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Doing Too Much (Gemini Energy)

Whew chile, this Gemini energy is a lot to process. Ever since we have kicked into the astrology aspect of the zodiac signs and energy this has been whirl wind process. I asked earlier am I the only one who feels like you should be doing a lot but you’re resisting it. Like do you find yourself procrastinating or instigating certain energies. A lot of people aren’t familiar with the Gemini energy because they’re proclaimed to be two faced or aloof when it comes to day to day problems. When in exact it is the complete opposite. I am a firm believer in the human existence so excluding astrological facts I believe that sometimes certain characteristics can be highlighted in the wrong light.

I believe as humans we have three to two sides of us. The side we show, the side we don’t show and the side we don’t know. As if you don’t know we are still in the quarantine process. Boo is the sound effect I have for this moment. In the beginning we where all looking for something to do because we felt our lives were being put on pause meanwhile us creatives were Divinely forced to push to create. Because those things we found no value in or no use for end paying the bills or bringing out an inner peace some has never felt before.

Some us of where just beginning to do the work i.e. the self-reflection and understanding our own needs. Meanwhile to be met with a physical pause saying you can’t do this. Well that is how some people perceived their human existence to be. Some people were clearing out karmic debt, financial debt, and spiritual debt only to feel like the triumphing part was just another struggle. Meaning you barely survived one thing, I mean the planets and moons and aren’t showing any type of favoritism there are just saying keep up with me if you can. I have a Gemini niece with a Capricorn moon so honey she’s all over the place on a day to day basis. Restless and relentless when it comes to peace and quiet. She has to always have something to do when that is her biggest downfall.

Doing to damn much and not enough of what she should do. I mean Gemini is in one of my placements so at once upon time I was very aloof and nonchalant to things I should care about. On the prowl searching for instant gratification only to be bored because I truly didn’t go for what it is, I genuinely wanted. And on the flip side keeping things that no longer serve me because at one point it served me. I told you guys I was and can be an emotional hoarder keeping the memories and feelings tethered to me because it either made or broke me. But I notice that a lot of people are just doing things just to do them only to be met with emotions when the shift goes into Cancerian energy. And by me being and emotional water sign, a Scorpio baby somedays I hate being so empathic.

Truly it has been my worst and best assist talk about emotional manipulation. But I just wanted to say if you find yourself burden and weighed down this is the time to ask yourself is this really serving me. The Gemini is all about fun and coexisting with others whether it be communication, teaming up with people, and the expansion of the mind. I mean what more can you do at this moment. The world is basically on pause some places are open to only close early, and some business have not. I mean Corona still is got the girls terrified with shaky baby syndrome. I was trying to get up and force myself to do things I normally do but lately I have been enjoying my me time. It’s like what’s the rush, who’s coming? Seriously I was stagnant as hell trying to clean up when I usually just cut the music on and clean away. Not this time it was like WAIT A D*** MINUTE. I wanted to assign my task to other people to get it done for me. In the beginning of the quarantine I wrote about the shakeup of the routines we all were experiencing. Like people not being able to go to work, stop and get coffee, taking the kids to school, and just having that Friday off and the kids not being home.

I mean that was a different range of emotions people were hit with. Everybody was shooked and trying to figure out how to adjust, meanwhile couples going through it because one or the other isn’t doing what the others wanted them to do. People who had ill feelings towards friends, lovers, and family where itching to get back close to people who they needed to break off from. Because they needed to rationalize their “new normal”. Only to be met with same aggravations you had before the quarantine. I seen a post on Twitter this guy said quarantine is just exposing those people who has never been told no.

And I can agree because some people were so self-absorbed that they had to sit down with themselves only to see that its parts of them that they actually hate. Meanwhile that spirit died down and low and behold Gemini energy had crank its hardheaded ass up only to stir up some mess. For me I looked at as seeing people for who they are I mean people were treating the quarantine in the beginning like a New Year. You know the whole New Year New Me thing. Only for people to flake on themselves and return right back to chaos, confusion, and drama. I mean right now a black man has just lost life! #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

I mean the world just keep on taking hits and we have to keep on going. Meanwhile your favorite places i.e. social media has become toxic because of unwanted thoughts, think pieces, and social injustices. And those of us who are keeping it together are on the verge of going into hiding. Because when will you have time to breath life just keeps on its like damn can I have time for me. I mean you get over one unfair thing only to be met with another. It’s like you don’t even have time to process and be outraged because of life. The funny part about it that’s how healing works somedays you’re on top of the world and the next your just apart of it seeing people and things pass by.

I say to you as I end this it’s okay for you to feel your emotions to understand them, take a moment to breath because sometimes life comes at you fast.

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