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Finding A Therapy


How to tell what element you operate more in and what energy to use based upon the emotional outlets you need before you decide to take that big leap of faith into your healing journey all the way around. So, let's go!

WATER: Water is based upon the emotional concepts you operate under. How do you deal with your emotions on a day to day basis? Do you know how they control you, limit you, or free you? Now based on the element that was broken down this is more for the people who are less able to express or become submerged into their emotions. How you have to have a reason to move, go, or be free from things in your life. Now for some people who tend to lash out and bite people heads off you would roll more into the fire category because your emotions tend to lead you to more dangerous paths. That can lead you to be isolated in most cases so getting intune with your body based upon your emotions won’t do anything. It will be like talking to a brick wall who is dead set on being right. The water element is for the stagnant energy in your body that needs to be moved so it can flow. Think of a clogged artery that doesn’t get the oxygen it needs so the blood doesn’t become oxidized enough so it can move. Being in the water element is where people who find themselves sluggish, inability to move forward, heavy stint of drugs usage, and psychological torture. Now I’m not a therapist but I pretend to be on a good day this where you see people who suffer with depression, suicidal thoughts, and obsessive compulsive disorders.

People who are more prone to do the same things over and over again because they have been psychologically programmed into believing that one emotion is better than being able to access them all. So, they find themselves feeling left behind in life because they fail to see forward because the past is the only thing that haunts them. Truth be told, a lot of people don't like to access their emotions because the only way out is through in, and it requires them to face the past. So, anything that triggers any form of nostalgia that is linked to an emotion that triggers a response in the brain causes this person to stay trapped in a fear of their own because they do not desire to feel, acknowledge, or express anything of the past. Have you ever seen somebody who grew up poor get an education, move out of the ghetto, and turn their life around. They are some of the most absent minded people because their struggle is tethered to a place where they did not have power.

FIRE: The argumentative person, the fighter, the fight or flight response, and don't worry about I got it on my own ass personality. The strong one usually operates in this energy because they are the first to jump and do anything when they don’t want to. They could've just complained about you, but if you call they will be there to support you with a frown or smile on their face because they don’t know how to choose themselves. These are the people who don’t know how to stay home with the attitude because they don’t want to fail you. Sometimes you find ones with an ego so big because they feel you can’t do anything without them. So, in most cases they will cause the argument or fight because they don’t check the energy they operate in. These are the people who say when I black out I see red. Baby, they don’t want none of this. Trust nobody doesn't. These people can often show up as users or the ones who always get for the things they do for others or the things you are willing to do for them. They can even struggle with being alone, being hypersexual, the friend who is always available to hang no matter the time or day. If you know they are going through a midlife crisis get the hell out of the way, I am not saying you have to abandon these people but they fall when they are ready not when you want them too. These people tend to have to be humiliated, shunned, or even ridiculed at an early age because they don’t know what the word “STOP” means. Granted these methods are harsh and it can follow them through life but in most cases these individuals have to learn lessons the hard way. When it comes to emotions these individuals seldomly think before they react. If they do, they are some of the most coldblooded individuals you can ever meet in your life.

This is the girlfriend or boyfriend who is going to destroy you if you leave them. They take things that are valuable and precious to you and break it down to nothing because they want to feel the way they do. When it comes to their emotions, just know it is ever about you, it is about them. Sad, to say it sucks but some people don’t learn lessons the easy way. These people also can be bullies to other people and not care about how their actions can affect others.

AIR: The gossip, the know it all, the friend who is the planner, the one you can confide in, the person who is great listener but do you ever listen to them, the timid one, the one who ever speaks up seldomly but when they do they never shut up, the one who is told watch your tone, and your attitude usually shows on your face. These people who operate in this element often get mistaken as being rude. They probably were limited when they were a kid. It was heavily boundaries placed on them because they knew they were a tattle tale or going to treat the person differently because of what was said. These are the people where if you say something the right way they will go along with it. Depending who said it or if you seem credible enough for them and if you word it right with using all of your emotions you could probably get them to go along with a lot of things. These people can tend to be harsh with their words either on you and themselves. Oddly enough this being the air element it is all cerebral for them so they can judge you by your looks.

These people like to have fun and they may come off as the intevener in things but it’s only for their benefit. It’s like we all are having fun. Why do you want to ruin the time? This is probably the friend that will walk dead ass out of a bar wasted and talk to the police. Not to snitch but just having a full conversation while they are stumbling over pissy drunk. That's them, these people can be heavy doubters when it comes to their intuition too because they seek outside approval. They tend to go over things until you are all on the same page. Because they don’t want to disappoint you because they expect some form of an emotional response that has been wired in their brain. If you have a fall out with this person just know y’all are not getting over this until this person feels that you are good and their good is you good. Meaning they are accustomed to you acting a certain way so they will bring it up again and again. They may even try to intellectualize their feelings even when they are pissed off because they respect your feelings more than themselves, when they haven’t learned to honor their ego.

EARTH: The person who is just routine down, they aren’t willing to try anything new, they know what they know, they can be content with what matters to them. You often can respect this person for this but sometimes you can bump heads with this individual because they can emotionally manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to do. It’s like being dead set on going out and conquering the world and this person is like hey let’s go smoke. Bitch, ima do that when I get there. Nope not this person, life is on their time and you are just a guest in their world. They can be prone to not knowing when to stop either because they like what they like even if it doesn't benefit you. These are the people who will literally drag out an divorce because you mad I'm not. These people can appear to be grounded but it’s only because they don't want you to see them sweat. So anything uncomfortable is a no go for them they will run back to their comfort zone. Instead of saying I am scared because of the unknown I'll cause a lot of chaos and confusion just so you won’t know how I feel. The runner, the chaser, and the codependent. Yes. these people can be skilled oriented like a motherfucker but they can be all these people in one wop.

When it comes to career these people can actually be all over the place; they seldomly find the time to nourish one gift so they can be able to reap their abundance. Having too many people in their ear can cause a lot of milestones in their life. Community is good but community is the world not where you live. If they aren’t experienced in accepting new things, things will be bound to break, release, and come out of their hands in the most messed up ways.

I hope this help but spirit said the specific signs who needs this is Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Capricorn.


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