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Fire Sign Energy Reading


Drama in the group chat is the message for you. The number one question is how did we get here maybe moving too fast and talking too fast. Someone or something is sexually alluring to you and someone cannot take the intensity from this person. It's giving overly active sacral chakra and also a trauma bond. Someone builds bonds through sex and builds their connections from there that comes back to bite them in the ass and not the good bite. It’s leads to drama, chaos, sexual tension, and sexual frustration, and nothing seems to change or get done when it comes to the problems you have. I don’t know who need to hear this but sex isn't a remedy for being an asshole.

Some of y’all could be dealing with someone who has mental health issues or PTSD and they like to use sex as an outlet for their emotional release. And they fell to recognize that they are only recycling that bad ass energy back into the relationship because if there is only one person who transmutes and the other doesn’t this leads the relationship to have blocks. For some of you, you maybe questioning someone's commitment to the relationship and I can see why because it’s nothing but sex here. For others somebody wants a break and to get some things off of their mind. If you are in a relationship or a dating phase this is leading to someone down the path of cheating whether this, be emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually. Because whoever this is doesn’t feel emotionally stimulated by you, they’ll be there but not mentally there. It's nothing but a vessel being present at this state and time and that may annoy you.

Because whoever this is they reside on a past paradigm and not in the present so it’s hard for them to catch up to you and meet you where you are because they stuck in the past. It’s giving I don’t want to change and I don’t have too. Quick question what's stopping you from leaving is it comfort, love, or fear? Someone could be getting a lot of karma and not the good kind because I heard it's the big payback and this has someone riddle with guilt and strife. And it comes from their psyche so they think they are the victim when it's really all of the things they did all through life that is finally catching up to them. Someone also doesn’t like to hear the truth so this muddy those relationships with those around you and it has people in the energy of walking away. They feel like it's more of hassle staying than actually leaving. I am hearing was it really worth and gone fuck that nigga and get it over with.

You might have to get someone out of your system or it may be a trick from spirit that’s gone be the cost of you damn near losing everything. Because someone is just addicted to trouble, nuances, conflict, and drama and it's time to change the circumstance. Stop giving people something to talk about if you stop hanging in places with people who only expect you to win because they the reason you lose, you’ll always lose. People opinions matter to much in this reading and I don’t like this at all. In order to get a handle on things somebody has to get real here and start from the bottom because working your way through to the top to get to the bottom is only leaving you thinking you in good standards. When you have a lot way more to go and this why you feel like the runner and chaser vibes that gets you to lose out things.

Don’t be one of them people that’s sitting back mad because everybody got, they blessing and you the one mad because you decided to be emotionally all over the place with things in your life. I’m hearing this is your second chance I don’t know if this has something to do with life, a job, career, dream, goal, or getting your life in order but if you keep following the same path it’s only going to pile up. And the 10 of wands energy ain’t nothing to play with. For others someone think spirit isn’t playing fair it’s like the universe is playing some nasty narcissistic joke on you. For others you did this to others I keep hearing how does it feel and it isn’t so fun when the rabbit got the gun. Someone could be battling with their mental health and they need some type of help.

I don’t know if this has anything to with therapy, getting an emotional support animal, finally taking meds, or getting some outlet to help with that adrenaline rush they have all the time. Because you may think you are in the life of the party syndrome and its giving pure succubus and not the good kind. Don't nobody want to argue and fight all the time for real. Because there is an individual who thinks this is cute and takes it too far all the time and some people ain’t having that. Some of your friends may feel like you don’t take time to understand them the way they understand you but right now your back is closed because you feel like “FUCK THEM!”

And whoever is saying this is mad because they got control issues and they mad because they don’t know the outcome of how arguments and healthy disagreements gone play out. I heard agree to disagree nobody has to be right all the time, but knowing someone heard them is way more important to implicate some form of change. But somebody got trust issues and you are dealing with someone who likes to lie all the time. Before we get out of here someone has a partner who doesn't like what they do for work and this causes a lot of issues. Because for some it maybe some griminess attached to this and somebody is ready to walk away from that lifestyle. Thye tired sweetie, of always having to look over they shoulder, being paranoid, and scamming and scheming. It's old and they know it and they emotionally over it too but somebody saying they got to keep the lights on.

But at what expense if it is costing you, your damn sanity especially if you working any type of night life scene it’s becoming unbearable for your person. Because somebody watching somebody change right before they eyes and they hate the fact that they fina lose you because they fina leave this person if they don’t get some act right.

KEYWORDS: SCORPIO, GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS, VIRGO, LEO, AND CAPRICORN, push it to the limit, ebony and ivory, Frick and Frack, big payback, justice, karma, a friendly dose, I got a family to feed, and emotional misconceptions.


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