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Finding Your Muse (Creative Thoughts)!

Time heals all wounds said the person who said that! But does it though? I beg to differ when the work isn’t being applied to the situation. I truly think that we just find ways to ease the pain of a situation, so we assume that being without something or if we take our time away from something then it gives us power. When it really doesn’t.

But any who let’s get into this blog piece. As I have been taking a break from writing and pushing out videos on YouTube, I found myself working through my creative block. In the words of me I love humans, but I hate their ways. Before COVID I was already living a life like I was imprisoned. Was it fun hell no, but it kept me sane when I was dealing with flying monkey and this psychopath ass dude that gets on my last nerves.

For me I have to interact with humans but when its planned and plotted out they can completely suck the joy out the things I like. And for me I don’t like it when someone or something has power over me because that means it can dictate my moods. But most of the time people who are artist, singers, dancer, writers, and inventors go through a period where they lose faith in the process.

Why because the muse they were attracted to is gone and when I say attraction, I mean a substance or a noun. Most people who are artistic either have some drug habit or some strange addiction to certain things. With social media creating a ton pressure for you to be perfect or to always be a part of the process they can take away the time and effort you put into projects.

Depending on where you are mentality it can take a toll on you. Even for the most cocky, arrogant, egotistical individuals because you know what you are capable of delivering. So, when you have people constantly looking over your shoulder and expecting you to be something that you aren’t in the mood for it takes away from your creative ego.

Sometimes I find myself constantly pushing out blogs that when I feel I’m running my messages in the ground I take a step back. I go outside and get out in the city because life is a part of the process. If I can’t find enjoyment in life and trust the process a lot of blogs would lowkey be depressing and you know what I mean. So instead of me dragging the collective down with messages of healing and how to heal I switch it up from time to time and step back because that dark knight can be something serious.

I’m not going through that now, but I believe in that old scripture God will not put no more on you than you can bare and sometimes as humans we do that. And depending on where you are in life financially, mentally, or socially you know that pressure of I have to keep going. Because when everything became digitized it ripped away the waiting experience for people so, now that people can see what you do and when you do something they feel they can always get what they want from you.

And when I say want something from you that could be money, it could be blogs, vlogs, your time, and your energy. After doing the collective of monthly readings a lot of people are drained because that post COVID energy revving up and a lot of people don’t know what to do with that idle energy. We have come to far to get settle back in that energy of not knowing how to rest. For me when the world shutdown I said this is the time to plan your next year to be your best year.

The reason I said that is because a lot people got the privilege of working from home comfortably.

Hell, half of this blogs be written with me having no pants on how you would know? I’m in a space of peace so if spirit wants me pant less and writing then f*** it that’s what I’m on. But if I didn’t have that comfortability with me and my life how would I be able to say I’m taking a break and doing me. It’s like not being able to trust the relationship you have built with your craft and the people who enjoy it.

I trust y’all enough to do the work alone and to always be available for me when I’m ready. It’s not like I’m hounding you down it’s always here available for many to take a look and read. Some stuff I post be things you can work through daily, weekly, and monthly there’s no rush. It took me 3 years to get myself aligned that doesn’t mean that life wasn’t happening, but I was still available to evolving and growing.

Before I even started writing these blogs I used to journal and breakdown my lessons on my laptop I was prepping for myself for now. Sometimes you have trust you before you start putting your faith in your gifts this is where a lot of people lose their muse. Because we can become so consumed with the validation of good and better that we haven’t process this ourselves. For me when I experience blocks with my muse or my creative drives, I see what makes me who I am.

Because it can be a lot when you have different people coming at like that spam scene off of the Dave Chappelle show. I’m talking about when all the pop ups were happening, that can be overwhelming because I’m human and I have emotions to. So, I don’t like to write from place of confusion because that waters down my messages. If I don’t know something, I’ll ask but to be confused and write messages from my mind and heart that can be misleading. Hey, I’m sending out energy here and hopefully good vibes at that I be needing that back like the rent on the 1st.

And I don’t expect it, but it hits when I need it to because I don’t go searching for things I am not. So, when your artistry is taking a toll on you, have you ever stopped to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Because in those finest moments of gratitude you find a passion for life.



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