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Earth Sign Weekly Message


KEYWORDS: Fucking with Me by Tank, Love to Lost, Office Romance, Love Affairs, psyhco-analysis, baby mama drama, sister, cousin, and friend.

Now, I don't know what y’all got going on but somebody has been busy and not in a good way. Because you have mischief going on around you or someone you know. This could be the art of illusion dealing with someone who has been in some make believe energy. Wanting someone to believe that everything is accomplishable like the spirit of Peter Pan. And y’all know how I felt about Peter Pan because this nigga could fly and save people but he led them people down a pathway only for him to help out in the end. Like when we really think about Peter Pan was on some opp shit he could’ve been brainwashed or having the spirit of oppression on him. You know sometimes some people don’t recognize they are under influence until someone call them out for their behavior. And some of y’all maybe in that place because you got some things to do.

And more prevalent things on the table at this state and time. It could be drama if we are being honest because we have a messy bestie in your life who is drama felt. It’s like this bitch is addicted to that shit and she know no other way from it. They saying you know who I am talking about because they always lead you down a path of destruction only to recognize that I should have ever done that, said that, or did that. Yep, thats that person who spirit is talking about and telling this person to grow up isn’t going to work for you. Because they said you need to do some shadow work yourself because you like to engage in the mess too but at what cost.

It is costing you, your livelihood, friendships, money, riches, and dreams engaging in such behaviors and someone has this behavior of I don’t care. So, you can go along with the go along if you want to but hey you have been told by spirit to go the other way. Now, lets get on in this message.

Remember these messages may or may not apply. Feel free to look at the other zodiac sign. You can go by elements but the element of Earth is (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.)

CAPRICORN: Mental health check is for you. How are you treating you and how do you deal with grief? Somebody may have passed and someone maybe taking this energy hard. Meanwhile for others this maybe a relationship and someone doesn't want to let it go so they are pretending to not like you only to maintain a sexual connection. And it is killing them inside because someone is still in love with you. This maybe someone who hasn’t told you how they feel about so they try to fuck you like they love you hoping yo ass catch on. Meanwhile I see one of y’all getting up putting your drawls and saying you good or hungry. And this person craves you more a little bit on the inside for you to notice them.

Be weary because somebody may be crazy ass hell and you don’t know it. Because somebody has been trying to play the long game with you hoping you finally catch on that they are down for whatever you are down with so they run all your hoes off. You may have a child from this connection but I'm hearing watch your child around this person because they may pretend to like your child only to get you. And turn around and do something to harm them. It gives me the energy of person saying ima pinch them and you won’t know but you’ll end up wondering why they are crying and they are to scared to say something type teas. Your child may have become a cling a thon when they usually aren’t like this. Just pay attention to the signs because the spirit of nostalgia is coming up. So, this maybe inner child healing or something you are now working through.

VIRGO: Sagittarius and Libra is running a muck in your life and running you raggedy at that. When do you have time to sleep, eat, and shit? Do you plan that or schedule that too? Or do you allow the body to let you know what is going on? I’m just trying to figure it out here because someone is emotionally exhausted. It’s really giving spiritual fatigue and this can manifest into some form of a sickness if you aren't paying attention. This could manifest like a common cold, flu like symptoms, or signs of exhaustion in the psychical doctor. For some someone has been in the energy of greed and the goal they are working towards is really null and void because they coming from a poverty mindframe.

Now, for others you need to do energy removal, cord cutting, and parasitic cleanses on a spiritual level because somebody has been trying to hold onto someone to get some money only to get sick. This is someone who tried to put a poverty curse on someone and it is backfiring bad. I keep telling y’all spirit ain’t always gone attack your money. Your body can be a tool too that spirit can use, And those who haven’t taken care of their bodies baby, you maybe feeling the repercussion of that shit as we speak. Because I see somebody saying I don’t know what I did to deserve this? So, we just gone speed past that curse you tried to put on someone? Child, over there exhausting all them spiritualist when you know damn well your ass been playing in that spellwork. Stop lying to them spiritualist how the hell you gone get help when you lying to them. Moral of the story Virgos be mindful of who you are helping because some people be lying. Straight like that!

TAURUS: Let me tell you about my best friend. So the first message may apply to you up top because that's a song. You may need to play that when you are around this individual because it can trigger some form of a revelation in your mind. Music does the body good in this case. Didn't y’all have a reading I did that said the ancestor been trying to deliver a message to you through songs. I keep telling y’all them synchronicities isn’t going to come in 222, 333, 444, and 555. Sometimes seeing those number is just the ancestors telling you too look up and pay attention to what is going on around you. Everything don’t be that deep but some that is the case. Now, this could be the spirit of betrayal and someone isn’t feeling that or taking that too kindly. Because whoever this is you were giving and nice in the first place. Now, this doesn't mean you have to be a douche about it towards other people. But it may make you retreat for a minute.

Because friendship breakups do hurt and finding out you was cool with someone who didn't like you can sting a bit. But there is some self awareness that is coming in and you’ll be able to shake back from this but this relationship I don’t think y’all will be back cool again. Really it's because you have too much going on and with so much on your plate. You don't have time for their drama. So, you may seem like your being insensitive or blowing them off but if the help really isn’t balanced then what is the purpose for this person? Really some of y’all going through a transition or ascension process that doesn’t really require people who aren’t on the same frequency as you. Really some of y’all have stuff you have to do and your not supposed to be occupied with these people. For others this maybe a loved one from the spirit realm who has been lingering and it is time for them to go on. For others this is your new friends that keep seeing you hold space for a person who keeps fucking betraying the shit out of you over and over again. And they are tired of it. Thai could be someone who steals from you all of the time. This could be the friend who steals out the pot all of the time while they know you have to feed many. This is a person that doesn’t care about what you have to do, only what it is they have to do. Chid, bye!



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