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Family Drama

Family drama be messy as hell, it starts off as a simple statement and now you got another person throwing you under bus. How I get into this as I have asked myself several of times? With the countless of arguments that has been going on in my family. One person see you get away with something or you told them something in confidence and instead of them standing in their own power now you got to argue why you said what you said.

One because the person who possibly brung it up was in the heat of the moment mid argument wanting you to come solidify their point of view. Which nine and times out of ten the statement was true, but depending on the relationship you have with the other party now puts you in a tricky place. Because if both are right on the side of wrong then who is really in the wrong. Funny how drama starts and seems to never end. Child, that’s why I don’t like arguing because once you start stating facts to an overly emotional being its downhill from there.

And when I say overly emotional it doesn’t always have to be a person who is crying. They can be loud and irate, verbally abusive, or passive aggressive. And nine times out of tens arguments aren’t created out of thin air. Now I know some people who argue on the drop of a dime and guess what it’s an amazing talent, but also emotionally exhausting to deal with that on a constant day to basis. I say all the time there is a difference between debates and arguments.

A debate is where two people change point of views and are open to having a dialogue on a matter without trying to force each point of view on each other. An argument is where emotions festered and lack of comprehension is at an all-time high. But baby I know a thing a too about family drama because it was once upon time a motherf****** would throw me under the bus because they knew I could handle myself. Then they would have the audacity to come and apologize later like what they did, didn’t hurt.

Child, family I tell you. You can pick your nose but can’t pick your family something a wise man once said. Quick question? Who is the messiest person in your family? Who is the voice of reason? Who is the secret keeper? Who is the manipulator? Who is the bias party? Who is the one that is the instigator? See I noticed when family drama pops off people rarely see the faces of their blood relatives until an argument happens. And how quickly they forget because we are told that family is thicker than water.

It’s funny how a little DNA keeps folks in toxic cycles and unwilling to break those trauma bonds built up in the family. And why does it always take for one individual to be going through something to always be trying to out people. Have you not watched my video last year on the November Energy Reading? How I said y’all was going to be like a Tyler Perry Play over there outing each other because in the truth of the matter all you really want is love and support.

I said be weary while we are still managing this COVID energy because some people are bored and trying to find a new way of executing their feelings onto other people. But we fail to recognize that family can also be in the mix too. And first of all, why y’all over there arguing anyway? Didn’t I say don’t be trying to have think piece conversations with people who are unwilling to change they mind. Baby, you’ll leave so emotionally tired because they won’t get it because they don’t have too.

That’s the funny thing about free will nobody has to be willing to do anything even if what they do hurts you, they still don’t have to say sorry, or acknowledge the pain the bestowed upon you. I get it, it hurts and it sucks but at the same time it leaves you feeling useless when a person know they have this power over you. It’s funny but at the same time it’s not, that’s why I always say I love humans but I hate they ways. Don’t put that on shirt that’s mines. Let’s get back on track.

But a lot times when we are going through cycles in life, we reach a point where we feel that the others around us shouldn’t be left behind. And by that, I mean those old wounds you want to address, that lonely phase you go through but wanting to hit that ex up, and that severe falling out you had with a person. Because now you feel that you are in a place of honesty and you want to regroup and start anew. And in order to start anew you have to address the pain that was left unattended to by both parties.

But what if you don’t see things, the way they do, but what if they don’t want to coexist with you? But what if they don’t want your sorry, but what if they just don’t give a damn? What are you going to do? Keep trying to force someone to see something that they don’t want to see. That nine times out of ten you gone end up exposing your hand and giving them validated reason to leave you alone. Or you just going to deactivate all the work you put in because you can’t acknowledge the fact that some people just won’t get it. Even if it is family.

I believe that when the scales are balanced in a situation it ends in a favorable position for both. Whether you argued with a person hadn’t talk to them in 10 years that’s balance. Because you two never stopped to reach out make amends and commute that it left a space so wide only time could fill it. That people never stop to check the place they’re in before they try to address something they need from someone else. Things I learned from dealing with a narcissist.

That when you aren’t emotionally solid on the feelings you have about a particular issue, you will tend to unravel everything about you just to get someone to hear you. Don’t hurt yourself trying to prove a point and to get someone to love you.


Artist: K Denice

Twitter @ itskyannadenice

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