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Drama In A Family Dynamic

WHOSE SIDE YOU ON WHEN THE BEEF POP OFF IN A FAMILY DYNAMIC? IS IT YA MAMA, GRANDMA, GRANDADDY, SISTER, COSUIN, BROTHER, STEP MAMA, STEP DADDY, BABY MAMA, OR BABY DADDY? That’s the real question when the drama seems to spiral out of control and needs to be resolved logically. Now for you people who believe in the family over ever thing dynamic I’m sorry to say I may rattle your feathers. Because just because we family don’t mean that you right all the time. I believe in free will and with free will emotional ignorance has a strong hold on some people and their belief systems. It just means that you aren’t prepared or equipped to call out a wrong in a family dynamic. Would you rather keep a beef going your mama had with her sibling because of a barbie doll she stole from her at the age of 7 or be able to live free without playing both sides. Sometimes being grown is saying this doesn’t have nothing to do with me and let other people deal with they own shit.

I mean when it comes to family issues, we rarely resolve our beefs we just leave it up to the title they hold in our in life’s whether it be mom, dad, sister, cousin, or brother. This doesn’t mean we are being mature in situations we are just using a tactic of emotional avoidance because one of the other isn’t ready to face the music. But what if their unwillingness to face the music is your next chapter to healing do you bite your tongue or burst the conversation out in a room full of strangers. Keep in mind healing is dangerous because it breaks your free of your old mindset and releases you into a person you’ve never been before. I’m not saying that to cause any fear in you but to free you of the old you creates a courage and power that no man has felt yet before so the new you seems to feel untouchable.

Think about your power crazed individuals don’t they mirror the individual who is a workout junkie, the healer junkie, the adrenaline rush junkie. I mean at some point everything feels healthy but when become codependent and reliant on something it no longer empowers us it controls us but that’s neither here nor there. You may wonder how we ended up here well from the reading we were doing where I was sipping and flipping at the same time. Children, mama, daughters, and family seemed to be a topic that was of the time and let me not forget infidelity too. That’s a tricky subject because what people fail to recognize about infidelity you just don’t fall out of love with your partner like that. Overtime paranoia, the lack of trust, feeling like a fool, bad advice, and negativity after infidelity causes a problem.

Now we all have our rule breakers that stops us from moving forward in a relationship and I’m not saying that you should stay after infidelity but for some they do. And some people don’t come forward after they have survived the turmoil that cheating unlocked in their relationship because no one’s want to seem like a dummy or feel like a fool because of things they decided to accept behind closed doors. Those comments seem to take a toll on the relationship because some people fail to recognize they words really hold weight in certain connections. How the hell did we end up here is the question am asking myself again. I was supposed to come on here and talk about the family beef that’s been going on in the collective.

Well, I guess this is one of the many people problems that somebody is facing today. See the thing about family is that it doesn’t come with a rule book. It’s just kids raising kids until we reach an age that is called or labeled wisdom. And for some the wisdom you may have received at a young age that may not apply to your now. How you deal with uncertainties when the person who is an elder of your life that has guided you until they can’t guide you anymore? Do you listen blindly to what they have to say and blame them for you listening and taking heed? Or do you take responsibility for your action by listening to someone who is on a different paradigm than you. One thing fear is good at is talking you out of your dream’s goals, hopes, and aspiration out of life. No matter how many times you decide to get that doesn’t mean that you will propel forward.

And as black person who come from a lineage of slaves one thing, they know is fear and that is down to the bone. Now do they know they do it consciously no it is because they had to live by a limited belief system so anything that challenges or pushes them in a direction is fear. Because what is better than the unknown than the known I’ll wait. See this breeds arguments, chaos, and lack of control because one knows that the action you take can cause a ripple affect of many things. And by being black and living a limited social or economical world it hard for us to create change in a home and the outside world too. It’s not a cop out for blaming slavery and oppression of mind it is what it did to the minds of the masses. Causing mothers and daughter to compete with the person of who the mother used to be or is trying to become.

Fathers hating their sons because he isn’t the man he once was or even became yet. Leaving hearts hurt, goals unfulfilled, and dreams never chased. And the ones who dare to be different is casted out into the world and left to come up with their own way to life. I belief in growth there is no right or wrong way to do it. it’s just deciding what is a healthier way to do something that benefits you. We can not rid the world of evil, remove the hatred from the masses, or the hate from one’s own heart. It’s all in the what you do and who it affects others. Y’all thought I was fina give some grandiose break down on how to solve it, NOPE. YOU HAVE TUNE INTO TO THE NEXT EPISODE OF SCARED STRAIGHT. I simply asked a question whose side you chosen when the beef pops off?


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