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Feminine Connections


As I type this, I heard Woman to Woman know I don’t know how you gone take this whether you be cool, calm, or come out of a bag. But at this moment I have nothing going on at the moment so in the spare time I decided to write out something. Actually, I was flipping through my journal and found a topic I was writing on back in the day I’ll link the blog for you but boy we 4 months into the new year and let me you a sister is tired. Is it me or some of y’all have been having trouble with connecting with women or feminine energy? You can be a male and you can say the same thing as well. Now for some of y’all that has decided to take a new leap of faith when it comes to spirituality DON’T.

I am not saying that the road to self-discovery isn’t a well-intended journey but boy it’s the same as living a regular life. You’re still going to come into contact with some people who aren’t so nice in the spiritual community. Y’all still will have issue with people you know the whole new levels, same devil mindset, or in Tarot Land they call it, she, him, they, or her a karmic. And it is real I don’t think that anyone can get so high on their spiritual journey, that they won’t run into a karmic. Now, I am not talking about a relationship just people who remind us of someone we used to know. The way only to avoid them is to become a monk, a hermit, or a nun I think I spelled that right.

Now the funny thing about it, all karmic’s aren’t bad it could be someone you met from a past life that could be a person who come helps illuminate a path for you or someone who just doesn’t bring you down. The funny thing about karmic people is that they stay the same. And that can be toxic for some because you would want to change, and they don’t want to. It is a battle we all have been in before such as; cutting off your favorite sneaky link, your drinking buddy, or people who don’t want to see you grow. And for those of us navigating our own life at this time baby it can become toxic, hurtful, and even painful to make friends with some women. I wrote in a blog awhile ago how women can be some of the most narcissistic beings now don’t go calling everybody that, but some are.

I mean scroll social media you have women saying they are better moms than anyone else, they got the best pussy, they ass fat, they the best rapper, or they the best in general. We all have narcissistic traits so that doesn’t make us evil it’s just how you are willing to go to be the only light in the room. See us women at times can become so boggled down with the expectations of society, men, lovers, and life that we never perceive how others receive us. We have gotten so used too the toxic mother and daughter dynamic that we treat our friends, coworker, and even strangers with that energy unconsciously and consciously. You know the whole this my house you can get out, but at the same time caring about their wellbeing.

Like did you think about that before you tried to do something to hurt them. I mean men stick together look at how they won’t call they homeboy out for the sake of peace and that ain’t they business. Now granted they relationships become toxic as hell, and they don’t recognize this until they are staring at the wall in a jail cell talking about loyalty. And for some they homeboys never said nothing or tried to stop them from ruining their life. But this ain’t about men it is about us women. See women do the most hurtful and vile thing to each on a constant day to day basis and we wonder why our friends and children cling to men as our savior. We rarely help each other out, we can’t call each other out, and we rarely can be honest with each other. And we at times can be possessive because this is what a mother does to her cubs, but your friend isn’t your child. Now granted we got some friends that is slow ass and sometimes you have to be like girl don’t do that until they learn that fire is hot.

We can’t save everyone but turning your back on a friend in need is just as toxic as leaving your friend drunk in a room full of men to take at advantage of her. Now I’m not saying that every man is a weirdo but some of you are, so we have to state that for factual purposes. And this ain’t for your toxic ass friend who you argue with all the time, the bitch that be sneak dissing, and hating on the low. NO, BABY THAT IS YOUR ENEMY! If a person do everything in they power to hold you back or to be negative all the time when its good things coming into your life do yourself a favor and cut that HOE off. Because ain’t nobody looking to be lil nigga’d round here. “OKAY”! And you gotta watch them so call motherly friends too because they’ll snake your ass for the sake of it because they tired of your shit.

And they feel like you need to learn from your lessons, so they’ll feel like they got a point to prove and the whole entire time you start recognizing they the problem. Boy, ever since I been doing tarot on the tube, “bitch it’s been toxic ass hell”! Now, I am not naïve at all, and I like to stay to myself in a bubble, but you’ll quickly recognize who doing the work and who ain’t. Because some people think gifted means growth. NOPE IT’S NOT! I have never met so many individuals who pride themselves of being gifted but keep up so much toxic stuff. I mean the girls I met in 2019 stay on some shit. And when I fell back from them, they tried to form some false alliance against me. And to this day they trying to recruit bitches to do the same shit they did.

Me I don’t know why they do this, maybe it’s because I’m nonchalant and don’t really express myself so they think, “today is the day so let’s try Marshae”. I mean I be thinking to myself when the hell did I submit to being a peon to someone. Or when did I give off subservient because I need to know so I can work on that. Because the girls do magic all day and then complain about the things they don’t have like peace, joy, inner happiness, external happiness, love whether it be internal or external, and just overall Zen. Like ma’am ain’t nobody got time to be doing black magic all day and having some blocked ass solar plexus and having to do shadow work all the time. Like damn you are wasting your money on going to them workshops.

Then want to turn around and say they ain’t working because your hardheaded ass keeps doing all that dark ass magic. You keep taking from your blessing and growth because you don’t recognize that all magic comes with a price. No matter how skilled you are if you are a taker the universe will always find a way to take from you. Because you never give anything back genuinely so it has to take what you value the most like your love life, passion, and sanity. You know all the things you send out into the universe to other people to receive and get mad when it comes back to you. Yeah, those the type of women who be wanting to keep up drama all the time.

Like girl go heal, life is precious, happiness is free, love is free, joy is free, and choosing to live again is free. We all can make decision to make our life better, but I noticed women do not be wanting to take accountability for they actions. It screams I’m in love with patriarchy and women not having rights. That it keeps us in the shackles of the you can’t out grow me, the constant competition, and the blame game. We all are humans and we do make mistakes but some of y’all be doing shit on purpose with a purpose and choosing to be dumb about it. Until all of them problems some knocking on your door because you once thought that you were to slick to never be caught.

But there is always a friend out there to accept, love, support, ad even put up with your bullshit while you get yourself together. The problems is we don’t know how long they gone stick around.



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