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Fire Signs Reading


Put em up, put em up in my scrappy doo voice, water sign, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, the occult, drama queen, naysayers, constant blame, shame, wanting more, Sister Act if you want to be somebody and you want to go somewhere you better wake up and pay attention, needing constant attention, someone is always talking about someone's sex life, love life, work life, or career choices.

ARIES: Globalizing issues before you speak to the person you have a problem with. Everybody doesn’t need to know your beef with so and so that’s how things get out of hand because of someone immature ways. Just because she did it or he did it doesn’t mean something is for you. You may be dealing with someone in a relationship, and they are content with the way things are and someone is aggravated about things. I mean huffing and puffing all the time, it’s like someone doesn’t want to speak up but they hope you catch on to the 50 mood swings they have a day. I heard the word behavior problems so it maybe time to sit down and have an actual conversation with someone before you end up losing someone for good. Because someone is out of there and they aren't looking back because someone feels that the relationship is a burden, and they feel as if they can't breath while you or them is around.

It maybe anxiety or just general stress but someone isn't helping by being a helicopter parent. For some this may be a relationship with a child because the parent has things going on and they haven't communicated with the child. So, they project their stress onto the child by worrying them with pointless things bringing stuff up to the forefront that actually ends up enticing them to do things that don’t normally do. If this is a parent who is lying baby your child, see right through you and this may cause a lot of arguments because someone is back to, they old ways and they feel nothing has changed with you. So, instead of addressing the issue its just passive aggressive comments going back and forth between you and them because they feel you are the adult, and you should address the issue at hand not them. It may seem crazy but that is a sheer sign that they still have some but of hope in you.


LEO: Scorpio keep coming up every time I say or write your name. I don’t know if this person is talking about you, or you are about them. Or you have those placements and are obsessing about something that really has no meaning at the time. Like what am I going to wear, what about my hair, my nails, and my bills. In due time things will be sorted out right now just bear with the uncertainties because you make hasty decisions and don’t see them through until after the fact. You are the type person to make a decision and know it’s the right one and doubt that shit until it fall through. Its like you always expecting the negative so half of the time you are the reason you get certain results. I heard scared money don’t make no money baby whoever is saying this is a gambler and this risk ain’t gone be worth the reward. For others its prep talk speech someone gives you or someone you know so they can get the ball rolling in life. Whoever this is doesn't verify or fact check the shit you say so they go and follow your word blindly so don’t get mad when they blame you for a lot.

Because to them it's like yeah, this my friend they mean me no harm when the whole time somebody else's mind on some other shit. Whoever this is has a high sex drive, adrenaline junky, and risk taker to a fault. To others this shit may seem fun but someone else it may be damaging because they don’t process shit like you do. So, they don’t get over shit like you do. So, you think this person is a mood killer when they genuinely just want you to show that you care about them as a friend. It’s kind of like hanging with the douche friend only to find out they do all of these things because they don’t care about themselves, or they feel they need to live up to a legacy a parent placed on them. Like needing to be different, not being fat, not being lazy, being the life of the party, or just always doing because they expect them from them when they been ready to retire the act for a minute. It's not saying they don’t want to be fun anymore but they are ready to settle down in life and get serious. Like reading a book and learning how to cook. Seems like someone has to go have a talk with that lady in the lake. YOUR MOON SIGN MIGHT BE IMPORTANT!


SAGITTARIUS: It feels good to be hated don’t it and I don't mean that in an upbeat way. I mean that with all sarcasm. Someone likes to push it to the limits, and they know no bounds when it comes to other people's feelings. Somebody so gawd damn hardheaded that shit don’t make no sense how you tell them go and they stop to be spiteful. You may be dealing with a know it all so it's hard to get a word in edge wise spirit said they gone have to learn the hard way when they wind up losing it all. This could be friends, people, places, jobs, and even homes. And when they do guess what they gone be coming back to you or it’s the other way around. Because second chances don’t come too often when somebody’s heart, time, or emotions are being involved. I just keep hearing we were rooting for you; we all were rooting for you. Only for someone to come in play in your face again. It's like this is someone who doesn't want to change and guess what you can't do shit about it. Because they ain’t gone do nothing but argue with you and do what they want to do.

You are going to have to learn that grown people do whatever they want to do no matter how dumb or stupid you feel it is. A hard head makes a soft ass so, if someone is walking around in, they ego peacocking and strutting they stuff let them. Because they’ll learn when they get blown back to the mighty size they actually is. Because whoever this is has a big ego and they sensitive as hell make this shit make sense honey you are stressing me out. So, save yourself sometime and stop trying to be a parent to a grown child you ain’t raise. Whether this your friend, cousin, uncle, or auntie. It don't matter it ain’t your job to go playing Bob The Builder in people’s life then getting mad when you set the expectations for people to need you all of the time. You have to really start asking yourself am I doing this for my ego or because this genuinely makes me happy. It seems like self-reflection maybe a thing this month and knowing what battles are worth fighting and speed walking the hell away from. SIDENOTE: ITS A LOT OF CONFUSION IN THE AIR SO, WHEN COMES TO DECISONS MAKE SURE YOU ARE DOUBLE BACKING TWICE BECAUSE SOMEONE AINT THINKING CLEARLY WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO THINGS. ITS GIVING BRAIN FOG AND 7 OF CUPS ENERGY! Google it!




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