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Emotional Displacement

Well, well, look whose back again its me. I am here with some topics I said in October I was going to be pushing out of a lot of blogs while addressing certain topics people have going on. Lately the rush of energy I have been hit with seem more like hurt than anything. Most people these days as I always say don’t grieve, they just take it as everything in life is meant to hurt them.

When actually reality its unfair because as humans you deserve peace, prosperity, and emotional fulfillment in a healthy form. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about. As you can tell by the topic, you’re probably like what now Marshae. Well, I just wanted to say one monkey don’t stop no show and you have to keep pushing for you and not in the form of using the nouns to fulfill your needs.

Emotional displacement to me is when we find ourselves trying to numb or suppress emotions because life can be a cruel place to live. You ask me life ain’t hard it’s the humans who make it hard but when we encounter such difficulties in our life, we try to find ways to cope with the pain. And the number one starter kit is drugs, alcohol, and sex. Baby that’s a good time but when it isn’t healthy it doesn’t last for a long time.

That’s a high you’ll be chasing for forever I mean and don’t get me wrong who can you run too with all your problems without feeling like you are burdening them. I mean in the love and light community we should embrace all beings even that means to destroy ourselves, but I beg to differ. Sometimes you want to be able to come home and relax. I mean unpack those harsh days with your loved ones and know that it is a safe place.

But now and days with social media you never know if your being recorded or somebody is listening just to post a cliché post. I mean you have those waves of bias people who only operate from their hurt that they aren’t willing to accept anything outside of there norm. And the other ones who attract moths to their light because they understand the concept of life, so they’ll end up being taking advantage of.

When you ask me the energy exchange you have with people should be an even experience not an odd one. But when we have been taught to go to work, go to school, have kids, get married, and to stunt for social media who in the hell has time to dissect their life. I mean you’ll find yourself floating with the crowd instead of finding away out. And when I say out, I mean those moment that’s only to be capture for memory purposes not a photo or video in site.

And that is where the collective of people I encounter are asking to be noticed for who they are and not what people think they should be. Some people truly are looking to be emotionally excepted and not to be dominated, judged, or walked on. But how when its so many people who pretend well even with their own pain. I am firm believer that everybody doesn’t deserve to know everything because there is always somebody in the cut plotting.

I don’t say that in a way to make someone paranoid but that’s the laws of the universe in order to have light you have to have darkness. And that my friend is where intuition and cognizance come into play. But in order to maintain validity you have to be able to understand what is real and what is fake in your life. Cleansing out the thoughts and beliefs and no I’m not talking about religion I’m talking about old paradigms and experiences.

The things that made you who you are and do the things you do. When I was reading some psychology pdf’s I was reading about how we only do what we know. And for some they would argue and say no I don’t and after hours of hearing them talk they actually would tell on themselves. I am listener not a reactor so for me I would hear people lie to themselves and to me about what they want or need and completely do the opposite.

The reason I know this is because I used to do the same thing when I was running from myself and running around saying nobody understands me. When it was me who didn’t understand me. When I had to soul tie to the man duck lips baby it was like I was in a fight for my life. I had to rewire my mind, body, and spirit to free itself from the bondage of pain. I tell people do you know what is like to be energetic attached to someone who is afraid to live because he is afraid, he is going to die.

That was a torture because impulsivity comes easy for me anything, I don’t like I will remove it but what happens when you remove things out of fear. Baby fear will teach you some harsh lessons about yourself. You will see how you are willing to fight and protect yourself by any means necessary even if that means you harming someone in order to save yourself.

A lot of people who keep rehashing out old experience is because theirs a piece of them that is still tethered to a memory. Maybe you didn’t feel like you survived something because the memory still plagues you is it because of what society says or is it the doubt you had which was your intuition that you didn’t follow through that still haunts you. Anything in the past cant be done over you want to know why because it will ever be the same with you.

Only it will be new to other people but not to you and that is where sharing your pain with people when you haven’t fully processed it can be dangerous. Because the same way I listen, predators listens to their victims, to be something they can’t be for you. I mean predators aren’t always people who seek to kill, steal, or destroy. Sometimes they are people who look normal and those are the most dangerous people.

Because society teaches us that safe is with people who are polite, people who give, people who are selfless, and always to be seen in positive light. I mean we aren’t business moguls we are humans. I mean for God sake I’m talking about before you became the person you set out to be. I’m talking about the inner child, the black family, and the trauma life has induced on you.

What do you do with all the things life has taught you? Did you transmute the pain, or did it grow weeds in garden and now it’s making the fruits and vegetables look bad? What do you do with the pain life has caused you? Do you throw it back at life meaning the people or you just carry it around like a gun in a holster waiting to unleash that pain onto someone?


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