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Did you know that today is 444 for those of you who like to unlock portals? For my manifestors I would like to say that this is the day to assess things in your life that needs to be released. When you take the time to do so make sure that you also take the time to congratulate yourself. Because it takes time to set out and say I am sick of my shit and actually stick to it. There is power in relinquishing control and some people fail to recognize this because they are always so dead set on beating the odds. Sometimes the odds is saying this isn’t my fight, sometimes the odds is accountability, and sometimes the odds is just doing nothing.

For many of people who look towards seeing the number 444 they like to look for signs from the universe to see if they are on the track. But I say to you don’t you know what you do every day? Do you know the outcomes of certain situations in your life? Everything isn’t spiritual and sometimes everything isn’t humanly as well. That’s life it is called the ying and yang of the universe for a reason. Sometimes it can be a sign from your guides saying your on the right track, that message was for you, or your was in the right place at the right time. But if you are always so focused on what the universe can do for you, you never stop to see how you can do for the universe?

I mean we come in contact with humans all the time. Sometimes its just saying a simple hello, goodbye, acts of kindness, acknowledgment, understanding, listening to a friend, or pay attention on how you show up in the world. And when I say show up, I am not talking attire I’m talking about how you energetically, mentally, physically, and spiritually show up in this human design. I mean we have so people trying to get on wavelengths and ride frequencies but how do you raise the frequency around? Keep in mind a number 4 is a number of stabilizing energy, so this is time to get grounded and focus as we start into this Taurus season. I didn’t say get comfortable, get comfortable with the unexpected. Your unexpected like your need to sit when you should stand, your need to talk when you should listen, and you need to run when you should walk.

There are a lot of things in our life that we should get rid of like old clothes, toxic friends, shitty social circles, food in the fridge, unnecessary boxes, and thoughts. Matter of fact delete them old text threads that you still hold in your phone they hold energy. Delete them nudes, sex videos from them niggas and bitches, burn that ex’s shirt, burn that mail you still holding onto, and just release yourself. We never know how much we hold onto until it is time to pack and leave or unpack and stay. True story you be finding shit that you haven’t seen in years. That nostalgia and memorabilia be fucking us up sometimes because no matter how bad or good something was it is still a memory.

What they say replace old memories with new memories but not from a toxic space. So do yourself a favor and decide to relax. On doing so much and getting nowhere, thinking the same way but not seeing change, doing the same shit in different ways and still arguing about it, and release yourself. Learn how to be comfortable with a damn no or at least I tried. I just thought I’ll come on here and tell y’all how y’all ain’t clock the 444 dynamics going on. Is it me or today went pretty smooth? Giving good taurus energy like I ate, wanted to take a nap, and shit like a newborn.


Thoughts on chill.


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