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Earth Signs Monthy Readings


Somebody could be love sick or in love and it is driving someone crazy. Like a bit sick to the stomach I don't know if this was a break up or someone got too attached to someone and don't know how to live without the other party. It’s giving a bit obsessed if I am being honest because this person doesn't communicate how they feel. So, their emotions can be overwhelming for someone else to be able to deal with. For others love isn’t coming in because someone is basically looking for someone to complete them and fix them. I mean some people do find people who come in and feel in the pieces but this is giving me the fear of not wanting to be alone. So, this keeps someone confused when it comes to love if love was present. I don't think you would pick the best options because someone is coming from a lesser place on how they view love.

What is the intentions that you have with a person or love overall is the question someone has to ask themselves, for others if you have been having suspicions about someone you are right. Someone is starting to fill in the missing pieces to a story and something isn’t adding up. Maybe someone said something that threw you for a loop. Because some people have been all over the place when it comes to talking to them. Whoever this is, is shifty eyed like a motherfucker and they are always lying. So, something doesn't make sense when they are trying to get you to go along or push a narrative that doesn’t fit for you. Someone is going to have to detach so they can see something from a different perspective. You may even start to come off as cold, detached, and aloof but it is to see something clearly. For others someone is coming out of a Saturn return and it has you looking upside everybody's head differently. Because I keep hearing oops upside your head I said oops upside your head. Someone may be getting out of prison and finding out they have a child on the way or finding out they have a child that is of an older age.

This may cause some confusion because someone is like how did I miss this because someone likes to keep their life organized and drama free. For others, this is the right time and everything is falling into the right place you may not see it but it is. Because there's a lot of drama attached to this situation but this drama is bringing a massive shake up in someone's life to get them to do things differently. Someone has been walking the forbidden path too long. This isn’t like a life of crime, turmoil, and pain. But you haven’t been walking in your power or owning your truths. If you have recently cut someone off they think that you are being harsh but they are saying you should have been done it. Because this person doesn’t know how much pain they cause you. In the cliche tweet from social media you never know how shitty a person is until you start describing the things they did to you to other people. I’m hearing the word " have you ever heard a fool cry?"

I don’t know what they mean but I do know a fool is person who doesn't take heed to directions. So someone who is so hell bent on doing things without caution or taking heed to advice will eventually end up being their own ruin. And this may be the case because someone is looking at people or was looking up to people who never said anything. They didn’t say stop, quit, or hey you shouldn’t do this. No, they just said go, go, go like that TikTok sound. When spirit is saying go into the 4 of swords not hermit mode. Meaning lay your ass down, get some rest, and learn how to let some things go for once. For others this is a lesson that spirit is teaching you because how can they lead you when you don’t want to listen to their advice. It gives me a person who continuously goes to God and gets mad because they feel like they aren’t listening when it’s you who isn’t listening

For others you really need to work on closing up your camp and get around people who protect your interest. This could be business, love, life, family, and friends. It’s time for some people to cycle out of your life. This isn’t the season to be dealing with some wishy washy ass people. Either they are for you or against you and these people will honor your boundaries. It shouldn’t always have to be I wouldn’t do this to you because I love you or I respect you. It should be an equal trade. Some people forget that and if this is a frequent thing then you need to set boundaries and honor where you stand with certain people. They are showing you how they feel about you. What more do you need?


CAPRICORN: Arrogance begets you what you think you know you don’t know. Somebody needs an attitude check and a reality check because their ego is getting out of control. It keeps you in a toxic loop when it comes to lovers, friends, family, jobs, and career choices because you get to control the narrative. When in actual reality it is time to change. It’s like someone is so gun-ho on starting over doing the same things again and they ever change. For others you are catching onto this and moving out of their way because it’s been taking alot of your time. Because the song that I heard was Energy by Keri Hilson this could be a thing. Someone may have too spiritually protect themselves from you or you from someone because someone is down right draining. Someone is trying to force someone to stay in their life without doing the work. If you are doing energy clearing please keep this up because they are moving on. It may seem slow but it’s working because this person is so dead set on being spiritually persistent and it is causing you problems. This may show up in a lot of your relationships where conflict is being stirred up because this person has been messing with your energy. And I just see your ancestors, guides, or angels forcing this person back into their place. Ima keep a bean this energy is annoying and it’s aggravating me. It’s like this person doesnt know when to fucking quit. Child, bye. Do your return to senders and go on about your day.

TAURUS: Gravity by John Mayer. Someone may feel like the universe is working against it’s because you don’t want to move your feet. It is time to get out of your comfort zone. Possibly even relocate. You may have to do some divination work when it comes to purchasing and landing in life. Because the places you keep picking aren't the right ones. Someone has to learn how to use their guides for advice instead of attack, attack, attack. Because you may have experienced the energy of let me do this only for spirit to push you in an area you know nothing about only to succeed. It is because you don’t know what it is you want to do but spirit knows what it wants you to do. I see someone crying maybe under the tree, in the shower, or even the car because the spirit has been trying to get your attention. Somebody has to grow up and stop seeking advice and just do something. You can’t learn from your mistakes if you keep being dead set on doing the same things. It’s like what is the point and why bother when it comes to this but someone has to find their way back home. Ima go out on a limb here and say your

home may not be in the U.S.

VIRGO: Lord let me not be bias in this message because lord knows these folks been getting on my nerves. Now let’s get into this message. Somebody has to learn how to sweep around their own doorstep before they go sweeping on someone else's porch. Family secrets may be coming out and this has some kinfolks looking at each other crazy. Someone has shown their true colors for the last time and this has somebody ready to cut off their whole family off. This has someone finding out how some people feel about them. If you are the financially stable one you maybe now learning that people don’t care about you like that they use you. Someone is ready to take all their shit back because if you don't need me, do it for yourself. This may have even been a shot to the ego because someone had been working extra hard to achieve goals to provide for people who don't care for them. It’s like spirit hit the brakes and said, say less. Whoever this is that cut you off or whoever you cut off. Cut off all of the abundance in their life. This person may have been the only one who was keeping you afloat. You know how people are in the movies where the mama, sibling, or daddy have been helping someone out. And they didn't know it so they took advantage of it only to find out it ain’t who they think it is that's been paying their bills. Yes, Terri from soul food type teas. And whoever this is, wants to go around playing the victim in a situation they have created because they could’ve sat there and shut up. That's what the users are telling you but it was time for someone to grow up anyway because they were energetically weighing your ass down. I am hearing what value does this person bring to your life besides running their lip. For others if this was a lover someone left this person and found the love of their life. Whoever this is was a block anyway because as soon as they left them baby, somebody piped up. And your family is a messy ass hell because they are still talking to your ex about the things that are now going on in your relationship causing a lot of issues in your now relationships. Jealousy is what I am hearing. Sometimes your skin folks ain’t your kinfolks. Some family members have to see you from the gram.



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