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Fire Signs Monthly Reading


KEYWORDS: TikTok, drama queens, repetitive patterns, time capsule, ignoring the red flags, not wanting to let go of the past, and inability to see that you are wrong.


There is someone that oversees someone's finances and if you come from money baby one of your parents is pissed as hell. Because somebody or someone has been draining the fault when it comes to the access they have to some of your money. For others you have been having money leaking out of your account and your parents that lack boundaries found out that someone has been stealing from you. This is the one time you can’t be mad at them because this almost costs you a lot of money when it comes down to uncle sam. Somebody has been committing tax fraud when it comes to your name. And when you call this person out about it they are going to get aggressive ass shit. I keep hearing getting to know you and getting to know all about you. You didn’t get to know someone like you thought you should and baby I don’t know who owes all of this money to these outside people but I'm hearing back up.

Because somebody owes some big people some money this may have been a burden on you too because when you get out this situation it's going to feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. Now this could be the person you were dating or the person you have gotten into business with but it just gives a dreary ass vibe. If you are dealing with someone who will do anything to get some money when the spirit is trying to teach they ass a lesson. Boy you are in for a hell of a ride. You may feel like your parents are pretentious but this is the one time they are right when it comes down to this person. It gives me thriller type vibes. You can’t see this entity on this person but others can. This may be some type of glamour spell they are using on them but it has you bait, sink, line, and hook.

The fucked up part about this, this is someone that acts like they got it when they really dont. You know how someone can dress to par, have a suitcase, or look like they are well rounded when they are not. Whew, child. The underworld has been showing you signs but from the exhaustion you have been experiencing you haven’t been able to see the messages. If you have been in any cult or ritualistic experiences this is why. They are the people that are trying to control your gifts. It’s like we do everything together baby run like hell because this isn’t my cup of tea. For others you may want to scream but you don’t know why, stress. That's what the hell it is. Someone is going to keep sending out that death magic and that shit is going to take your ass out if you are the one that keeps sending that shit out. Someone may even develop some form of a nervous condition that someone has them spooked because they don’t know how to leave that magic alone.

It’s keeping them stuck in a cycle the more they keep doing this, the more they lose. It’s like this person keeps starting over only to end up back in the same karmic loop. Because someone doesn't want to let go of the past. If they get a house they lose it. If they get a job they lose it or quit it. If they start something new it’s like this shit keeps failing. I think the lesson Divine is saying that you need to move on and stop doing the same shit. For others you keep making friends with the same people who have reincarnated to teach yo ass a lesson. So, if you are falling out with the same people or a group it’s because they ain’t supposed to be in your life. You keep trying to make people stay when the Divine is literally putting a battery in their back to get them to leave.

They are always stealing, lying, hexing, cursing, jinxing, or tearing your shit up. How many signs do you fucking need? Seriously, what the hell. Ima go out on a limb here and say somebody has to go through an ego death too. Because they feel like just because they look good or feel like they can get away with anything, or they can do whatever. Spirit has been on your ass too tough and your ass thinking you have a curse of bad luck when it’s the people around you. For others it’s you that's doing this to yourself. It’s like the repo man is sitting outside of your house not literally ready to just take all your problems away and you keep thinking that they have no place to go. You are on spirits time and that meter is running out and also creating a big tab in the cosmos. So, the longer you take on clearing out cycles do not get mad when you start to feel like people are passing you by.

I am not talking about career wise. I am talking life wise, like finally seeing people finishing college, getting married, settling down, buying homes, establishing their business, finding their family, seeing people change into the person they always wanted to be, and finding that tribe that gets them. Because if you want to keep forcing life to submit to you it seems like life is putting you in positions with people who are bullies that are forcing you around. And the only way to get out is to admit you are walking down the wrong path. But the longer you keep going along with something it’s like you won’t admit that you are losing. It’s like I got this heavy wave of wanting to cry because someone is so damn hard headed even if it kills them. It gives me the energy of Scared Straight. Like you saying you want to be down with something and these people know you do not have the faint of the heart for what they do. So, are doing scare tactics on you so you can walk the fuck away.

It’s like whoever this is making the evil villain feel sorry for you because they have never seen someone so determined to ruin their life and kill themselves in the process all because they are clinging to an ego that doesn't want to be fed.


ARIES: I think I’d better let it go, let it go in my soprano whisper voice. Now if you read all of this and said nothing applied to you and I can see why this message may seem repetitive to you. This message may seem harsh but someone is selfish as hell and needs to let go of this idea that they think the world is supposed to bend to their will. This only comes out when someone is trying to get some money or to get something out of someone for financial purposes. This person is emotionally manipulative as hell. It wouldn't surprise me if they weren’t homeless the way they put on for the money they try to get out of people. This could be someone you broke up with, old friend, colleague, or kin. You can’t save this person. The only thing you would be getting out of this person is the truth from all of the lies they told. You know how them people be on a movie and they start coughing up blood before they croak and they are still talking shit. Thats this person like when you were finally ready to walk off this person still says something fucked up to make you finish the damn job. That's this individual who just won’t quit. This could be someone you have been into for a long time for one they owe you some damn money. So, how the hell does this person have time to beef with you? I think I would be out of sight and out of mind. The ignorance. For others you may have an argument with a mother figure and she finally told you about yourself. Because she is either tired of taking care of your kids or is tired of always having to pacify your emotions.

LEO: Come on Betty Wright- After The Pain. Somebody is having a rainbow baby, congratulations girl. For others you just finally weathered a storm in your life that was taking your ass out and down through there. Meanwhile, somebody just learned how to shut up and stop arguing with people because you and somebody are never going to see eye to eye on an issue. Somebody doesn’t recognize their decision making skills have an impact on other people. It could have landed you in some drama at TSA, police precinct, and child care protective services. Somebody just got their children back and the people around them are acting up. It could be a live-in situation and someone is ready for someone to move out of their house. It could be how you dress your kids, what they eat, and what you don’t want going on around them. Somebody child got into something or picked up a bag of drugs and brung it to them and said what's this? And that shit sent somebody through the roof because somebody is careless with their behavior. Somebody is on the neighborhood watch list and they are watching your house because something ain’t right in there. For others spirit is telling you to be mindful of the behaviors you are exuding around your kids. Because the things you think are burdens your children won’t learn them until later in life. If you are tired and always forcing yourself to go, do not get mad when your children don't know when to quit.

SAGITTARIUS: I Told The Storm - Greg O’Quin. You are called to keep moving through the distractions in your life. You may feel like you are going through the battlefield but you are supposed to keep going. Now, this could be turning the other cheek in a lot of arguments because you may be being tested. I am not talking about pranks and shit. No this is shit that really grinds your gears. Somebody has these fresh new eyes to life and everything from the past is coming up. I have to remind people all of the time that when they are trying to change that is when they experience the most bullshit possible. Now for my others who like to run away from their responsibilities and accountability this may be a challenging time. Because there are more pressing issues at hand that require you to really tell the truth and stand in your power. The reasons why you do what you do and why you did what you did. And if you are like any other Sag I know y’all ain’t explaining shit but here's where I beg to differ. Once you go through this initiation period in your life your not leaving the baggage behind you talking and accessing with you as you go. You may say how is this so? It is like when you know you could say something but you don’t. Not saying that you don’t have to defend yourself but knowing what is worth the battle. This may show up as someone making rapid changes and sticking to them because the past is old and it doesn't serve you anymore. I mean you can stick to the past and be like Aries as long you ain’t complaining. We are good. Whoever this is, that always go into hermit mode every time they get in their feelings. Come on out, this is how people know when to mess with you because you do this all of the time. Switch it up.


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