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Earth Signs Monthly Reading

Earth Signs Monthly Reading

CAPRICORN: Y’all reading was about the smoothest after I had given it three damn tries what the hell y’all got going on over there. Your overall message was to allow more love in your life and to let people assist you with the things you need help with. Now messages can be vice versus child it’s on you to figure that out all I’m supposed to do is read the energy that the cards are giving. The major theme was appreciation it could be to be more appreciative of your human experience or other people being more appreciative of you.

For the season of Leo is for you to relax a bit more and to stop waiting for the next thing to do. Now if there something to do get it out the way already so, you want be stressing about things at the last minute. If there is nothing you have to learn how to be bored or occupy your time better because being a busy bee isn’t going to work when the universe could be telling you or someone in your energy to sit down. Gender roles wont work at this time if you or a person is always waiting on the other. Remember praise your ups and do what you can before you go off getting stressed about things that’s out you’re of your control.

TAURUS: Staying focused on what is that you want is going to be the goal. It felt like you were dealing with money matters, janky contracts, money hungry people, and overall greed. A lot of the things coming your way are trying to throw you off your focus now keep in mind this could be you or someone else but that’s the goal. When channeling it felt like a CD being on shuffle so if you wanted to hear your favorite song it was impossible to do because something was stopping it. Now in that analogy it could be you going through emotional blocks.

I forgot to say this in Cancer reading you probably should journal or write things down because short term memory loss was coming up especially if you have been losing and forgetting things. If you are dealing with someone who uses money as power that’s going to be emotionally draining. It doesn’t have to be in a negative way they could just want people to do things for them instead of them doing themselves. Good luck with that. Remember integrity is more important than anything.

VIRGO: Child, I don’t know what to tell you because it was so much going on and I don’t want to go back and watch. Your messages have been the same either you are dealing with a Leo or have Leo placements but attention seeking, and messiness was at an all time high. I told y’all in a couple reading ago to stop telling people the things you like because it was someone or something trying to discourage you. It could be your message goes either way. Remember the value of your voice and your true north its no time to be all in your south node energy.

We are shedding karmic energy baby, 2021 is already annoying enough so if anything is stressing you out it has to go. I don’t care if it’s the dog baby put it on a schedule. Arguments came up heavy by being an earth signs you have to make sure that you aren’t holding onto the same things that don’t allow you to grow. Remember earth signs can become apathetic to other people pain and situations after a while because of your earth like essence can make you become set in your ways. Try to refrain from taking on stress that ain’t yours. Rest, hydrate, and relax.


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