and family when they have wireless phones to use for communication. I mean what a waste of money to pay a phone bill to not talk to people but to jump from app to app seeing people say the same thing.

I mean I did it and boy was that boring not seeing you guys out living your life, making mistakes, and being free. But what happens when the things you complained about before COVID happen resurface again. Some of us are so ready to get back on the town that we literally are linking up with people who do not serve us. It’s not as if their bad people its just somethings have a season and reason to enter your life. Some of you were forced into celibacy and are so ready to have sex that you willing to invite that person who’s not dependable to your snatch crotch. They say when life is taken that a new life starts and some yall’s HOTGIRL summers is about to be ruined. I mean its Divine choice so I would not be so carnal and forget to wear a condom. Make sure the person your laying down with wants to have kids and knows that children are a forever thing not a part time thing.

Cause if you think this quarantine thing was annoying just imagine having little kids shouting mom and dad all day. I mean kids are not bad but if you are not prepared you have other preventive options. Now to the ones that are linking back up with people whom you have lost touch with be mindful that you are not glamourizing the ugly truths about them. Distance makes the heart grows founder so the things you maybe missing maybe coming from a space of uncertainty. Now some of yall have be putting in work to be better people and some people have also. So, do not let that sentence confused you. I mean you know what I am talking about those people who care to check on you just to unload all their issues on you those people. The people who lack boundaries and are unfamiliar with personal space. And also, be mindful not to carry any hatred towards people who only came around because of COVID everything has a purpose. Some people where actually checking in on you or just simply bored that does not mean open a door to allow room for inconsistency.

This season is all about love self-love and giving it to those who need the most without draining ourselves in the process. Remember as much as we require other to be a shining student, we have to be real enough to see if we are one of those people. So, loving you better creates room for you to be willing to be aware of your place in the world. So, if that’s you asking for a raise or a change in shift, or more time to groom yourself that’s okay. We never recognize how unfair we have been treated until we start to love ourselves properly. I am talking about all of you not just your physical aspect but your emotions, soul, and mind. As we are still practicing social distancing and cleanliness. I still want you to still value you enough to know what is it that you are so accustom to. Just because we started a journey on emotional honesty and cleansing of the old you does not mean we have to stop here. Be careful, wash your hands, and utilize the patience you exuded during this quarantine. It cost nothing to be kind and take your time with people. What is the rush?

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