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Don’t Stay There

Emotional patterning maybe something someone maybe struggling with. Meaning you react to everything the same way whether you are happy, sad, broken, aware, or even alert of something. You could find yourself going backwards instead of forwards because of the behavioral response you are seeking from people who are just not it. Sometimes some people aren't the bad guy in our lives. We tend to make them out that way when we know that they aren't giving us the things we need to keep the relationship alive.

Such as being supportive to someone who isnt supportive to you do you continuously blame them for the response your not getting or you do finally decide to walk away? Is a question that most people don't get to answer for themselves because society has conditioned us into thinking the answer lies within in the person who isn't giving us what we need. Leaving us to put our all into empty spaces, broken cups, unsolid foundations with cracks in them. And asking ourselves what is all this for? When the answer truly lies within you deep somewhere.

You'll never know how you truly feel until you have worked hard for something you have wanted to achieve for a long time. And for some people that good is to be happy, to epxoerince, to live it, and to be in their truth. Everything doesn't have to be about money child we all need to be loved sometimes. But are you cognizant enough to know that love may not come in a form of a interpersonal relationship but more of a companionship? Are you okay with that?

And if not could you tell us why? What is that love gives you that you don't give yourself? I am taking to broken and lonely hearts in the group chat tonight. A heart is a house of love, of love! Come on Five HeartBeats!

But I ask this with great sincerity because the way some of y'all be scared of you it is ought right dangerous. I have ever seen a generation of people so afraid to embody and live in their truth because someone limited their voice because they spoke louder. How sway?! The fear that trickles down someone bones because they are afraid to admit that they are vulnerable even with themselves. The energy to live outside of yourself is ruining the society we live in. That the calmness we seek in environments is reall what we seek within. All I have to say that you can stay in places that don't serve you long enough just don't get made when you find yourself slipping back into an old routine because you haven't found you enough!#PYA


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