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Emotional Expression

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Writing can be a beautiful tool used to express your thoughts and emotions. most humans of today’s society live to exist vs living to enjoy life. We place our value into the opinions of others and people who don’t understand us. We keep pain hostage as if it was gift to bless us that only ends up destroying us, our lives, and connections. We find ways too numb the pain too silence our voices masking our hurt to go through live being unheard. Society doesn’t teaches us new ways of coping and healthy outlets we can use to see life under a different lens.

We hoarder our experiences and keep them in a book of our mind with tallies of hurt that haunt us, too keep us in suppressed in environments that no longer serves us. Being different requires indifference to think outside the box to reconstruct the mind, body, and spirit. The purge is too rid ones self of the fears, anxiety, trauma, and countless endings that keep us in a time loop of never ending shadows. The purge is for you to find the voice in you and not in what others say. The purge is the deconstruction and reconstruction in one cycle. It’s a cycle that creates new pattern in you. Its a process that requires time for you to be understanding of self and lessen that inner critic. Check out these steps for you . Maintain= Maintenance Know the mood and the day your after so you set the the tone to have that day. The maintaining process is to work through, to grow through certain experiences to understand your place and value you add to peoples lives. As humans we tend to go in overdrive in our daily living such as; relationship, jobs, kids, and family that we don’t recognize we are putting our mind in a restless state. Your suppose to be working towards growing passionately not having tiresome connections that we drain or drain us. We have to train our minds to work when we don’t want to not when we’re tired. Awareness- is key, its the ability to aware, conscious, awake, and in honor of our emotions. The things you need to suffice you in life that keeps your engine running. Upkeep- is the value of self putting your needs first in an unselfishly manner. Knowing when enough is enough. Confidence- inner work being honest and sure you can rely on you and others around you in a time a need. Who do you do you confide in? Can others confide in you? Do you trust you? Do you trust those around you? Can others trust you? Are you too trusting? This is when we often found out if we can have access within to be accountable, honest, and trustworthy? Vulnerability- usually seen as weak and open to be attacked or attacking others. That state of fear being exposed by our inner thoughts and emotions. True strength is the ability to know when and when not to be open or share with others. This is the most uncomfortable phase where we’re honest about the pain, fears, anxiety, torment, self hate, doubt, and insecurities. These steps where crucial for me to understand myself. I didn’t have an outlet I forced myself in silence because life can be a cruel space especially when we’re not so loving with ourselves. It took months even years to be here. I still actively work through these steps weekly. Some days it will feel like you can conquer the world and other days it seems as if the world conquers you. So, get honest with you even if it hurts. Remove the mask. Shift your reality and slowly become the person you need even when you aren’t around. We have to stop creating more victims and create more heroes. I wish you good luck and success. You can do this. A journal a day keeps the memories of today away.

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