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Fire Signs Monthly Readings

Fire Signs Monthly Readings

ARIES: For Leo season ima need you to think before you act. The title of the video is to not go off galloping with everybody into some shit. That can mean watch who you stand up for and the mess that is accumulated into your life. Be weary of those people who sing people failures louder than they do their praises. This could be with you or other people in your life. Just because you’re a fire sign and down for a good time doesn’t mean that a good time has to be at your expense or other people expense. If you are dealing with a Gemini, they had that same thing going on.

Grounded came up and to stay focused on the things that truly matter in your life. If you need help reach out and ask, but make sure that the help can help you. Be clear and concise about what it is that you need because you can’t be getting mad at folks for trying to help and it ain’t the help that you need. Whether you are helping someone, or someone is helping you have every right to say to NO! If they get mad in the words of my grandma scratch ya ass and get glad. She was and smarted mouthed Aries.

Shadow work came up if you don’t know what that is I’ll link it and the video. Just make sure in this Leo season you’re really taking your time to process things like communication, contracts, negotiations, sexual matters, relationships, and home life affairs. If you thought for one second ima type of that whole video baby, you shitting me. Feel free to watch I LOVE YOU!

LEO: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Go over to and order some eyelashes to support a fellow birthday girl. Y’all always talk about support black businesses gone head and go over there and order some sh**. Now Leos y’all reading was a little different I kept hearing Last Time by Trey Songz. Some of y’all could’ve been in a sexual arrangement that was toxic or stuck on some ex or could be dealing with someone who play a lot of games. Because divide and conquer came up and baby that’s, that 48 Laws of Power tactic and let tell you them jail niggas love doing that shit. If you are dealing with one just let him, think he is getting over and keep your hands folded at all times; because you got to let them niggas think they getting over on you. If you don’t got the heart for it just smile and nod like you don’t speak English.

But the majority of y’all biggest issue was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I think its time to cut off certain things in your life that no longer serve you. Maybe a little more inner child work is needed to start believing in the things you need to get out of life. But who am just a philosophical nigga? Just know the way I’m writing this up ain’t so sweet and modest when you watch the video. Remember everything from the monthly reading applies to each sign and if you don’t resonate with this there are many other posts that will be coming. Hang tight.

The audio sucks for the first two minutes because I recorded on a different camera.

SAGITTARIUS: Being discerning of what is worth your energy and understanding the true value of self. Learning what security means to you and how does it affect others around you. Now keep in mind energy can always be interchangeable it doesn’t have to be you it could be someone you are energetically attached to. Spiritual protection came up a lot basically for all the signs because some of y’all do be into that work. You know that black magic that y’all be slanging so well!

Childhood came up and repressed memories being able to make peace with certain things that has happened in your life. It is easier said than done. Some of yall need to get some crystals for astral traveling and staying grounded. I mention amethyst, citrine, black obsidian, black tourmaline, and tiger’s eye. Because when some of yall go in that spirit realm you come out with certain energies attached to you and if you have any holes in your aura or a weakened chakras it can affect your mood, or health.

If you into spirituality it’s time for you to get more active in 3-D than instead of the spirit realm.


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