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Drama In The Shadows

Drama everybody loves to be in it, but nobody knows when to stop being in it because in order to stop somebody has to be accountable at some point for the role they play in it. I mean we all have found ourselves at one point in our lives where have had some form or chaos that was breed into or we somehow created it. The problems lies when a person only wants to address it when they get tired of going through it. For me drama, gossip, cancel culture, and hidden agenda are a part of the shadow that we seem to not address. Because the shadow at times can tell us that it doesn’t want to be acknowledged but it does things to get attention whether it be in a negative or positive light.

We all have a darker side that craves to pleased but its how we go about pleasing our shadow self that it causes us problems in this lifetime. Most people try to argue and say that gossip, drama, and smear campaigns aren’t apart of the shadow, well why do so many people participate in it. We never take into account how our actions can affect someone else’s lively hoods. We have been conditioned into thinking that this behavior trait is normal especially in women friendships and family matters. And if you come from a big family like I do then you know firsthand that gossip, and drama always seems to spread around somehow. Because the lack of structure and freedom that we didn’t possess in our childhood and our parent’s childhood showed us how we will find a way to feel free.

In the old saying I will do whatever I want, and nobody can tell me what to do but what happens when your actions affect those you care about, and you lose them because of your selfish ways. It’s funny how the shadow shows us that we can do everything alone while needing someone to teach or show us how to be alone. And that is where many find themselves in the midst of chaos because we have been taught that being alone is some form of punishment. That the proper hermit mode can teach you how to master silence in the mind, body, and spirit. But when you have been raised that every time you do something wrong that is when you go to time out or I’m fina beat yo a**, I’m here tell you that you are hardheaded. You possibly fall in that category of people who like self-sabotage things out of spite because you don’t know how to say I need to time to compose myself.

I need a minute to myself because I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, or I don’t know right now because I don’t know how I feel about that. Those people who avoid accountability or always looking for drama are always searching themselves somehow. That people never seem to catch on to this tactic and end up feeding more into their long-winded story of drama. It seems as if it is a writer who doesn’t know how to end the story so they keep going on an on and somehow you have ended up in something that you shouldn’t have been in the first place. When the shadow is unmanaged it can find everything to be temptation because we have been taught to suppress, anger, frustration, sadness, and disappointment that overtimes it breeds into chaos.

Causing us to believe that what we are doing is right and what we feel is the only thing that matters at the time. And for those of you that has been throwing obeah, jinn, jinxes, hexes, curses, and domination spells I just know this year and many years has and will give you a run for your money. Because there is more to life than constantly trying to be the black magician when the magician doesn’t even know how to live life because he/she has to manipulate everything around them. That’s the only thing magic is, it’s the ability to be able to manipulate the energy causing some emotional, spiritual, or psychological response in a person. That many people haven’t seem to catch onto yet.

But when will the drama end I ask for me and others because it seems as if, if it’s not one thing then it’s another? The only reason I see most who seek it out or always in it is because they are trying to avoid something in they life. Especially when life is trying to level them up or forcing them to release old things around them whether it be people, places, things, or even ideas. That the drama can consume them so bad that they end up losing focus of the main goal which is to rid yourself of the burdens in this lifetime. Ain’t that’s what the Astro community preach about when those retrogrades happen and different transits come around. Right.

If you have three or more siblings or children then you know how messy kids and your childhood was especially if your parents or you operate off what was told to them. Think about it when you where younger and your mama said I’m putting so and so in charge while I’m gone to work. She turns around and say I’m counting on you, don’t let nobody in my house and please tell your sister to don’t eat in my living room. You say yes ma’am and with some excitement you run off quickly to tell your other siblings and nine times of the ten the oldest is not responsible one. They just know what to do and what not to do this is why it always seems like they don’t go through the hardships the youngest goes through. So, guess what your mama goes to work, and your younger sister ate on the couch.

You tried to clean it up and make it seem as if nothing happens and you tell your siblings don’t tell mama what happen. But you fail to take into account that the other sibling who was on the sideline looking like why mama didn’t tell me, why didn’t mama acknowledge me. Is the one wo is going to cause more damage. And the other siblings really don’t care as much because they know y’all hardheaded and don’t listen. So, guess what not only do you have to bargain with your youngest sibling to stay quiet now you have to worry about your other sibling to. Because they aren’t even mad at you, they are mad at your mama because they feel they don’t get enough attention or recognition from their mama. They know you going to get in trouble, they know you were struggling to manage the household, but guess what they didn’t care because they didn’t get told to do what you do.

So, they feel entitled taking out their emotions on you because you were told to do something that they didn’t even want to do. So, in this the midst of all this drama it causes a social divide amongst a family because nobody wanted to state how they feel or mind their business. And this is how drama starts so by the time your mama get home y’all are finally on one accord which is odd. So, if a mother knows her children she will be able to sense out that something is off. It may not be today but eventually she will get somebody to break because if the relationships you have with your siblings is toxic then, how the one time she asks one person to do something now y’all all are on the same page.

Moral of the story drama doesn’t come out of nowhere it’s been there for the longest it just took something to happen to bring it about. Most people don’t even care about the transgression that happen they were just ready to speak and act accordingly because they felt emotionally ignored. Which it can come off as childish, cruel, selfish, and toxic. So, the next time you see drama stirving up and you have no invested energy to be of help just learn how to master self-control. Because you can’t go off blaming somebody else for your actions when you had every intent on doing it your way. #MESSAGE


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