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Domestic Violence

In this day and age domestic violence seems more glorified then actually rectified. You have people being more consumed with shaming the victim then actually helping them. And in the terms of glorified I mean those women who put their hands on men and men putting their hands on women and thinking its cute. I always say that play fighting in the beginning of the relationship is cute until it’s a day where you have fight for your life.

Everything on social media seems like its cool until it happens to you. In a time where women are shamed for being a victim and calling it empowering, is quite weird to me. I mean no one’s thinks about their psyche at all. It’s cue the daily news, rolls out the press, and go on whole hate campaign about abuse when the victim themselves is till suffering internally. I mean where is the time for a person to feel their emotions. Did you know that most women that have been abused in some form of their life will most likely be abused again?

Here’s why because most people think that if you get out of the situation alive then you are good. Meaning that you don’t live in that place or deal with that pain anymore that, that form is trauma is done. And by trauma I’m talking about mental, physical, emotional, and verbal. I told y’all I used to scroll the comments of Quora looking at brave women talk about their pain they experienced because of a narcissist. But then some would fall the tall, dark, and handsome fella and end up losing a piece of them again.

Some people would say that they hadn’t learned their lesson, but the true story is that they never learned themselves. When people who have experience abuse on a day-to-day basis, they start to identify this as a way of love. You can read this and say that’s dumb; they dumb, it would never be me, but what about your fellow children, siblings, cousins, and friends who might. That’s the role many never stop to think about because in world where we say don’t care what they think about me. We never stop to see how what somebody else does can affect you and another.

Timing right, I get it seems like life is always asking for a piece of you, but only the parts that you give yourself. But in world full of heartless cunts chile, we’ll be waiting for forever. Sidenote I just wanted to insert that women can be narcissists too and they rank high in numbers than men. Goggle is for free my beloved. THANK YOU!

Here’s a blog post about abuse that I wrote in January about those toxic behavior and down right abuse. I also put links for women or men to get help. I haven’t partnered up with any specific companies or women shelters because I like to do my research. But if you know some let me know I’ll check them out and then post they info.

If the energy ain’t right y’all know I ain’t messing with it. If you know someone who has endured abused there are certain guideline for you to follow. Every abuse victim is different they are human, they have rights, and they also have the right to decline your services. It may seem slow to you but remember just because you can’t identify with the pain don’t mean they cannot either.

I said in a video a while ago that people who try to help abuse victims end up being their abusers. Now I’m not saying you hit them, emotional abuse them, mock them, or physical hurt them but y’all do have a way of trying to remove their decision making. You want to know who does that their abusers did that to them. Now if it is a situation that involved drugs or them being intoxicated by all means getting them the help, they need is cool. But you also have to remember that when they come to, they the right to go back to whatever situation that benefits them.

I get it, it sucks but each victim is different, and you can’t handle all humans the same way. I get it we are wired as humas to feel and try to understand other people’s feelings but a lot of the times its just sympathy we give them. And let me tell you something I am one who hate hates pity but loves empathy. And in most cases, this how we keep victims being victims without them getting to be their hero.

I know you guys was looking for more but collectively the conversation seemed more about the first blog I did but I have several discussions on abuse. Some of you are new here just go to the magnifying glass above the blog posts and type in the keywords of the subject you are looking for. Then two this a tricky subject for me because I feel like some of y’all need private sessions, counseling, or therapy with whomever of your choice. Okay….

But coming up next….

Now baby this week we are going to write about how men is more emotionally weak than a woman and how that affect them psychologically.

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