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Feminine Woes


As I been thinking to myself why the hell do women friendships have to be so damn complicated? I say this sarcastically but again I ask myself what is all the riff raff about because it is draining. Now I have wrote several blogs about hyper femininity it seems like a million times but gawd damn why is dealing with women so damn hard. I say all the time that if it is a man out there that want to pay me for my talking points, please hit me the hell up because they may listen. Now it's not all women but the ones who stuck in that mentality of the wounded mother syndrome seems to get on my nerves and they spread like the damn plague. And they try to influence the masses majority of the time and its normally for bad and not for good. Now in a blog I would have to search for I talk about how the woman ego is more validated in a more internal aspect as for man it is exterior.

This is why jealously seems to hit the group and you see that the two cannot coexist in the same space because of the doubt we bestow on to each other. Now keep in mind you can be any gender and move accordingly but them thangs I been having problems with is women. Now I told y’all a study scientist did a long time ago how they said women where more prone to be more narcissistic than men but they don’t get called out because society has posed the feminine guise as being weak. And this is always the biggest threat to us as a whole because we underestimate how powerful the emotions can be and how manipulative women and us can be we want something bad enough. Now going back to the idea that the two cannot coexist in the same space because we as women are more prone to be in trauma bonded relationships with our female peers higher likely than a man. Now, don’t get me wrong a man that doesn’t do right by you and play on your emotions to get you back can be trauma bonding.

Domestic, spiritual, and verbal abuse can be tactics of trauma bonding but this isn’t exactly what I am talking about right in this sentence or overall theme. I'll give you an example we both reside in the same group and both do the same thing but I didn’t have the same upcoming story to fame, success, or accolades. So, your story may differ from mine but I still give the same respect as you and receive the same respect as you. But I don’t carry the heavy burden of what it took me to get where I am because for me, I have achieved the goal that was destined on my list. Now, you on the other hand your story maybe an inspiration to other people or that is your niche that gets people under your wing but I prefer to keep me a little quiet and that aggravates you. Why do we as women never sit down and state that I am insecure about this or uncover our own reasons why we feel the way we feel.

If we were men, we would've fought and just labeled one of the other a hating ass nigga and kept it moving. If it was street beef then it would've been handled accordingly but we both have discovered that it is a mutual agreement that it is on site every time. The ability to able to label someone an opp is one of the closed-minded things I admire in men because it be sheer ignorance but once the mind is made up it is made up. Now if he decided to ruin his life behind a dislike, he is no greater than the feminine trying to bring another female down behind their own emotional concept. Because her whole MO is to make the other person feel her pain and still be fucking unsatisfied. #BITCHES! I noticed with people who are like this they carry that wounded mother syndrome and it is toxic to be around them.

They have a developed a whole persona on the idea of what their elders would've want them to be or who they feel the role models they needed at the time should be. Which is always leaving them out of the loop which is now, cues in Harry Styles- Signs of Times. Have you ever noticed that getting these people to look at the principle of the matter they seem to brush pass your feelings and make them about them. Baby I tell people all the time I don’t aspire to hang around my momma I don’t like her attitude and being told this my house all the time was not my thing. This is why I'm prone to hang in environments where you can be your true self majority of the time unless it's about my money and I'm still going to play. Long as I am not being disruptive, causing ruckus, and demeaning other people I'm not going to change for you. Because I know how to honor and respect other people needs and why is that we as women have to announce who we are to other people.

Like we are being vetted for some dating show and I have to state what all happen in my life to make me a quality candidate to be your friend. When you have a history of snuffing out all your friends candles and hanging around the wrong crowd, make this make sense. I am not saying this is a snide way but this is something that goes through my mind before if just walk off. Now, don’t get me wrong family can do you so bad to the point that they can ruin your inner child experience and make you so closed off from making friends. I am cognizant enough to know when I have ran across this type of individual and know when to pull back and allow them room to allow me to be in their life. I don’t go off forcing myself some place I don’t want to be or a place you haven't made room for. I think one of the biggest mistakes we as women make is trying to make a friend out of everybody.

Sometimes we need companionship and this sometimes falls in the guise of a work out buddy, drinking buddy, venting to your stylist, chit chatting on the job, or being part of a mom's group. No, these people don’t have to be good people but they can be good in area that sustains you or them. We have to get out the mind frame of thinking that every female we run across is going to be the bestie for life. What are you a man looking for the one? I know it may seem idiotic but how do we even get the chance to explore who we are if we are so focused on telling people who they are. It's a lot of stuff my gifts tell me and I still let people lie to my face because it isn't my job to get the truth out of them right. The hurt child who is becoming a more evolved adult can still set boundaries and not allow you access to me. I think we get being grown all misconstrued.

I didn’t do all this healing work to be limited by the opinions of other women who don’t even like themselves and don’t have power to cut off people who don’t serve them. This doesn’t make you a bad person or me better than you it's just I choose to handle my life accordingly. Moral of the story we as women have to really check ourselves and start asking is this person really for me. The same way we vet our men we should vet our friends to. Because I am firm believer that how your emotional show up in your friendship dynamics whether that be quarrels, celebrations, engagements, and general interactions is how you would show up in your interpersonal relationships with your lovers. Let me get this man hunt for these blogs.

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