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Emotional Deception

Emotional deception is a real thing it's a mask that as is worn to cover up your actual feelings. I'll give you an example have you ever agreed to something, but you actually didn't want to do it? Have you ever found someone saying or doing something that was offensive, but you didn't react because you knew you would over react? Do you find yourself avoiding feelings because your so use to being in a state of mind that anything foreign outside of the norm feels weird? You have and experienced and know emotional deceptions is real. A lot time we see this with relationships that needs to change or to be letting go of, but your mind is accustom to the same things that reality rarely changes for you. Honesty isn't your best policy and actually you may not be good with being selfish or a little bit too selfish. This is why most people have to have a reason, or actually go through physical pains in order to experience their emotions.

Like most people we fail to understand our human needs like the physiology, psychology, and spirituality of ourselves. We rarely get into the mind of studying why we do what we do because it's easier to dissect what's in front in you. Most of the times we're afraid to face the man/woman in the mirror because of the lies we tell ourselves. We find ourselves in the midst of the unknown when we're forced to understand why we are the way we are. It's normal, but at the same time it's not. Each decade we experience, it's always some major occurrence that goes on that takes us away from us. Like think about Y2K we were so focused on the unknown that people was actually scared of the years to come. Like weren't we suppose to have flying cars like the Jetson. I was actually kinda pissed about that one, Any who. Now take us to the this year 2020 a new decade and a new year has yet to begun and what happens COVID-19. A lot of people acted of panic and fear and actually exposed their true selves. We were just so focused on not catching the cooties that we actually didn't pay attention to our reactions and the reactions of others.

At this time the panic has settled down and a lot of people are starting to recognize their wrongs, mourning their narcissistic traits, and actually realizing they're not so great. Like just a month ago after Valentines half of my timeline was looking for love and affection. The other half was to busy being somebody they wasn't. As for creatives we're going crazy with this energy to be able to free and actually create content. It's the ying and yang of the universe. As I listed below it's just some of the inner work that could be done and recognizing your habits while were in this quarantine period.

  • AVOIDANCE: Avoidance is one of the best go to sources when you don't want to face the reality of your choices or consequences. It's easy it's quick it's less painful to deal with, but it also creates consequences to your actions. Respect my no is my greatest saying. No means just that just that, no. I don't work when I'm tired I work when I don't want to. Meaning I don't do this out of obligation unless it was already set in motion. I know how much I can take on and also honor my emotions so, if I'm not going to be able to give a 100% I wont and there's nothing no one can do to make me feel bad. Is it rude yes, only to those who don't know boundaries. If I know there something I'm good at, but I'm over worked I won't take on your issues. It's selfless it's honest and it's me in tune with my reality. It keeps me from making promises that I don't attend to keep. I been there think about it have you ever needed somebody to do something for you, but they didn't come through. Your were so focused on what you need that you never stopped to ask what they need. So, the next time by us being humans and emotional beings you'll get comfortable and do it back. All because you aren't being honest about your emotional needs.

  • GO TO EMOTIONS/ STANDBY MODE: Do people know when your happy or sad? Or better yet do you know when your either or? Do you have same face with every reactions? Like whats your favorite emotions? Is it mad, angry, sad, aggressive, happy, fear, disgust, bored, agitated, frustrated, guilty, or prideful? If you picked anyone these then it's possible you've trained your mind this the only emotions you can feel. Like say for instance to be in state of agitation means your annoyed with something that's beyond your control or your trying to control something. Maybe it's you being agitated with yourself because you feel like you aren't doing enough. Most of the time the emotions we think we feel we have picked those emotions up from the environment we where raised in. All humans have the ability feel empathy for one another, but we chose not too because maybe we think we didn't see that as a kid. So, naturally when think of ourselves we never stopped to say where did I learn this from? An area of learned emotions I picked up on as an child is to hate surprises. I hate surprises because I feel like I'm being forced to have an emotional reaction that suits the other person needs. The other reason is because I'm just getting comfortable with the unknown and plus when people say they have surprises for people it's never actually what you want. Well in my case. You see how I just had those emotions on standby that's what a lot of us do. We don't give ourselves a chance to feel anything different because of our past experiences. Are your emotions on borrowed time?

  • TRIGGER HAPPY/ ANNOYANCES AND GRIEVANCES: In 2016 I came up with count your triggers. I suffered with horrible anxiety. I always burden with the idea of what happens next? I'm not an anxious person I can be sporadic, but not anxious. Anxiety was a lot to manage and half of my triggers came from avoidance and real life problems. So, by me being the people watcher I am I sat back an noticed whose energy was problem with mines. It took me sometime because everybody wasn't a problem it was me learning how to communicate my needs. Living in the U.S., Americans act like if your not busy your lazy. So, being overworked because that't what my ancestors did isn't going to work for me. So, coming up with a number of how much I could deal with whether it was emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually had to work. Because jail east was looking real home bound. But, it worked it took me from tick boom, tick tick boom, to keep playing with me and that's growth. Now when you hear the term trigger happy you think a young male black with a gun and ready to shoot anything or anyone standing in his way. Naturally we do it with our words or physically. That avoidance you do instead of speaking your true emotions puts in you positions that you don't want to deal with. If you grew up in volatile environments nine times of tens the only emotion you know is anger. That pain soothes you so much that anytime anything happens good your anger gets the best of you. Think about you in the club having a good time that liquor is starting to hit the bottom of your stomach and you ready fight because you don't know who how to have a good time. Moral of the story count your triggers. Be honest about your needs and those around you. What needs to be letting go? Are you really taking care of yourself besides spending your money on things that make you feel good? Like honesty how are you? Get you a bubble maps and work out them issues

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