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Earth Signs Weekly Message

If I get this lion king message one more time ima come find who the hell ain't listening. I had a message about this last year where someone was dealing with someone that bleeding people dry. And because of their greed everyone was suffering because of this. Now I don't know if this a literally situation where someone is broke, doing bad business, or making bad business moves. And someone maybe called to put a ending for something for good. Now this could show up as people wanting you to financially save them and for some this isn't your problem.

Because some people made some moves that benefited them and they didn't pan out the way they wanted too. If there is a break up that happen between you and someone just know they pregnant and that baby is definitely yours. Surprise! And you may find this out at a party because someone may have invited your ex. And some of you just had a baby so good luck in your fertile season. For others this is the time to take care of your creative endeavors because some of you are falling behind. Does a walk of shame because I haven't been on it, sorry.

Yes, I have been falling behind but baby I have been deleivering for y'all for years everybody need a break. I been constantly adjusting to schedules do not serve me. So setting boundaries and readjusting to now has been a lot. Now let's get back on subject.

Someone needs to do a detox a parasite cleanse and a liver cleanse. It may about that time to get a colon cleanse or follow on a appointment that someone doesn't want to get. Why not? For some nothing ain't wrong you just haven't been eating right. This is the main problem for some. Somebody body has been holding on toxic things, people, and places and it's time to let something's go. Somebody isn't at peace and the peace is starting to exude into other people.

This may have shown up as you being needy, complaining too much, or fixating on things that need to change instead sticking your head in the sand. It maybe time for someone to accept defeat but they don't want too. The more they try to hurt you they do nothing but hurt themselves because their is no method to the madness. So, continuing on a cycle that doesn't serve you has become emotionally exhausting and it is tiring you out. Not getting sleep, not taking care of your mental health, proper skin care regimens, or eating right has been taxing on your body.

In the book of Dolph if it ain't one thing it's a motherfucking nother. Seems like stress is something someone is addicted to like being on the run, avoidant attachment style, and just blowing money on things that don't serve you. Someone is blowing through their dharma like it's not and it is screaming I need a hug or a cry for help. Somebody doesn't want to surrender to the process of letting go so they are prolonging something that needs to change.

I keep hearing I got a family to feed. In the saying, "IF YOU TEACH A MAN HOW FISH THEY KNOW HOW TO EAT FOREVER"! So, tough love maybe needed. Now this isn't saying that a lot of people have to get the boot, but it is time that some people start pulling their weight. And they can't show any form independence if you keep pacifying them into to staying the same way because you need an emotional fix from them. I don't know who got their car tooken but it was coming anyway because whoever this is they wasn't taking care of it anyway.

Tearing things up and damaging shit on purpose. For some this was a 59,000 car maybe even more. Someone thinks money grows on trees. It doesn't matter if you are privileged or not someone has to learn the value of a dollar. So, someone has to get a hobby so they can go into the real world and see what life is like. I don't know if someone had been struggling with making friends because they have this jaded concept to life but it's time to take off the black and white goggles to life and see things as they are. Some people and some people are not. It's okay to start again. Remember life only is going to wait on you until it can't anymore. Don't let the universe show you different. #PYA



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