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Energy Vampires and Parasitic Host

Tis the season to be jolly fa la, la, la, la, la. SING ALONG! Now that is out the way I just wanted to say spiritual attacks are at all time high. It seems like sense magic has been easy to obtain that emotional maturity and the evolution of self is at all-time low. A lot of people have this mind frame that they can pray evil away after inviting it into their home when sometimes it just doesn’t work like that. A lot of people are looking for right now solutions and constantly hopping from one deity to the other for spiritual guidance instead of seeking within.

And no, I’m not talking about people who work with different deities to help them in life. I’m talking about the lost and found who run straight out their religious playground seek guidance in spirituality i.e. THE NEW AGE MAGICIANS. I still see people who say they believe in Jesus and still work with the darkest forms of magic to be abundant in their said life. Whether it be love, money, career, and sex. No judgment here but whatever floats your boat it does because I’m not.

But I noticed that a lot of people aren’t even spiritually experienced in certain areas and fail to seek knowledge from others. I love to hear people spiritual practices like its some juicy gossip. Hey, you never know what might work for me one day but this ain’t about me. But I noticed this new age trendy thing to dabble around in magical attacks and then wonder why they life is under some sort of duress.

I mean I don’t care how powerful you are in magic I still believe in the law of 3-fold meaning whatever you put out you will receive it back. Now, I’m not talking about defensive magic and you still have to be careful with that because its still some forces that will try to dominate you. So, lately I noticed that the man who shall remain nameless is always trying to manipulate energy if you don’t know what that is, it’s when Jesus turned water into wine. That is just an alchemical affect. Google that word because I feel some questions behind it.

But in this case, it affects others why because they exactly know what they are doing and divine tells them not and they go against the grain anyway. Now these people maybe experiencing some bad luck, insomnia, painful experiences, and fall outs amongst loved ones. If you and somebody always into don’t blame this on black magic the relationship has always been toxic chile.

But because people fail to take heed to information and think magic is something make believe thing, they always ended up getting gooped by someone who is a master at chaos. You don’t know how many people be mad because I stay cutting them off from my energy field because all they do is vamp. They don’t lift my energy they just bring that shit down. Do you know how annoying that shit is?

And keep in mind these people be believers, and in no way shape form or fashion I am disrespecting Jesus he played an inevitable role in my life at one point and time. I still mess with the guy. You know it’s like having some friend and you guys go down separate paths and you see them and always catch up with them and its no bad blood. My spiritual path was taking me down a way that the things I needed didn’t lead a life of Christianity and that’s not a good look.

Because you folks have been tricked out of your religion and experiencing the most demonic attacks and becoming energy vampires.

Now I know a little some, some about deities and let me tell you them thangs like to be worshipped this is why Gods and humans have the worst relationship at times. Because the ability to turn off all empathy to get shit done is an energy that one vessel can’t contain for long, before its corrupted. I mean why you think in the bible it says to not idolize no human and says God is a jealous God. Ask some folks about the time they turned they back on their ancestors and deities.

They felt like life was beating them to a bloody pulp. When God’s can have that cliché energy like them post you see on Instagram saying a person don’t know how hard you are riding for them until you park. That is why it imperative to make it through the dark knight. When you feel like no one is helping, the blessings has stopped, and life is just downright unbearable. You still have to keep going and keep the faith because the moment you give up that’s when they see you don’t have faith in them.

I mean you have to learn how to count your blessings even if it feels like you don’t have them. This is where the yogis come in and tell you to do a gratitude jar and let me tell you that stuff works. Helped me in my darkest hour and the reason somedays I’m able to keep on pushing. But to be out here trying to control humans when you didn’t create them it’s a force of nature that even Divine don’t like.

I mean magic is healing but sometimes magic won’t cure everything it just highlights the element of the problem. Especially when it’s done right, I mean Pisces stay sending me message like that man who shall be nameless is on the prowl again. I be like thanks big dawg and it comes on time because he be working big time to block my ancestors from reaching me. But they still get the messages across somehow.

This day and age people make it seem like that switching spirituality practices will grant you some gift of knowledge when it can create codependences and blockages for some. Love is the universal language that can heal the body and when you understand the true meaning of life and love your evolution should become a lot easier. I mean those who are truly gifted had some incoherently relationship with their life and their relationship with God or their Goddess.

Some inherit gifts that are passed down from family members, some people gifts awaken depending on their life challenges, and some have to work for them by obtaining an elder. Every person who has started or damn near started their relationship with Divine always seemed to have a rocky start with life or challenges with prioritizing themselves.

But I didn’t mean to weigh you down with all my thoughts but let me tell you about energy vampires!

Signs you’re an ENERGY VAMPIRE or came in contact with one!

1. They drain you; you feel like your energy is slowly being depleted from you. If you have kids, you know that feeling after wrestling with them all day you know that sigh you do after they been put to bed. Yes, that’s how energy vampires feel. Another example: When you get off work and your so tired that all you want to do is sleep and not eat. Baby that’s not a good sign. If you hang around someone who’s like this sorry, they are killing your mojo sweets.

2. You seem to always be fatigue around them all time. You experience headaches, nausea, and be feverish child they either messing with some bad mojo or you are. Carry yo tale to bed and stop utilizing that witching hour. Your ancestors are sick of you. IT’S SATIRE SWEETS!

3. Now for those of you that are healers or light workers you have dark healers who don’t heal people they send that energy to another vessel so you can experience problems that aren’t yours. Even if it is medical, emotional, and mental problems. Check yourself before you go working with your clients, so they won’t be out here giving off your nasty energy.

4. They always kill off your mood. You can be in a state of happiness they change the conversation to negative experiences they never can be happy for you. It seems like they thrive off your weakness so overtime you just start to shut up when it comes to things because they plant seeds of doubt in you. GIRL F*** THEM FOLKS! You walk away from the conversation confused and they leave you full of joy baby that is a vampire aka the vamper!

5. Last but least those of you that like to have lower vibrational things in the background and send that out willing to others with no remorse for others baby you drain your own energy. Because you basically telling the universe to hurt you because of your lack of care for others to get the things you need. A lot of people curse themselves and boomerang that energy back to them because they like to play with forces that don’t like to play the games they do. These negative entities and deities have rules too.




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