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Fire Sign Monthly Reading




Somebody saying they got the keys, now I think that is a rap song for others. Does somebody have your keys and they are lying about it? Girl, that is about ownership somebody feels like just because they bought you something they own you. This person is well intended on doing things you have never had before only to turn around and throw that shit back up in your face. What type of psychological warfare as shit is going on in the group chat? Are you trying to be by yourself or is this a power trip for somebody? For some this keeps someone up at night because they are so busy trying to figure out ways to beat out the competition. Girl, if you don't go lay your ass down ain’t nobody studdin you. Because whoever this is in this frenzy ass energy is stressing everybody out. It’s like girl move. Maybe somebody may be paranoid that's why they do the shit they do but their paranoia is their own worst enemy.

I’m hearing someone say chill out main damn. It’s like getting high and someone is having a damn panic attack. Side bar weed heads don’t be the nicest when this shit happens to people. Baby, y’all decorum be through the roof and non existent, okay. This is this person who is stressing everyone the hell out because if they could just get the recipe right then they will have their evil villain moment. This is really going to isolate you from a lot of people if you are trying to villainize someone else. Are you doing this from a healthy space or an ego space? Because this will backfire on you. Because it ain’t nothing like dealing with an evil villain only for the motherfucker to outwit you because you didn't know when to stop. Now, if this is for superficial purposes oh then you deserve what is happening to you. Because you didn't know when to stop. Period.

If you are a psychic, medium, or tarot reader, watch your clients at this point and time because somebody is going to get mad at you for telling some truth. And they say you charge too much and are trying to get over on them. Now, we ain’t gonna speed past the monthly energy reading because this could be the case but for the majority of it somebody just doesn't like to hear the truth. For others this person may take this as a personal attack thinking you don’t like them? Did you and this person have any exchange in words because somebody needs to work on their communication skills. For others you may have a court case coming up and somebody thinks that you are supposed to be the down as chick and not snitch on them. Meanwhile somebody knew that they was going to jail so they was whining and dining you only for this sick fuck to get locked up. You don’t say. Now, I didn’t say the gifts was going to stop but they lied about how much time they had to serve. Tilts head inserts meme, “y’all gone fight me”?

And for some this may cause some conflict because you were under the illusion that they had this case in the bag only for it to be a lie. Oh, I also would be mindful of people trying to get you locked up, institutionalized, or prisoned because they are trying to gain control over your assets to spend your money.


ARIES: The Key- hidden information will be presented to you that was hiding in plain sight. Someone likes to skip over things because they are always in a rush so they miss things because they are always trying to run out the door. Like leaving things always behind only to have to go back to where you started. If you stayed long enough maybe you’ll learn the lesson. For others it wouldn't be a lesson if you learned how to honor your intuition a bit more. For others there is some ignorance at play because you allow too many people to have access to you. Now this could roll back into giving people access to your home, your car, safe deposit box, or anything that has a key to open it. Now you may feel like what do you mean? Do you trust the people you give things to that have a major impact on how you feel about the object, person, place, or idea? What used to work won’t cut it any more because I'm hearing I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gone shed no tears. Baby, somebody tired of big d*** Jerome running in and out their life leaving them with false promises. Either you in or out and somebody has already made up their mind because they tired of playing the circus rodeo with you. Your love life is like a dangerous game of who can hurt who and who catch feelings the fastest only for someone to leave them. I don’t know what Tom and Jerry ass lovers you like or BE picking but I am truly scared of you.

LEO: The Key, The Star, The Fox: Country drive you crazy, a clip from Juwanna Man. This is messy because somebody acts like they are not interested in someone but they are ima leave that one at that. Go watch the movie. Hidden sexual urges may be coming through the group chat and this is why someone is holding their vagina or boom cat from somebody because someone has a lustrous spirit on them. For some it's a spirit demon that is attached to this person could be glamor magic, sex magic, something from the underworld that keeps people attracted to them. Now this may be the suitors you are pulling in because the magic you are cohabiting with is now possessing the spirit. So, it has someone on some wild sexual, nasty, kink, or fetish that has them losing their mind. Whoever is in this energy knows how to conceal their intentions very well until they get what they want. It’s like this cat and mouse game going on. You know how them people that be too cocky because they think they can fuck anybody thats this person. If you don’t go put thang on some ice and chill the hell out. This may be a scammer too. For others this is someone who basically psychologically throws your equilibrium off and not in a good way. It’s like this obsession, this is mines and no one can have them ass energy. Read Aries and move around. Somebody may be looking for real love and someone's feelings may get hurt because yeah, y’all have sex but baby sex ain’t it. That’s your thing, people may mark you as promiscuous but sleeping around all the time isn’t really much showing you love them. So, somebody has potential but is the potential really worth it.


SAGITTARIUS: The Snake, The Fox, The Tree- The proof is in the pudding, hidden plans, false alliances, hidden competition, and false support. Do all the fire signs got something going on or are y’all on the same wavelength? Somebody is sleeping with someone who is energetically draining the shit out of them. I’m hearing get a damn room. Now someone may be having too much sex that you aren’t really caring about your physical bodies. Cause my body on your body baby if you know what I mean. I really don’t because I would like to be untouched. Thank you, thank you very much. Now this person who you are sleeping with is jealous hearted as hell. They think everybody is out to get you. This is the false confidence lover that makes your egos so big to the point you don't recognize you are about to lose it all. Your sanity, divinity, love, and support that is this person. Someone doesn't know when to quit as long as their heart have that tick they are going to continue to do the same shit. Somebody be loud and wrong and do not care to correct their behaviors. It’s like so what I offended you you never should’ve offended me and the whole time you are looking like what the hell did I do to you. Yes, this person is a child who never grew up. Shine a light on who they are and watch how quickly you become their enemy. I just did a reading on this energy where I said you can not give this person compliments because they will make you hate it. It looks like saggies didn’t get the message. Moral of the story you can’t worry about people wanting to know you when you keep doing the same old shit.


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