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Emotional Expression

Child, how y’all surviving this retrograde in these streets?! Karmic’s running amuck looking for an energetic space to stay and causing havoc. Child, it’s a few niggas I could push off a cliff onto some rocks headfirst then walk all the way down to see if the nigga breathing and re push they ass, but this ain’t about me its about y’all. As we close out this year in 2021 make sure that your cut off game is strong if it ain’t business or you have been growing with a person cut they ass off. Because we don’t have time for selfish one-sided relationships and emotionally annoying as individuals. With that being said be mindful of your temper because its some folks that are drama prone and always seeking attention and they don’t care how they go about it.

And while moving forward in this number six year where it seems as if we didn’t have breathing room just imagine a road being opened for you to go after the things that was closed off. But you also have to mindful of those people who kept your path blocked off this is not the time to second guess decisions that is for your greater good. The funny thing about retrograde energy it just shows us who is unwillingly to change, those who know how to tug at your heart strings, and those people and things that brung us comfort who are now toxic for your wellbeing. For some it may be that old high school crush popping back up with good intentions to date, to love, and support you. And for others it maybe finally saying good riddance you weren’t no good or me my mental health, physical health, emotional needs, and sanity.

Right its harsh but that’s the truth its only for you to discover your meaning of what life is and what the people around you mean to you. Like where do you see yourself in the next five years, three months, or even a year. Is it still arguing with your baby daddy/ baby mama, being immature, playing follow the leader, or creating your own path in this bat shit crazy life? I mean I say it all the time life isn’t hard its humans who make this shit hard who have fucked up experiences with other individuals and make us their trajectory market. TRASH! Side bar why have I been watching hella movies with people with extraordinary gifts and people trying to capture them to use their gifts for them. We gone write about that one day before the year is out but let me get back on subject.

Change is hard I get it, but they gone either gone hate you for staying the same or changing the game. Some people fear change so much that they’ll rather do everything in their power for you to stay the same that you end up changing either way. Whether that is pulling back, cutting ties, finally hitting block, delete, or mute. Remember this is your life and you can co create with Divine an no human has no say so. They may try but they still feel failure for your ability to get back up and try again. Because in order to have courage you have to be willingly to try again and again. Some people don’t have that, so they find ways of raining down on others parades because they gave up on life a long time ago. Again, everything about you sometimes it's about them and when you find everything about everyone else except you.

Due yourself a favor and just say goodbye because they won't even notice you gone or have removed yourself from their life because they’re too busy worrying about themselves. That’s perfectly fine because this year taught to me to be a selfish ass bitch in a non-selfish way. Empathy is a tool that can be extended to anyone, but it isn’t always giving in a love and light manner. That’s something I don’t think the love and light community has understood because everything doesn’t have to be in a shadowy way. It can be specifically saying I hear you, I see you, I understand you, but for my sanity I choose not to engage with you. Simple and affective just know some people are so accustomed to negativity that they’ll find a way to pose you in negative light no matter how hard you try to choose peace.

Everybody don’t need help some folks just need help in ruining you. Child, this why you don’t see me being emotionally open with everybody because some folks know they intentions ain’t pure. 2022 is the year of the bad bitch so if you see hoe eyelash hanging off hand her some bonding glue. Don’t let her be slipping on pimping for the haters can have something to talk about. This is the year that is coming to show you that you deserve the damn BEST! AND WE OUT!


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