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Earth Sign Reading



Child, y’all got somebody who has been trying to throw their weight around and it causing a lot of chaos and havoc into everybody lives. It breeds exhaustion have you ever had one of them people who feel a certain way but everybody doesn’t so, they try to go off and try to make everybody feel that way about a person. This is that person. It breeds I can’t stand by myself or be myself on an issue. Now, I’m not saying that if you need support in something don’t go rallying up the troops but some petty mean girl gossip, name calling, low vibrational ass activities, and tom foolery is out the way. Because the song that came across was “Wrecking Ball’, last night I said oh lord I’ll wait on pushing this out because I know this one maybe longer than the other ones. For some of you, you have someone who is confused about an action you took against someone. Now, this could be the pettiness that was done to destroy someone or the person who is petty is confused because you stood in your power. WTF! 


Alright, I know this reading is going to be on some bullshit so bear with me as I get this out. There is a Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo moon, and Sagittarius that is causing a lot of drama in the group chat. They also said Gemini and Aquarius too. Spirit said stay out the way of their mess because it's bound to blow back up in their face. I don’t know if you are the signs that need to take heed to this message or this is the person that is causing the drama, I'm just the messenger. Now, let's get into this message. Solar retrieval is something that came up I don’t know if that is something someone is into or needs to look into. Aht, aht, I ain’t doing all of that explaining they already asking for too much. Google it, google is your friend. Trust yourself. A blast from your past is about to bite you in the ass. It's like a criminal finally being caught for something that they have been getting away for the longest. Someone doesn’t want to change their behavior to a situationthey are either adding onto the problem or focused on being the problem.  


For others it's time for you to let someone go especially if you have been feeling like a lead weight is on you figuratively or metaphorically. It could be your point of view on something, it's like you feel the way you feel that is has you blocked from seeing anything else in life. This even affects your happiness or someone else's. I will keep reiterating that this person is focused on being the problem here. This could be a karmic from a past life who doesn’t want to let go of you for others this is the way you get a head because Jupiter is sitting right here. This could be a life of crime, drugs, passion, sex, and a lower way of getting money. It causes someone to not think before they do the things they do. The people in questioning this person don’t care about the things they do to affect you; they just do it. Without a care in the world. This person may owe you an apology but the song that came across was never gonna get it, never gonna get it, so you see how this person is coming. I’m going to be real here and I don’t use the N bomb to often besides calling people of other ethnicities nigga. Baby, this is a narcissist they know what they doing.  


This may have left some of you confused, and energetically discombobulated because all you wanted to know was why this person can't, won’t, or isn’t going to give you one. They don’t know they damn selves so this is the confusing part of this reading. Now, for others you may have someone that stays a long distance from you that is trying to get in contact with you. This could be due to separation or a job offer that was taken over this person but someone wants to come back and make amends with you. This person felt that had to do what was best for them even if they left you alone because let me say this, this reading is some toxic shit here. I am not giving this person an excuse but this could be going to the army, navy, just turned around move, or left with no contact. Somebody felt like whatever they were doing was too damn hard. And with this full moon in Capricorn sitting right here I can bet someone was working too hard for financial gain or social stability. I ain’t saying somebody doesn’t believe in hard work but hard work with no rewards or no end goal in mind is just a damn fool.  


And if this person still has this state of mind baby, I'm hearing go no contact because they might be on the same thing. You might get the closure that it is you need or you might finally see this person for who they are and it confirms the doubt you had in the first about this person, place, thing, or idea. Because it was time for you to get out of your own way and you were playing it safe for too long. This person may have seemed like a safety net but they really were a burden to you in your life. I don’t even see how this person helps or why they are coming up at this time. Just keep your cool because you may find yourself going backwards into old conversations with this individual that may lead to fights and arguments. I just see someone stop mid-way through after someone saying something and they just get it, and they leave for good. No, looking back. No, turning around seeing how you doing. They are just gone. Maybe it was something you said that filled in the blank for this person. Because they walked away with, their feelings in their pocket but did this person cry. Yeap. 


I think something that was said or done really showed somebody how they felt about them or an issue that was present at this time. It could've been the way someone acted and someone so blind to this person actions they either looked up to you, been in love with you, or was heavily confuse when it came to you. People had been warning this person about this person for the longest and they didn’t want to listen and some of you Earth signs told this person and they didn’t listen to your ass anyway. So, they had to find out the hard way how somebody gets down when it comes to their feelings or the things they want out of life. For some of you, you saying I get it but damn why they had to do me like that. Did we just speed past paragraph 3 sentence 10 where I said this person is a narc. This person may have went so low to like you in order to destroy you in the process. They also tried to do a number on your confidence because they thought they could.  


It's like this person was toying with you all along because they thought they had some power in the midst of you. If they wanted to argue with, they would. If they wanted peace with you, they would bring it only to play with your peace of mind. Child, I see why y’all over this fighting and cursing each other out because damn they evil ass fuck. This is some sick demented shit here and this person is in the energy of The Temptations, “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”. WTF, movie scene ass shit is playing out in somebody life right now. Girl, let me get ass on down in zodiac signs.  

