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Earth Sign Weekly Reading



CAPRICORN: Somebody could be in the energy of wanting to run away and ever look back. It could be the feeling of a dog being let out of a cage because someone has been feeling trapped in the house for a long time. And this has someone not returning phone calls, staying out all night, and hanging in some low spaces. I don't know if you are in a relationship but whoever this is, that has had a grip on someone so tight baby they might not come back.

Because whoever was in this yes ma’am or no ma’am ass energy. Baby, they are tired and they don’t want to constantly explain themselves to someone. Now before the think police come across and say this is what you are supposed to do in a relationship. Baby, you mean someone that has to call and let you know when they are about to wipe they ass, when they just woke up, how much oxygen they have in their body, and how many times you blink is exhausting. Don’t no one i mean no one need to be in a connection where they don't have their own identity! Now whatever works for you is what works for you but for others you ain’t getting with the jist?! At first it was cute in the beginning but damn when did a clingathon9000 become attractive when you got bills and a lifestyle to manage. I get it we all can be attached to someone at a point in time but when it is affecting your working capabilities and how you coexist with other people in your life. It is time to have an honest conversation with your partner and put up some boundaries. It's going to be some hurt feelings, maybe some crushed ego’s, or an ending of a connection but life has to happen. When you are dealing with people who are so focused and fixated on their needs and the liking of themselves it can be exhausting. When you realized how much you gave up on you. You don't know how many people you need to bring you back to life when you have been in a connection that has been draining the shit out of you. MORAL OF THE STORY IT IS TIME TO TELL SOMEONE TO FUCK OFF AND MEAN IT!

TAURUS: Someone may be in a jovial and grateful energy because they were blind to something but now they see. Someone may have been challenging your authority in a situation where they had no room to grow or knowledge of what you do for a living. It’s like the teacher had to give the students a taste of their own medicine to show them all that you do for them. And some people can’t take it because some people even went as far to show you their true colors and now you are wondering how do you come back from that. Because whoever this is, you have been dealing has been aggy and they have been saying they are playing when they are not.

They are meaning to offend you every chance they get and someone is stirving up a fight between you to because they feel like y’all need to duke it out. Tell them we are not in a high school and if someone is focused on bringing you harm you have to handle that in a different way. Because this person may be pushing you to act evil but they want you to stand in your power. Someone feels like you have serial killer tendencies that's why they are trying to psychically bother you so you can deal with the anger but someone has gone too far. And this may have caused some emotional tearing in you or the person you are dealing with. Because this could show up as the person being too playful when you have a project or something important to do only to mess it up purposely because they think it is funny. When is it not? And this has a lot of people pissed because they feel like you need to do something about it or they will. Someone is ready for you to move even if they have to drag you out of the house by your feet. Because someone is sick of their living arrangements or yours.

This may have been a place that you go to for hiding but there has been too many break ins, thievery, lies, manipulation, and con games that have gotten out of hand. Some people just want you to be safe mean while others want you to be a sitting duck so they can find more ways to take advantage of you. A jealous ex, narcissist mother, energy vampire father, and a toxic work environment. I THINK YOU/ME/THEM/THEY/AND WE NEED TO GET A LIFE.

VIRGO: Go, check out that libra reading on Jan 11, because someone may be stuck in a time loop or always doing the same things of the past.

This may even be affecting someone's eyesight because you are dealing with someone who has some jaded lenses when it comes to life. And this person doesn't see the trouble that it gets them in. Because in that reading it was talking about Mr. Bubbles lack of boundaries and accountability when it comes to his actions all of the time. So, this may show up as favoritism and some form of elitism that might blow up in your face because someone dont know who they are fucking with. I heard someone say you don't know who my father is. And I hope like hell you ain’t into it with the rich cause baby we can’t save you right now. We are on a break eating snacks and shit. Nawl, but one y’all of messing with somebody who got one of them crazy ass baby daddies that be into with the whole block. Girl, the way my life been over here reintroducing me for a knock out fight girl I think collectively we can say. If you and so and so don’t rap this shit up because this year has been a buzzkill enough. Somebody is going to learn that stress is going to age you fast as hell if you keep, keeping the same shit up. Constantly bringing up the past ain’t showing nobody but how stupid you are of what is going on in the present. Because this charade of I am better than everybody who has walked this earth thing is the reason why one of y’all don't have any friends as we speak. Because people are getting tired of being in competition with your ego all of the time. Allow people room to be themselves everything doesn't have to be politically correct or even about you. (SAGITTARIUS) Just learn to breathe and walk away. There is a better way going about getting some attention at this time. If you are by your lonely don’t allow people to invade your space especially when you have been mastering a state of peace. Sometimes you are going to come off as cold and detached. Let people feel that way because at some point life is about you.




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