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Domineering Personalities (Queen Of Wands)

Queen of Wands is a personality that is really a risk taker and willing to go the extra mile to get it. The card suggest that it is Leo energy hint Venus is in Leo, but some also say it maybe Aries or Sagittarius energy. The tricky thing about the Queen of Wands is the passion that stems from the emotional aspect it has for something. The card could be a forceful but a gentle push you need that fiery, Zen, passion, and zesty nature to be able to go after the things you want. The queen of wands won’t sit idle and say I want something no it will go for something.

The hard part about it is when the emotions that back up the Queen of Wands energy can go into a takeover type spirit. Y’all remember the joke I told y’all I had seen on social media when it said if the devil was zodiac sign, they would say it was a Leo. And I still laugh at that because Leo’s knows how to go after the things it wants. But its tricky though because from the collective of readings I have been doing I have been seeing people who don’t balance that solar plexus energy really well. You have some who are passive and comfortable with a passive route versus a forceful one.

And with us being in Libra season this is the perfect time to learn balance and boundaries with everything that is going on life. I keep saying we are in a Divinely pause and some are saying I get it Marshae how many times you’re going to say it until you get it. I know COVID19 has happened but that doesn’t mean that life has stopped outside of coming up with financial opportunities. We are in the number 2 years so this all about balance, restoring, love, and free will making things easy without all of the complications.

Teamwork makes the dream works and some people are learning that they aren’t the best team players. In a spread I did on YouTube I talked about the karmic retributions and the Queen of Wands energy came up. The only reason she keeps revisiting the scene was because of her forceful nature and in the spread, we were talking about taking our time not to be a turtle but being fulfilled. You know the old saying if you chew your food the more you will become full. When you rush to eat you won’t enjoy what you ate.

So, the Queen of Wands was coming up like I got it damn and I kept saying that in the reading because the Queen of Wands isn’t a patient energy, I think that is something fire signs have to learn to master. Because it can be a bit selfish when it wants what it wants and it can become hasty when it burns itself out to quickly and hopping on to the next best thing can be quite taxing on the mind, body, and sprit. So, without the patience it creates a start and stop energy with things in life or an entitlement for things to go its ways.

And that’s what the collective is learning because COVID-19 ignited the hustler’s energy within people to be able to say I need money to live so I need to get it fast. You had people who were thinking they were going to die as if this is Y2k was happening all over again rushing to get into relationships and they were skipping out the most important phase of the relationships. The Queen of Wands energy came up for the housewives and homemakers who normally take care of the home. It challenged the masculine energy to be of service and help because it was so accustomed to the day to day routine so not being able to lie around all day was tasking when you had someone at home constantly reminding you of the thing you said you were going to do.

I mean it was tricky for all of us because we were mentally and physically scattered all over place. The Leo really gets a bad rep because it really wants to help but at the same time it can be a forceful style of nature so it can see something you lack in and come in and do it but not in the way you would want it. So, it creates the unwanted tension while the Leo energy says this is a hill I will die on and Leo is a Fixed Sign by the way right along with Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. So, the challenging part of utilizing this energy is setting the right intention on the things you would like to stay in your life.

Whether it be love, relationship, money, joy, and fulfillment but if you are caught up on the negative that’s all you will perceive. Now the Queen of Wands energy doesn’t get a pass so easily because it also has to learn time and patience because sometimes it can lack the emotional capacity to respond to something in a timely manner. And fire signs forget that other people have to process their emotions. Everybody isn’t so gun-ho on moving so fast.

The thing about domineering personalities often quite get labeled as a takeover type spirit. Which in some cases its true? So, if it’s something you’re good at then it’s also mastering it to help others shine there light as well and not from your perspective. Queen of Wands isn’t to me a teachable card its more of a visual learning type so if you don’t learn by watching you will easily become intimated because of its nature.

So, it sometimes can roll into a projective style relationship because you’ll see how much it is willing to do so you’ll burden it with doing something and the person will do it because it feels you can’t. Causing the fire nature to burn itself out and not in a Phoenix style but to more a restless state. I said this year I was going to utilize fire energy but when COVID-19 started that ish worked against me. Because I tired myself out in the first two months of quarantine and I wasn’t even bored.

I created attachments, scenarios, and people who didn’t feel the need to put in the work because they created the narrative that I was okay with taking on the loads by myself. And no ma’am just as fast that fire nature was of help it dissolved quickly and I started to utilize it in other placement that didn’t feel like a requirement. I am not a forceful person unless it’s something like my blog, writing, or artistry because that’s my zone. It is my world inside of another world that allows me to see things better.

So, on any other day I am real Ray like and for those of you that don’t know watch Ray Charles biopic Ray. I will not always tote you because I’m short and fat so me caring your load gone weigh me down. So, I’ll rather show you or learn to adapt to your style of thinking and doing so I can teach you how to bare true strength. And that my guys, is how you use your toxic, manipulative, lower vibrational Scorpionic behavior to help the world be a better place. It’s called the mirroring affect.

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