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Fire Signs Monthly Reading


Yacht parties, boat trip, summer time engagements, and living in the sun is the vibe for the summer and winter. Where you live Miami, on the coast, or out the country. If so, please come get me I hate it here and I want to go home. Somebody keeps running from spirit it’s like you’ll ask a question and then turn and say nawl I don’t need that right now only for spirit to show you the answer over and over again. Someone wants to be pampered and to be treated like a princess while they test the limits of people and situations. Now this could lead to arguments or conversations that require someone to be mature in certain situations while someone doesn’t want to. You may seem like you are hard headed because you are because the sage is out and someone is listening to their gut and what spirit is trying to tell them. I'm hearing talk to me nice while for some that maybe the case but someone isn’t so nice. This person has a flipside to them and not a nice one that people may or may not talk about.

They maybe bipolar on the serious tip of things or they may just act like this all of the time. One minutes it's hot and this it’s cold. Someone likes to be alone but wanting someone to be alone with them child, make this make sense because I am confused as a brick. Someone maybe in a time that now it is time for them to self-reflect this could be the achievements or accolades and an ego check at that too. Someone may have been in the go getter spirit or always in the energy of the light that they haven't found no bounds when it comes to good, evil, and bad. This could show up as the parent who doesn’t want to talk about their past because they felt they have done no wrongs so they demonize the things you have done and did until they got caught in the act of it. Someone may feel like they are being humiliated or not being put on that pedestal energy but it is time to meet people where they are. You aren’t the only star in the room and I am not talking about celebrity status. I am talking about coexisting with other people when it comes to their needs too.

Someone may feel like they are being pushed to the limits in a lot of situations when it's really spirit saying let your shadow out in a healthy manner because whoever this is was using it in a different manner. On the flipside someone could be trying to affect someone's dream state all of the time with psychic attacks and dream state alterations. When on the flipside it is happening to them and someone doesn’t like this happening back to them. Be mindful of what it is you are dishing out at this time because we are in a lot retrograde energy with the planets. On the flipside someone may summon some shit they can’t get rid of and they are going to have to go to bat to get this energy out of their home, mind, body, and space. It could be sex magic, a person you sleeping with, or someone that you always have in close contact with you. I would also be mindful of who I am sleeping with at this time because someone has some deadly energy on them. It could be a succubus, incubus, or attempted murder when it comes down to sexual activities. It gives black widow vibes just a little bit. I don’t know what you call a man who does it but that's what they are going to be called today.

Someone may hire a private eye into looking into someone because someone isn’t who they say they are at heart and at hand. Because someone is looking for some truths because somebody lied in this situation. I don’t know who needs to hear this but people tell you who they are before they show you are and if you listen hard enough, they might show you. I would be on the lookout for charmers' people who appease your emotions, people who say the right things at the right time, people who just seem aware, and emotional manipulators. Cause baby, they rolling around in the group chat looking around seeing if you are going to take the bait. A chaos witch is here and they are stirving up a lot of shit and it's causing a lot of problems with people lives. They have this persona of I need to shake up the place when it really forces people to fall out, be discontent, and causes unnecessary strife in people's life. But this is a battle that someone will survive. Now, if isn’t magic it could be someone who is sexually alluring, promiscuous male or female, and someone who is dominating.

If you have abused anyone you know who is putting that witchcraft on you stop playing. I am talking about sexual assault and psychical assault. Somebody been on your ass until you confess about all of the things you have done. It's like this person is going to force you to go God and for some of y’all this maybe a challenge but somebody is up for it because you hurt this person bad. And it may lead to some fatal situations that you may or may not want to be in because someone isn’t humble about the things they have done or gotten away with. You could be dealing with someone who is priest or preacher who lies about being close to God when they ain’t. This person sees through you and is going to take you down because they know your evil. Only that will apply to those who it applies too. For others that are in a relationship you have someone who is causing a lot of drama in the connection because you or your partner stopped giving someone some attention. And they hate it, it’s like that one episode of Stewie being a tyrannical monster saying, “get back here and love me” and Brian walks off.

If you have decided or are contemplating to join any gym, team projects, or anything that requires more social skills. I think I would sit this one out because y’all energy is easy to read and that person who is on the sideline is still running the group chat. This could show up as arguments, altercations, and verbal fall outs because somebody depending on someone to do or bring something when the other party doesn’t. It's like one or the other is thinking that they wouldn’t do this just because we mad. Shit, I don’t know who told you this but a partner can make you so mad that you can forget. Sometimes it isn't spiteful sometimes it's you pissed me so bad that I didn’t give a fuck to what was needed before we get to where we at. This may lead to some hurt feelings because one of the other parties is more considerate but this is only after arguments. It’s like someone has to go to 10 just to get to you get it. Everybody isn’t made like that.

