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Emotional/Childhood Trauma

Trauma sometimes can be a touchy topic because when we think of the word we automatically equate it to some physical aspect such as; a car wreck, rape, molestation, getting shot, or being hurt with some form of violence or ill intent situation. When it can be the complete opposite for some it could be emotional situations that have left you feeling like you have had a hole in your heart.

I mean think about all narcissistic individuals who seems to lack emotional intimacy and understanding we not all but the majority do. But for the bad bunch will just go with the lack of emotion that was needed in a time of need to form some understanding about empathy without wanting something in return for being nice. I mean every bad guy seems to lack some form of emotional intelligence. I mean their only emotional understanding only jumps out when it is a mirrored experience when it come to their emotional hurt.

By the way word the trauma means a deeply rooted or disturbing experience or a physical injury. So now that we have that out the way I’ll try to infuse the two in but I’m opting more on the emotional side. I mean think about it, every cancer survivor be mean ass hell. I mean if my whole body was to opt out to go against me and I had to fight back to get all my stability in my body going again I’ll be pissed too. Has something horrible happened to you to the point the pain you feel caused you to feel like an outsider?

When you tried to talk about the pain was it understood or where you looked at as some poor fragile person who can’t make decisions for yourself? Then this blog is for you! Did you know the way you respond to pain is the way you felt when you were a child? So, if you were a sensitive caring soul who cared a lot naturally when you grew up to be an adult and depending on your surroundings you opt out of showing emotions for the fear of being judged.

I mean crying and having some emotional reaction this day and age seems more like a weakness to society. Social media has us so desensitized to the point that when somebody is telling the truth people are like no quit playing you serious and sympathy kicks in later. I mean it could be tiring needing support and you have people saying I’m here if you need me and lack f****** empathy all for a social media post.

Like please GTOF out here with that, y’all know the people that say you can slide in my dm’s and no I’m not talking about asking for no money. Some are genuine and some are not that’s a choice you’ll have to make with your own intuition don’t listen to me I’m just here to create a spark in your brain.

Where you go and say no she’s not telling the truth, well I wouldn’t think that way, and then you go and figure shit out. Well, my child I have down my d*** job. By the way this all for free, with a circular hand motion *laughs in pain because I’m a starving artist!

Hey, we have to get some humor in here before we get to the good stuff!

But emotional trauma is something many can’t heal from because we as humans aren’t taught to feel our emotions. We are taught more to respond like clap if somebody does something good, laugh when something isn’t even funny, and last but least when something is wrong feel enraged even if you don’t feel that way. I mean it may sound cliché but why do you think the world is emotionally dead to the point that people only understand the value of life until they lose someone they love or almost lose their life.

I mean emotions can be a tricky situation think about all the men back in the day that was opting out of falling in love because it wasn’t cool. Now and days you have men all in post and some still shame to admit they need love and support in a way other than sex, drugs, and money. Because of somebody else’s standards of what your emotions should be. I mean you’ll never learn if you never fail at trying.

I told someone that the power they seek in trying to destroy a memory of pain was in their moment of weakness. Because in the time that caused them pain left them emotionally dependent on others and they didn’t receive the moral or empathy support they needed from the familiars.

Whether it was friends, colleagues, family, or a lover. I mean going through emotional traumatic experiences seems more easier to get over when you have someone you can just breath around and not someone who annoyed with your presence.

And sometimes when we don’t have those around us to give us that love we feel from them in our time of need. We feel our emotions don’t matter. I mean think about the most hurtful thing that has happened to you? What do you to suppress that emotion? Did it cause, you to not trust you or your intuition to the point you hate everything outside of your realm of hurt. Is happiness something that is foreign to you or is it more valued in the form of the nouns.

I mean think about it every addict that’s on a hard drug you think they chose that because it was fun no, they kept the partying going to not feel pain. I mean it’s the same for weed heads, alcoholics, and pill poppers. Nobody wants to feel pain but none of us are taught to feel life, so we cling to it in a form of suppression because it’s easier to feel alive when you’re intoxicated versus living it for you. Now I’m not saying doing drugs is bad but if you use drugs to suppress a pain and to exist then my guy you aren’t living.

Somethings are going to hurt, and somethings are going to be out your control, but you are always in control of you. When you stop being afraid of you that’s when you decide to take away the power of every no, every lie, every hurt, every form of hurt away that you experienced.

It’s like a making a conscious decision to choose you for the first time. It won’t be easy but its damn sure more powerful to work on mastering you, so you want feel like you have to adjust to every person you met.

Making you hate you for not being able to be you because the last time you decided to bet on you people wouldn’t teach you, so they made you feel ostracized. Pain can be a wonderful experience when it has surpassed the emotional surface.

Until we meet again for Part II

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