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Fire Sign Weekly Message


KEYWORDS: Veterinarian, Veterinarian Bill, Subconscious Programming, Mental Manipulation, Eye Sockets, Brain Matter, What is You on?, Black Magic, Cord Attachments, Cord Agreements, Telemarketing, Electronic Agreements, Renege, Forgery, Coercion.

Now let's just gone get into the messages because I feel like y’all message gone be long as hell.

Remember the messages may or may not apply. We are in the element of Fire so the zodiac signs are ( Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Flip the roles on whose who. Now off the bat it is saying the zodiac signs that are giving you hell Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Whew, child “good luck with that”.

SAGITTARIUS: Somebody's been gambling ain’t it? Because all I hear is buffalo from the slot machines. Now this could be everything lining up and the situation is starting to pan out or things are starting to make sense after a challenging time. Thai could be someone coming into their masculine energy and let me tell you they are ready to do something about their life. You may have thought this person operates in this but no this is learning how to be vulnerable and learning how to share with others. Thai could show up as someone genuinely listening to what you have to say when they usually would be like don't nobody want to hear that shit. And mean it too because they sensitive to sound, and touch. Somebody in the comments maybe trying to diagnose you with a mental health disorder so watch out.

If you do then just speed past that sentence because I was going to say is someone on the spectrum? So, let’s go, someone may have been going to therapy or an outreach program to help them build a better connection to God. Like cathedrals and some form of Catholicism. No, this isn’t like someone taking on the practice to be a catholic but researching what it is like to be a true Christian. Maybe some form of theology of old testament teachings. You maybe thinking you are seeing some shit because y’all be connecting to other planes. For others you don't supposed to have access to these planes this is why you are having problems with your crown chakra. For others it was time for higher learning because you was so hard headed with your spiritual practices. So, it’s like you stumbled upon a pathway for you to become enlightened. And you may not like this too because the information you are coming cross is only having you to walk by faith and not by sight.

Boy, I remember those days and child I don't want to go back because people didn't understand where life was taking me. Now, if you was apart of a cult someone is still trying to tug on your energy to get light codes activations and DNA healing. This is to override you so they can understand what it is God is trying to tell them. For others you have someone who is trying to do this so they can seem as if they are more holier than you, like God isn’t favoriting you but they are favoring them. So they are going to steal your energy to profit off it only to be smacked in the face with karma. Good luck managing your sanity because you have people trying it. Because “Try Me”, is just ringing around in my head.

ARIES: Sharing is caring but someone is in the energy of receiving and they don't care about no one else but themselves. It’s like a cat or dog chasing its tail and everybody is looking at this person chasing waterfalls only to end up drowning themselves in their own sorrows. Someone doesn't know when to quit. That's the message, it's simple. Someone is getting the downloads, the messages from spirit, and confirmation but they choose to keep acting an ass. This may be someone you have to cut off because you see the lifestyle they are living is no longer manageable. It's like a friend doesn't want to accept their broke so they keep spending money. The same can go for alcohol and drugs. Some of y’all have even prayed for this person. Vouched for them and gave them a second chance only for this person to push it back in your face like you did nothing for them.

It’s like ouch! What do you do? Do you stay and keep fighting or do you decide to walk away for good? The battle is yours. Do you want to keep walking that pathway that brings you nothing but an affliction? The choice is yours. Now, we gone keep it a bean someone is gaslighting you about something you did when you didn’t do it. For others they do it they just don’t want to confess about what they did. Because it was supposed to make you look bad. Whoever this is they always like to look like the innocent one. It’s the night and day effect. Two peas in a pod but one is really trying to make it seem as if they are better than the other only for people to gasp in despair when they find out how low down this person is. This could’ve been someone who tried to kill you in your sleep. Or playing own your crown chakra and inserting themselves in your dreams when you know it is them.

This the person you would do your return to senders on and they would say that you are spiritual attacking them. WTH! Moral of the story you have to figure out who is going to go or stay in your life because this is a repetitive cycle of trauma, pain, conflict, and disarray. Have you had enough of ruining you yet?

LEO: Come on cuspers, or you may be dealing with a Virgo because I was going to call you that. Someone needs to clear their energy and call your power back. Because someone has been doing heart attacks spells on you or someone you love because they hate them, It gives me the teenage girl who is having a fit because the boy at school got the girl and she had a crush on them. Yes , this is why you have been getting spiritually attacked for no reason. Someone may be coming in to tell you they are sorry but they don’t mean it. They are just mad that they have been caught.

It gives me sibling rivalry where the momma makes the child apologize to other sibling when they know they aren’t sorry. Now parents before you start to get in a kerfuffle one or children is manipulative ass hell and you know it. You are always coming to the defense of them and this isolates form corrective learning because you got your kids. No, you are teaching your children that the world is a dangerous place and no one will respond to their behavior. So, the first time they experience a boo boo without being able to emotionally express themselves, people are supposed to adapt to a one sided behavior when they have so much to grow into for themselves. So, the support you need from other people will flea from you when you need them.

Do we need to go to the black family drama how we hate our kinfolks because they had quarrels with family members, And it caused us to miss out on help because our parents couldn't see that children needed help and other adults needed room to grow too? Hmm! All, I’m saying is it is time to slowly cut the cord and allow them room to grow. Because you don’t want to the parent when you get older unable to love because you are always worried about your kids. That you end making them the reason you don't deserve love in none resentful way. Dating is cool an all and everyone isn’t going to be the one. So, somebody hearing about all of your problems the first 3 dates isn’t cute. And if someone is a listening hear for you, what are doing to show them that you are listening and applying the lesson?

Seems like introspectiveness is the goal for the week it's just are you going to make it through the tears first. Because a good soul cry is needed but when you don’t know why you are crying its creates a raging maniac. Because you get tired of people asking what's wrong? Why are you crying? You crying again? Feel the emotions and allow whatever to come up so you can understand you. If not don’t call me when you packing on weight.



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