On the flipside someone's child maybe planning to run away. Gone head and pull back and start stalking your child before the world gets ahold of them and it is a cruel place. And this right around the time someone finds out they are pregnant or a new child is born. People would think that it is an attention seeking thing when it's not this child just doesn’t feel loved. It could be the lack of support they aren't getting, proper emotional response from you, or a person that tempting them with this idea that there is better when they decided to walk away from family. Y’all need to be in that energy of checking who is trying to come around your child. Or who they are communicating with. I don’t know if you are in a cult or someone is thinking about but ima need you to sit this one out. Because you’re going to fight, tooth and nail to get out of this group or coven they don’t believe in take backs. It may even come with a price on your health too someone may not be able to gain weight or end up struggling with weight loss. Someone may even have to have some form of surgery because of the stress this group has put them under.

This may have resulted into heart surgery, womb surgery, stomach surgery-intestine, and

sacral surgery. I don’t know if this resulted from psychical wounding, unhealed trauma, or food that was fed to someone while being a part of this coven. Child, I don’t know just make sure you get confirmation form spirit three ways and people who you trust enough that is unbiased and knows you through and through.

ARIES: DIG A LITTLE DEEPER! Now I don’t know if this is on situation that someone needs to get more information on or this is just some sexual fling someone has. Now, for some of y’all this maybe a concept someone has when it comes to getting women and men. Everything is about sex for this person and for some it maybe not even be pleasing. It could be painful you know how those people that think they supposed to go all up in there. Sweetie, that’s for them hysterectomy hoes not people with the whole cervix intact. Now, this could be someone who just likes the sexual connection you guys have because you either give or buy them nice things and this person knows this. So, they appeal more to your sexual nature more than anything. And while for some you have been here before with this judgement card in reverse. This may even result into you doing and going along with bad behavior because of the sex or the amenities of this connection. This person knows how to make an entrance into your life and they do it by doing the same things over and over again. It's like this person doesn’t change, it’s the same pattern and you fall for it every time.

LEO: KNOWING WHO TO CUT OFF AND WHO TO BE PATIENT WITH! Someone may have the foot to the mouth syndrome because the hill that you will die on is the one that will experience a landslide. This could be standing on principles that do or do not serve you. This could be someone who blocked their own opportunities by being overzealous and jealous. This could be something someone is holding over someone's head because they keep bringing it up over and over again. Now this could be someone who hasn’t changed their behavior. So, it’s like certain times of the year you have to reiterate that you don’t mess with this person until they actually get it. You may have blocked this person from your social media, got a restraining order, or told them to stop coming around but they keep trying to show up over and over again. It could be someone you used to be cool with or someone you have baby with or by. Somebody likes to play a lot of mind games when it comes down to communication. This could be someone that leaves out important details of the things you need to know because they think this funny. Or they think that this is act of dominance over you. This could be someone who has employed you, who you think you are going to employ, or someone who just leaves you to finish all of their hard work because they know you are going to do it. They get you to go along with a lot of things because they lie. If this person says they are not lying baby omitting parts of the truth is a lie. So, you may have to stand firm on your approach when it comes to this person because this will test your boundaries if you let them.

SAGITTARIUS: Somebody likes to ask lot of hypothetical questions a lot. I mean like if I left you alone would you miss me? Baby, start saying if you are going to leave let me know so I can accordingly. Because whoever this is, is slick and they be trying to find a way to get you to answer things so they can leave you in doubt all of the time. It's like if you have a discussion with them about something they feel like you know how they are coming but they didn’t say that. It's like Mr./Mrs. Manipulator is trying to get a rise out of you by any means necessary. And no, I am not talking about someone who is inquisitive no this is someone who isn’t emotionally communicative when it comes down their feelings. So, they set up shop to see how you would respond only for them to move accordingly and ever tell you shit. It may have let some people with some broken hearts and hurt feelings. But it ever breeds closure this maybe the reasons someone is causing chaos in your love life as we speak. Nobody wont know it's over until you tell them it’s over. You have to be a big girl or big boy now and state so they can have peace. For my folks with the big egos it’s gone hurt when they start healing and doing cord cutting because that energy you used to get from manipulation gone break that body down, real bad.


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