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Either you or someone you know is trying to get your attention its seems like it's some form of urgency while at the same time it feels like it can wait. For some this is setting an alarm fifteen minutes early so you can stop being late or just having to just sigh and some form of relief. A chapter is closing in your life and I think there could be some doubts attached to this because I’m hearing case closed. This is something that has been playing out for a minute and this has been a process. Now keep in mind this may showed up in the form of an actual court case, spiritual court, spiritual warfare, or a Saturn return. Google the age on that Saturn return thing because I think it start at 30 something and come back at 50 something so I don’t know. It's basically spirit way of doing and assessment this is where you had me fucked up and this how your life is the way it is. Seems pretty harsh but sometimes it be like that.

For some your throat may be active during this time because this isn’t leaving no sentence undone or without a punctuation. Because you or someone around you likes to fill in the blanks and this leads to many problems in your life. There is a person that feels like they know you better than you know yourself so this leads them to do shit that you didn’t ask and you come off like you ungrateful when you didn’t ask them to do it in the first place. It's that they have they timing off and it always come off as disingenuous if I'm being honest, especially if you have loner type vibes. So, you may not want this person around you but you let a lot of things pass when you should stand firm in your boundaries. Because if you don’t nip that shit now it's going to come back in bite you in your ass because this person gone say, will you, did it or you say this. Now you stuck with egg on your face because you can’t lie and you created a monster.

Now if this is kids and you have some you got one that’s is going to give you a run for your money because one of them is a cry baby and that is exhausting. And this isn’t the type of crying because my feelings hurt or you wronged them, they do this for attention. They know you're bound to give into anyway so they play you out your authority when it comes to standing on your word. You could be dating someone young or you are young and y’all like that toxic thing not me because call me when you get it together. Now for some of y’all this one is going to hurt because someone has been hanging out with your enemies and they got all of tea and I don’t know what they gone do with it too. This ain’t no, I know this my enemy no you didn’t know this person was your enemy so how could you see this shit coming. This coming out of left field too because someone may even try to embarrass or humiliate an individual for some it’s not by mistake because they know they did wrong.

So, this got like a little gotcha attached to it because someone possibly could've even tried to poison someone and they had been doing it for a long time to the point it caused some problems with someone's immune system. Whew. So, whoever this is they either got or hatched a plan to get someone back for this behavior they been displaying. I'm hearing this an abuse of power when it comes to this person and somebody is low key controlling to a fault and this is aggravating for someone to deal with all the time. Now, on the flip side I see someone being more in hermit mode and not honing in on their skillset because you are around people who are addicted to attention, likes, social media, or a constant need for validation. This is draining because whoever this is they don’t hone in on their talents like they should I don’t think it’s driven by money they allow other people to affect they mood.

So, you may be a shoulder to cry on always and this leads you to pick up the pieces or always correct the wrongs of whoever this is. Baby, run for the heels and don’t look back. Someone is having a hidden affair and it might come with regret sooner than you think. The whole time you think somebody cool and this person is giving borderline psychopath. They either got too much drama going on in their life or you got someone that feels like they can give up everything to be with you. I want to cry for you so bad because this would scare the shit out of me on God. And whoever this is they always trying to get they ass out of trouble and they don’t care who they use in process too. Long as that check clear and they name stay clean they don’t give a damn about nobody. Somebody is shit starter and you better catch on before it’s too late. Because someone may even try to coat tail ride someone into some state of success whether it be you paying, they bills, feeding them, taking them on trips, or buying them shit all the time.

Now if you got it like that, I respect an honest trick but damn this energy feels exhausted and ran down in the ground. Meanwhile if whoever this is that is helping and giving to everybody else they life is falling the hell apart and it seems like no one is noticing what they are going through. Long as you show up and do your part is the only thing they care about and this could be on a job because I feel somebody saying “I QUIT!” Because either it is being underappreciated in a group setting, work environment, or a family matter. It's giving a little bit of divorce energy because somebody needs time while someone feels like the other person time is always supposed to be occupied with kids, laundry, clothes, school, work, and etc. And some of you are starting to think your person is selfish because they feel like what's the problem now.

So, this change that someone is undergoing is more personal for them than what somebody is trying to make it out to be. And this may lead to ongoing fights, arguments, and a constant need to repair what they feel is broken. When it’s really ripping the band aid off so you can see how to treat the wound. Because that dance around thing y’all doing when it comes to not seeing eye to eye on certain things is giving, I don’t want to lose you or this out fear and it’s causing two people to feel unappreciated. And you have this lack luster spirit when it comes to doing the right them or each other because having sex or using whatever vice to make up and break up seems to be half working at this time. Somebody need a nanny, life coach, therapist, or a creative outlet that they can use without being disturbed.

Oh, and as usual someone is in the occult. Boohoo, I'm tired of this coming out because someone has a borderline obsession with magic and they are fixated on doing it on this one person. They possibly could be being doing it to other people because we have a voodoo doll, summoning spells, hex jar, and curse bags everywhere. It's giving team too much and it's time to go bed. In the words of me “GET YO ASS OUT THAT SPIRIT REALM THEY DON’T NEED YOU THAT MUCH!”



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