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Fire Sign Weekly Energy Reading

Updated: Sep 28

KEYWORDS: mischief, mistress, misleading, vultures, energy leaks, aura bleeds, 2nd house, sound healing and bathing, trickster spirits, grounded and getting back to spirit.

ARIES: Somebody wants a divorce and someone doesn't want to sign them papers. Whoever this is, is purposely trying to make your life hell by spending all of your money or spending on it legal fees because of some financial entitlement. I don't know if the goal is to stress you out but baby it's working. You maybe dealing with a Taurus, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, and another Aries. Somebody wants to be loose and free. You and Capricorn had that same thing going on.

Feeling bound by some legal obligation or a person at this state and time. Could be a living situation and it's feeling crowded. Yep, definitely dealing with a earth sign because they had this yesterday. Someone needs to do some budget cuts but they don't want too when it comes to their day to day living. They think everybody is suppose to cut back so they can move forward. And someone isnt haven't that because someone has worked hard for they money. Somebody said y'all can go to hell because I will spend my money how I want to spend my money.

Now this could be family estate, real estate, financing, loans, and something to do with a e book someone has stolen and copied word for word. And they don't want to pay it back so they think you should pay it back. So they are trying to collectively make a decision for everybody to suffer for their dumb mistakes. I'm hearing this has something to do with a cousin and sibling of yours who has the whole family in a bunch because they made some dumb decisions and everybody is hostile ass hell.

And the person they are trying to blame isn't the responsible party but you are responsible enough to deal with it. So it feels like a lose lose situation for you. I'm hearing lawyer up buttercup because someone has to learn the hardway how to be responsible. Because if you take on this burden as your own it's going to be your biggest mistake and just know whoever this is doesn't fight fair. So be prepared to be the bad guy. When shit goes down in flames.

I'm hearing you should've been making sure you had your best interest at hand in the first place. Because whoever this is plays chess and not checkers.


Catch me outside is the theme here! Now someone got fired and this maybe causing a riot. Because someone who was wrongly terminated didn't deserve to go out like that. And it causing some people to act the hell up because some people have been out of order. Someone has been singing bogus checks and cashing them in somebody name. And whoever they scammed got some vegance in their heart about their dollars . For some it was the principle and they said it was going towards a good cause. Like some shit with kids and the whole time it was some fake investment front that scammed a lot of people out of money.

And somebody act like they don't know what is going on until a gun get involved. It's how funny how a little lead can change everybody mind if you know what I mean. Because whoever this likes to play in people face and they like to play the victim. I mean all of the time. All my life I had to fight type victim to where people have to ask nigga did you do it or not. And nine times out of ten they respond yes. And the problem is some of y'all have condoned this behavior for so long that y'all have been so conditioned to it that it makes no sense.

So, when they see someone acting of character with these people or person you actually look like the bad guy. Ain't that some shit. Whoever this is has been lying about what's been going on with some kids and a mother or father figure taking into their own hands. Someone was trying to traffick someone's child right up under their nose. Could be a parent involved in this too? Well the parent to your child may or may have not been accused of this while for some this is what happened. And the people coming after this person have been victims of this person petty crimes, actions, spiritual attacks, and alleged dark knight of the soul. I do see some of y'all getting out of this but not without being hurt could be emotionally, mentally, physically but someone is coming out on the other side with a clean bill of health.

Song: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

SAGITTARIUS: Break up to make up is all we do! First you love me then you hate me like a fool for you. Seems like that off again and on again relationship has resulted in a pregnancy. At the right and wrong time if you know what I mean. Because some of y'all are going through a revealing time where people have been showing you there true colors left and right and some of y'all don't like it but it is needed. Because you have been emotionally stagnant in certain places in your life for too long. And some of these relationships have been collateral damage.

It may seem harsh but problems have been happening to you because of close affiliation and some of y'all still haven't put two and two together. Some things are just going to naturally fade out your life meanwhile some will go kicking and screaming. Because this has been a challenging time. Also someone may not be getting the sleep they need because they need a preganancy pillow so they can be more comfortable for them and the baby. Someone likes to sleep on their stomach meanwhile it scaring your person and you. Google that and your PCP because I don't know about that.

Now for some this could be should've, could've, would've because someone may suffer from depression, bouts of anger, and the inability to let things go. Could be separation anxiety but it doesn't have to be that serious. Someone has been going through a tough time and they need some sunlight. It may seem cliche but someone needs to get out of that house. They need to hydrate more, take their vitamins, and sun bath. Just let the sun bask over you just when it isn't burning hot as hell. I don't know what has shifted since you and the last winter solistice but it has been a mood killer for you.

You may have to check your birth charts because someone has a lot of active transits and it doesn't give Saturn return. More like Uranus is saying watch this, pay attention to this, you need to be here, or more focused. And this maybe a buzz kill for someone because this hasn't been the time for someone. I think someone maybe having a hard time adapting to the fact that the world is still going to move whether you like it or not. So while dealing with this calming season that already fills like the new year I think someone probably has to get a planner and learn how to actually take a chill pill and not avoid what is on there schedule.

POSSIBLE ZODIAC SIGNS: Libra ️ , ️ , Gemini ️ MOONS! Sun signs: Aries, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Libra, and Virgo!


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