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Element of Air

Energy Reading: 3 of SWORDS

There is some form of spitefullness in the air and someone maybe finally feeling it. Because the actions of a past person is finally catching up to them. You betrayed me is all I am hearing and whoever this is isn't an innocent as they seem. Someone maybe trying to pull the wool over someone eyes acting like they have been all work and no play when they have been doing nothing but playing in your face. My lies and deceit come back to haunt me and where do we start. Mother fucker we is what somebody needs to be saying because you wasn't apart of their betrayal. Somebody doesn't know when to quit that's why they are always going through the same things they go through.

Someone is having an affair and they want you to accept it whether you like it or not. Now I don't know if this is the side piece but I'm hearing it's the wife and she doesn't give a damn too she could be in this take or leave it with her lesbian lover. What kind of telenova y'all got going on here because someone is messy. Child, from the likes of it they stay in mess all of the time and lord they blame you for their mishaps. Now flip the roles if it is a man because they are showing up in feminine energy. We can be dualistic sweetie. Now, let's get back in here. Ima be honest with you somebody lover isn't going for that side shit even if it is a woman. It's either you or nothing.

And somebody is going to have to be perfectly fine with this because this is your mess and you have to deal with it. Times ticking what are you going to do? Because the more kinfolks you add in your business it's just a cluster fuck of drama waiting to happen. And whoever this is that is messy why are they so damn aggravating about your issue. If this doesn't show you who they are then I don't know what will. Somebody spirit guides is sassy because somebody hasn't been getting their downloads. Could be due to lack of spiritual protection, someone stealing them aka a dream their, blocked crown chakra due to magic or emotions, or someone is tired because they have been exhausting themselves too much.

Now for others you ain't gone like this because you stay up all night doing manifestation work and dream work that's why your spirit guides been all in your face. Because you have been too busy in someone's else's affairs that you have no time to protect you. Someone maybe about to lose a guide or a guardian angel because they are so busy coming after you. They rarely have time to fed their alter, ancestors, or appease those spirits. And for some they wearing they ass raggedy. It's like karma has been placed on someone's doorstep and they don't like it all.

This person has been so busy trying summon and channel you to the point they are trying to sound, speak, think, and act like you. And everybody around this person is over it. They losing friends, jobs, places, cars, and even homes. It could even be hosting gigs and that shit is falling flat because they all about the money baby. That's all they care about. So your spirit guides have been putting them in situations where they have to worry about money because they stole and steal from you all of the time.

For some this could be someone who did you dirty that resulted in you experiencing some unwanted trauma and this person doesn't want to fess up because they know you'll see the shame in there eyes. It's like this person will die with your energy in their arms. This is how psychotic this person is. It's showing me a person laying on the ground and someone saying choose life and this person would rather chose your energy. Somebody is obsessed with a oatg you made to spirit or your path that is makes no since. They want you to lose so they can feel good about themselves.

I'll find that reading I did with MegaMind and plug it because this what they are giving me. Y'all remember that channeling on the tube where that person kept coming after you and you gave up because you got tied of them. Yes, this that person and the funny apart it you can't give up because other people need you. And it is funny how spirit still gone find away to get they point across. You may have more support than you think but it's some people that isn't true supporters they see that others are coming into help. And they want some too. This will show up as the individuals who are like girl what you gone do with all that money or that now you are divorce? Child and that's the chick that's sleeping with them!

Honey work on your heart, root chakra, and do your purple flame meditations because someone is trying it and wants you bitter. Tell 'em buh bye!


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