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Divorce Isn't An Option Part Two (2)


For those of you that didn’t read the first blog the post to the link will be below. When you read the titles remember this is to try to get you to see things differently. Majority of my titles be from one track minded individuals who are accustomed to seeing things one way. In no shape form or fashion am I forcing someone to stay where they don’t want to be but by the time you finish reading this, you’ll have an okay then approach a situation.

If you read the first blog you know the only reason, I stated this because of ole societal terms to life. Women majority said this because they felt because they’ve been emotionally invested into a man that they felt no other woman should have that title of being his wife. For men, the reason for saying this was because in the old world its was cheaper to keeper. Old people really were some survivalist.

Like they felt like you had to experience everything painful in order to experience some form of happiness out of life. Aht, Aht. Baby I am not a masochist I will try my hardest before I leave when things start to hurt just for fun. That’s the worse type of mental and emotional turmoil to go through. But the reason we are here is because COVID-19 got on people nerves so bad that people who were in relationship were finally forced to divorce or thinking that would be the remedy for relationship.

What they be saying an idle mind is the devils playground? People had too much time on their hands and instead of seeing how they could’ve maneuvered through obstacles together baby they were like peace. Now some people had already filed for divorce post COVID-19 so, by the court system being backed up its causing ex-spouses to be petty towards each other. A lot of times people call it quits on the relationship when issues get real.

And I have to ask myself and others did you get married for fun or just because it was the Americanize way of doing things? If you answered yes, then I can see why you are ready to leave a relationship. Its tricky when we throw in the word commitment and marriage because depending on how the relationship started its going to dye out the same way. The reason I say this is because its tricky when you like someone, they can do no wrong but when you love them you want them to do no wrong.

Keeping that like and attraction in the relationship is sometimes a hard thing to do? You can lose weight, make more money, have kids, but when that soul isn’t at peace then the relationship itself is in jeopardy. And a lot of people don’t understand this. Assuming you guys have been doing inner child work I’m assuming you are at a point where you want more out of life.

Maybe learning things about a partner past life and emotional wellbeing from a childhood is shocking to you. Well my love that is love. Love is acceptance, growth, and change, why do you think the older you get you crave for that emotional stability in a relationship with your parents. Because no matter the seasons if they loved you or not you need that foundation. And most people who get in a relationships that verge into marriage forget that love is everlasting even on those dark days.

Love is the trickiest subject to talk about because it isn’t a requirement for love even the most evil begins on earth experience love somewhere from someone. Living and managing lifestyles requires rules and stipulations but when we lack the meaning and the experience of it, we often fall into the pattern of thinking love is always what you do for someone else. A lot of people don’t recognize how powerful the words for better or for worse, till death do us part, and two souls becoming one can manifest over your relationship.

Like take the term for better or for worse that means loving a person through the good, bad, and the ugly. The parts of them that hasn’t been identifiable yet. Because like many we haven’t healed previously old relationship wounds before falling into love. And when I say relationships, I mean family, love, careers, and your overall life itself. So, people get into relationships falling for the person we see and not who they are. That potential is a booger wooger ain’t it.

Because when we fall in love with people, we alter our realties by our own expectations. Leaving us crushed when the relationship and marriage don’t meet the requirement of who we want them to be. Isn’t that the idea of love is, for someone to love you for who you are not what you pretend to be. I say all the time if I can’t love all of you then don’t offer it to me. Because if it isn’t real how will I know the love I feel for you or that you show me is real.

Isn’t that how some of you feel about your partners wishing they could back to them old them. Well child life happens, and this is where the work comes in. See most people think till death do us part is for someone to have a physical death but what happens when your partner goes through a spiritual death. Like evolve into the being they are supposed to be or transform into the person who they used to be because the relationship has hit a plateau.

Tricky isn’t when it comes to words because they can hold power over your own life or things you bring to life. Unconsciously at best.

We aren’t taught about marriage we are taught about how to keep a man/woman versus finding what is good for our souls. Why do you think men wait so long till marrying? Because they have been taught to be so animalistic and carnal that by the time they work through pride, ego, and destruction he is ready to settle down right. Versus a woman we have no meaning to our lives if we don’t have a man or lover.

Double standards right but hey its time to break them by not getting even with old rhetoric’s but by challenging and changing the game for the next generation. People make marriage and relationship seems like it’s always supposed to be serving each other when in reality that creates codependences and a child/parent relationship with partners. Making others feel obligated to do something for someone because of titled and not because of the art of love.

I say all the time our ancestors had nothing and still found away to love even if it was distorted and handicapped the next generation. All they had was love in a world full of capitalist, racism, and systematic oppression. That’s something no one can take way from you when you love someone that is a choice you decide when you stop loving people. And nine times it out of ten it’s because of the old paradigms you have created don’t work anymore.

Or the other one doesn’t want to grow anymore because being content is easier than the unknow child that is fear.

Fear can kill off anything if you let it fester long enough. The last part I want to talk about is two souls becoming one. For those of that are familiar with the twin flame journey then you know where this conversation is going. The twin flame journey is where to individuals who incarnated in this lifetime decided to meet each other again. Naturally, they meet in the afterlife it’s the other part of you that you don’t see or relate to at times.

In the twin flame journey one is the yang and the other is the yang its tricky navigating them because in order for them to be in relationship they have to both decide to be on the same page. For those of you that watch Dragon Ball Z or anime you know when they are shooting light from their force field at the same time mysteriously how it all come together. Normally when they do this, this is to dominate one of the other. So, if one is boastful and full ego the other can win in a time of their weakness.

Leaving the other person bruised and filled with guilt, anger, and revenge that they never work on the same page. So, most people who try to build relationship with their twin always seem tired and bruised about time they get into another relationship. To me that whole twin flame relationship thing is like some torture fest. To me that’s my opinion.

But when two people souls become one it creates a shift in the human existence causing a tug of war between to earthly vessels to compete for who love means more. So, most of the times people forget the reason why they got married which was because of love. It’s hard submitting to humans because we change over the time. Submitting to the art of love is hard when you don’t trust your partner, yourself, and your decision making.


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