POSSIBLE KEYWORDS: The song Wrecking Ball, Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, Never Going to Get It, SCORPIO, GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS, CANCER, LEO, AND VIRGO! 


CAPRICORN: A little but self-righteous but I get it. Time is money and money needs to be made and somebody has lifestyle that needs to be managed, but the words slowdown career girl. Because what is life that is being made without it being lived. This could be the old you versus the new you because some self-atonement is in the group chat. Somebody has a doppelganger that is has been a charge queen on somebody credit. They been going to town, purses, bags, shoes, clothes, hair, and nails. They around her looking good off of somebody else's dime while you around here looking raggedy. They catching flights and not catching feelings because they spending your damn money. They able to look good and feel free because you providing a lifestyle that you don’t even know you are doing. They gone get bustedbecause the card gone decline or they be doing charge up and returns and they have done this one too many times. On that scamming as shit and that’s how they got caught. They either did it out of the U.S. or in the U.S. This a running theme with this person. For others you finally sat down and start going through stuff and noticed something was missing and reported it was missing only for you to get caught up and call out on fraud you didn’t do. And to make matters worse this is one of them healer bitches that be doing this or did this. I am one with the universe head ass women. Why, they just don’t be like the other scammers who invite and over charge for services instead of getting caught up on federal charges. It seems like this is some energy or a situation that is clearing out because it took majority of your time to get the bottom of a situation. Because for others you felt like you were undergoing a fucking identity crisis.  


VIRGO: Somebody is feeling froggy and they leaping girl. Ooh, y’all so ghetto and I love it here. For others be mindful not to hurt yourself in the process because that wounded warrior energy is out to play. Now, this could be havinga point to prove. It's like you may know how to fight but someone has a gun, knife, or some form of a weapon that may take you down that you don’t see coming. For others it’s time to gone get out of the way because that fighting shit getting the best of you. The older you get, you don’t heal fast like that when you ain’t eating right, working out all of time, and shit. Child, ain’t nobody got time for that. Because I keep hearing the pain, the pain. Now this could be over some money ima just keep a bean here because someone has been doing some manifestation work and it hasn’t been working for others. So, they think are entitled to a piece of your pie. Now, this could be your energy or something you worked hard for. It's like someone has been so invested in playing and someone has put their assets into somethingand someone is having a fit because they mad, they didn’t do what you did. I heard work smart and not hard. This could be to someone saying they didn’t have the resources to obtain something but they were too busy partying, fucking, and fighting instead of building a portfolio. This maybe and agent of chaos too because somebody been getting hired to cause chaos in somebody's life. This isn't nice to meet you, it’s every time you come around something always going wrong and you catching on. They may be like a secret enemy of your or someone but something not right. Whoever this entitled person is they gone end up popping back up in your life. If you fired them, they went and got the resources to get rehired again. Now, wasn’t this person just complaining about how they didn’t have the help. If you have a lot of options at this timeand specifically the number 5 only one of them is your true love. This attention seeker thing isn’t it, the love bomber isn't it, the fuck buddyisn’t it, negative nancy isn't it neither. It's on you to figure out who is your lover. Oh, and the person that is your person has one of these qualities and you can’t stand that shit! GOOD LUCK! CIAO 


TAURUS: ALL MY LIFE I BEEN POOR! For some of you, you worry about money too much for me. Now it could be how you were raised or someone that doesn’t know how to live a little. You know the accountant friend who has it but needs to calculate it up before they go doanything this is you. Now keep in the whole message was for earth signs on that money thing. Someone you know has this excuse down pack but they always doing more than you when it comes to finances. Make this shit make since. For some of you, this someonewho you sleep with. Either they gone help you or hurt you. I am not promoting prostitution in the midst of this conversation but being with someone who want give you a cup of water is crazy. That’s this person they like to use everybody else's stuff and then they pocket what is theirs. And when you call this person out on this, it goes back to the excuse of the same thing. For some of you, you maybemarrying someone who isn’t so giving but they so will take, take, and take. If you are married or were married to this person someone is about to pull an uno reverse out and try to hit this person's pockets badly. It could be karma because whoever this is wouldn’t give you shit anyway. They may even have to pay a lot of debt to Uncle Sam. I would be mindful and do any background checks, credit checks, and every type of checks before you sign your name away on that dotted line and I do. Because a romance scammer is in the group chat. They looking for a come up and I might be you. This is the person that's saying that I ever got over you and they trying to spend to. They may even got themselves locked into a deal and they need you to get the other half. This is like someone trying to trick you into buying a house only the credit ain’t good, or they don’thave the down payment so you end paying for it. Only for this person to kick you out and their name is the only one on the deed. Child, good luck with that have your text messages, emails, and phone conversations ready for court because this is fina be an interesting time.  





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