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Earth Sign Love Reading Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo


KEYWORDS: PARTYNEXTDOOR-Break From Toronto, Silas- Skrr Skrr, that smile on your face makes it easy to trust you, pull up, can’t wait to see you, butterflies, intoxicated, toxic, whirlwind, sensory overload, and time away but want to stay.


I just want to say don’t trust a big butt and a nice smile or a nigga with a big dig dick and a nice smile. If you and your person had any arguments and they pull up it’s a trap because they gone say you hungry and now, they got you. Stay strong don’t fall weak in the knees,” STAND UP”! And if your person doesn’t eat but watch you eat, they be knowing they got you on the hook. Trust, I know a thing a too about a toxic relationship.

Some of y’all could be in a commitment with someone or like someone a lot but you don’t know how to tell them, you need space because you don’t want to seem like a bad guy. For some of y’all this person makes you feel like a kid again so you go along with it but at the same time you feel bad because you want to be alone at times. For some of y’all this person is very active and always on the move so it’s like you have to chase them down or always follow them around. You feel like a rag doll at times because you’re always doing what it is they want to do but you never speak up about your needs. Now the roles could be reversed. For some of y’all kids could be a problem at the time because someone is working really hard to obtain some form of finances for a child.

This could be materialism or someone being materialistic I don’t see this child being a problem but they are always in need. Now this could be your person too somebody has someone spoiled all the way down to the root and this person knows how to get their way. Somebody has to figure out what it is they want out of life because someone is burning the midnight oil with no goals in mind. Someone may think being busy is a goal so they won’t feel like they are lazy. For others you just working to many jobs to manage the household. Someone has to do some financial cut backs or work on saving because this is messing them up. Someone can’t keep with the Jone’s and that is okay sometimes you have to learn how to bring the Jone’s to you. If they don’t want to come oh well there are other ways to experience a mommies or daddies night out.

Someone is losing their passion for a hobby, career, or life goal they set. Maybe they aren’t getting the money they want or it doesn’t give them the hope they once had for something. For some of y’all its competition around certain things that you want but there are people who aren't playing fair when it comes to certain things. It’s like every man for themselves and this is causing a problems at home and a disconnect with your partner. Somebody is getting emotionally turned off by someone antics because someone could be manipulative ass hell when it comes to getting the things they want. This person doesn't care how they make other people feel in the process and someone throw temper tantrums a lot.

It could be some jealously going on about how someone is perceived and received in the real world. Someone is always going to have people admiring them and someone doesn’t like this about their person. Somebody has too many friends and someone really wants to know if these are the people you fucked before or y’all just cool, that’s the question they really want to ask. Because it’s some hidden animosity in the room and someone knows why. For some of y’all, y’all delaing with a bully who is possibly a family member or someone is always targeting a person who is apart of your possy. Someone doesn’t like that so they may go off and ask them what the fuck is your problem with this person.

It may stirve up some conflict because all of the sighing and heavy breathing someone does it aggravating ass hell. Because these people cool enough to get drunk with, smoke with, sometimes party with, but overall sober an day to day functions they are toxic ass hell. For some of y’all your person listen to, too many people when it comes down to the relationship. Be mindful of giving opinons that you do not want to sign off on because someone is defeintly going to say so and so said it. So, that’s why they feel like they can repeat it.

For others someone is too interested in magic or spirituality and it is not for a good cause. For some it is to be messy, magical attacks, chaos magic, money rituals, and power plays. Be mindful of the energy that you send out because one day it may return and not in the form you are expecting it too. Someone could be coming home from the hospital, hospice, trauma center, or just had a baby. And they gone flip out when they find out who been in they house or who staying there. Some of y’all have some unruly house guest who like to party all the time, blast music, and be outisde till four in the moring. Someone could like to sit on the balcony all night and look at the stars or the cars roll by.

Heavy on the fact that some of y’all or someone who you know is in a realtionship with someone they don’t know at all. You never stop dating or getting to know your person, this is how contenment rolls in. I know your reading may seem short but I am tired of hearing about this fight, argument, jaelously, gossip, and competiton that is going on. I'm starting to think that some of y’all like to argue for the sake of it because you either want your lick back or this person does. I don’t see how this will solve anything because y’all still won’t cut that fake MF off anyway. So, its either deal with it or shut up about it. All I know somebody is still holding onto a grudge, someone is petty AF, someone projects and blames they problems on everybody, someone think they slick and always trying to get over on people, the woe is me syndrome, I’m so helpless I can’t do anything by myself, and I'm pretty I fuck good so you should just love me. And the kicker is this is one person male or female. “SCREAMS,” in agony for you.


In the old the fashion saying I'll be pissed off then pissed on. For some of y’all you have been resisting getting mad because you feel like you have to keep your composure all the time. You maybe in the spotlight or always looked at as the one who is supposed to keep your cool. Someone is taking advanatge of that kindness someone shows them. Someone maybe on the back hand receiving of that anger and it may lead to other arguments. A lot of arugments could be avoided if you start listening to your intution, you know that thing that tell you don’t but you do it anyway, yeah that’s that’s a intution. And for some of y’all this is the problem you currenlty are facing. I keep hearing penny for your thoughts, if someone keep asking you for advice and they ain’t listening put a price on it I bet they stop asking. In the words of all of our grandmothers a hard head make a soft ass.

I do not own rights to this photo it is from the African Goddess Rising oracle deck.


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