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Fire Signs Love Reading (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)



KEYWORDS: Get it Together by India Arie, Smoking Out The Window by Silk Sonic, Dope by Tha Joker, what are we doing, anticipation, same ole bullshit, emotional numb, trying too hard, escapism, put it all out on the line. Somebody fina expose a relationship they have with someone or feelings they for somebody, a trauma porn, house fight, house party, chaos, pesky neighbors, and Party Like a Rockstar by Shop Boyz.

Yesterday the fire signs were doing everything to get my attention and now we get to the reading and they are quiet as hell. How sway? What is it that you want? Y’all always got them toxic love affairs so tell me what’s new? Somebody got a baby on the way and lying about being pregnant either they keeping it a secret or it’s the early phases of the trimester. For some of y’all somebody is pregnant and broke so they don’t know if they want to keep it or get rid of it. I heard that being a mom is tiring for some of y’all and somebody is saying what am I going to do with another child right now? Damn only you know the question to that. For some this has something to do with an emotionally unavailable person who keeps somebody fly but at the same time the relationship is dead.

I don’t mean for as feelings wise but someone is tired of the same old routine. Someone just makes money and come home meanwhile the other person is losing their fucking mind because they don’t have nothing to do. Somebody is too peaceful meanwhile the other person is too chaotic you have someone who is always trying to offset one or the other. It's like kids one minute they cool, the next minute they hate each other, and the next minute they love each other. Boy, I know that shit is tiring and y’all barely have energy to do anything. Somebody has a third party in the midst of this and boy are they a buzz kill either they are too negative, needy, or downright mean as hell for no reason.

I heard somebody say I just can’t please the bitch to a group of friends. This kinda refers to the song smoking out the window reference where you feel you have to make too many adjustments to someone or something. It’s kind of aggravating because that is the routine I mean if you are always arguing, fucking, and fighting when does happiness show the hell up. It's like if it was show up y’all would think it is weird because for some of y’all, y’all have been through the ringer. Somebody is too focused on family and that is a downer. Some of y’all just need some alone time and a vacation where nobody can bother y’all for about a week or two. For some of y’all it's just general boundaries. This is the problem because someone think it's okay to always someone around when someone just wants to spend time alone with them.

Somebody isn't picking up on the hints, but somebody continues to stay around anyway like a little puppy dog hoping you catch on. Somebody gets drunk and starts a lot of shit, and when I say a lot of shit, I mean they be spilling teaaaaaaaaaaaa. I mean your business, your daddy business, and your mama business. This how people around you are able to manipulate you because you need to go to a therapist instead of talking to people around you. They stay using that shit against you playing on your weakness and giving you false hope with a sprinkle of sympathy. Somebody is going to hear someone talking about them and boy is this going to cause an argument either someone is going to record a conversation you had with someone, or post something on social media that should’ve been private.

But it’s the truth it’s how they are going to say it though. I keep hearing what about your friends by TLC. Somebody had video footage of someone in raw formation and ready to beat someone ass. Y’all know that meme where that girl says ima go war for it, that’s how you were acting on that tape. Someone may try use this in a court case to say that someone is emotional volatile, a disturbance to the peace, and not a good fit to be a parent. Yikes. I just want to say if you feel like that nigga/chick cheating, please don’t go through that phone until you got all your bags packed and a plan mapped out. Because some of y’all gone get your feelings hurt behind this one because it's some shit in there you don’t want people to see that’s all ima say.

It's something that could possible ruin someone's career, life, or fame. For some this has to do with some form of magical practices such as; rituals, blood magic, and you doing this on all your friends or with friends. I told y’all a long time ago that you keep hanging round somebody who make you sick whether your head gets to hurting all the time, IBS acting up, and your libido gets thrown off. It’s like this person knows this, this is why they come around. It’s like they can sense when you in heat and this particular individual depletes you of your finances, stability, and energy. What is this a sugar daddy, sugar momma, or a pimp?

Some of y’all may not be broke you can tell when something is off around this individual. Because some of y’all fucking on the same person and the other person who is having sex with them is going through the same thing too. Having problems with their sex drive too and this is a girl and a same sex relationship. Too many cords attached for me and too many problems that comes with this individual. Somebody been dabbling in the dark side of magic and they are saying help me and it’s like a cry for help at this point and nobody takes them seriously. Because their words hurt when they get mad so they make them figure everything out on their own. I think it’s pretty sadistic to be honest because if you know a person needs help, but you don’t try to help while at the same time you want to play mind games with them. Child, I would've told the both of y’all to go to hell.

Ain't nobody got time for that Otis I got places to be baby, fishes to feed, and cornbread to breed. Yep, somebody definitely fucking with a pimp and you don’t know this about this person or they fina found out this person is one. Somebody is going to be pissed when they find out because this nigga is going to take it out on you as if you are trying to coach him/her to leave that lifestyle alone. Don’t go getting in people's problems when you don’t know the full story because she is always going to be loyal to this man no matter how hard you try to get her ass away from him.

If someone has experienced some form of child loss my condolences to you because someone is still holding a grudge against someone for a loss of a child. This person feels it isn't fair that everybody else gets to have their kids except for her. I understand that because losing a child does take a toll on you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Everything isn’t what it seems around you or the people you hang with someone has a façade on, spirit said you don’t have time to get to the bottom of this just get the hell away before it brings more trouble than what it already has. If you're into outdoor things like hiking, camping, kayaking, and hunting this is the time you should do it. The weather has been pretty nice, the sun will do you some justice, and you just need to get back on natures good side.

For others this is just sitting in the sun and going to the parks more, it’s like mother nature is calling you but are you answering. Seriously? Someone is going to feel like you don’t have their back in argument amongst friends because you just let them walked away or you walked away. Meanwhile its four hours later in SpongeBob voice and they still arguing about this till this day. When there are arguments in the relationship someone doesn’t seems to get over them as fast as you do. They feelings really be hurt about some shit either you be playing like you don’t care or just don’t. Somebody has to do some inner child work because somebody had to become a woman at an early age and it is still affecting them. And when I say a woman, I am talking about having sex with men for money to pay the bills.

For some this reality was forced upon someone and for others I'm not gone talk about your parents only mines because that’s a sensitive subject. Let’s just say this month is going to be a ride for some trying to balance out career, home, life goals, and friends after experiencing so much drama and toxicity. Child, only the strong survive.

ORACLE CARD OF THE MONTH: Queen of Sheba, Secrets Revealed

Now, this could be a bad thing or good thing it just depends on how you look at. It may be time to face the music in certain situations you have created, participated in, played yourself out of, and downright lied to yourself about. This may be a hard reality to accept because someone has their blinders on when it came love, friends, and relationships. How they feel, think, breath, and genuinely support you. It is okay to be selfish but there is no I in team but there is a me. Get ready to get uncomfortable because somethings will never be same because a truth is brewing in the midst of chaos. It’s just are you ready to live life again.


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