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Emotional Conflict and Turmoil

Emotional turmoil and conflict are so unnecessary when the outcome is to stay in conflict. As you guys know I have said that I have been annoyed with the antics of certain individuals because they have this getting the party started spirit.

Those are the people who say they want change but fight so hard to stay the same. I mean why even speak or ask for someone opinion when you are going to do the complete opposite of what someone says.

In that moment people don’t know how they come off to others when they take the time to find their voice and they voice isn’t heard. Because the purpose of arguing is for people to hear each other.

This is why people go so low when conversation turn into arguments because some people are selectively deaf when it comes to certain conversations. If you don’t want to go, there then now isn’t the time to go there because that feisty rambunctious energy is going to cause a lot of problems.

Some people don’t think before they speak and always speaking because you have been taught that you matter in everything is going to push more people away from you than pull them together. In these trying times we have been exposed to humans longer than we normally have. The collective of humans has been taught to work, go to school, raise our families, and to stay out of the way.

So, being bombarded by people that aren’t apart of our routines has been annoying and equally tasking on us all as individuals.

Some people don’t know that they have a messy spirit about them and being around that energy on a daily basis can have a counter effect on those who you come in contact with. I think I can collectively speak for us on all this matter that drama and chaos has been emotionally taxing. I mean like us humans haven’t had time to grieve. I mean we lost loved ones, some went through financial hardships, some have mental illness, and basically our lives have been ripped apart while being in quarantine and dealing with COVID.

And that’s the part that us humans aren’t understanding because we have people taking out their problems on people that didn’t even do anything thing to them. People aren’t being cautious with there ways. They are slow to correct them and quick to react and some people aren’t thinking of how their actions can affect others. If one thing COVID -19 has showed me is how the collective of people don’t know how to ban together.

For instance, the reasons why a lot of marches and protest came about this year was because a lot of people where bored and wanted to be apart of something. That’s funny how the human body is wired because when we think we are making change and lead way for a greater cause we forget about the minor ones. The ones that can lead to bigger issues later on down the line aren’t addressed because those people don’t take time out to make them feel as if their voices are heard.

It’s crazy how the physiology aspect of the human is to feel accepted so some people will willingly go along with certain things because they feel this is the right thing to do. When lowkey it is wrong, you don’t know the countless of beings who are adults that will tell me I’m grown, and I don’t need nobody that will go along with something they aren’t comfortable with. Ironic right.

And not knowing that the emotion that goes into it can be transferred into energy and once it is given off it is hard to get it back. I know some of us are tired and are looking to be free from certain social restraints but being cautious of how your actions can affect others is going to be the key this year to getting long. Now I’m not saying you and everybody you come in contact with is supposed to be playing with each other Barbie dolls and combing each other hair.

I’m saying peace is bliss when its operated from a genuine space. Conflict is something that easy to get into because chaos is apart of destruction. And some people seek destruction only because they want to see the real you while others only do it because they don’t appreciate the way things are naturally made.

So, while life is playing out and the world is trying to get sorted out and moving back into some sort of new normal all I ask is the collective of people to hold off on the energy of getting the party started. Because once you start unraveling other people mess don’t forget that you also have your own. After studying the conjunction energy, I had seen how wars was started and also how peace came about.

But these particular individuals already had issues before the conjunction, so it was there naturally reaction to be at war. Some of the collective of people don’t have problems with certain individuals.

It’s a group of people who always seek chaos and confusion because they don’t know how to stand on their own when it comes to handling their own issues. And people who are just trying to live are aren’t going for that mess anymore.

Its easy to get the party started when it comes to chaos, drama, gossip, and confusion but are you a good host? Because a lot of people have great ideas but that don’t mean everything needs to be executed. Be mindful in this time starting things that have no meaning to you because the same way those people who have a spirit for chaos will eventually turn on you.

Remind yourself what is it that you are fighting for? Because some people only come around to things that sounds good because it benefits them in some way.



These photo are from the Power Thoughts Cards by Louise Hay Affirmation Deck!

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