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Death of The Ego....

Death of The Ego..

Earlier today I was having a conversation about the Death of The Ego and found myself being more intrigued by the conversation and wanted to take it, over to the site. I’m here and queer with the message. I found it fascinating that in majority of the readings I did and the weekly reading it was about an ego death. Now for those that don’t like the word death let’s just call it an awakening.

For those that aren’t familiar to with the term it is to awaken to your true self. Whether it is for your destruction or the destruction of the nouns. A lot of you may not be into astrology well me neither some days I am. Because I know I can get lost into that as well and this already is enough for me. When we first started the quarantine process of COVISHA attention seeking ass Saturn was in Aquarius, and Venus was Gemini. Boy was the planets really rocking our shits.

I mean for once our selfish behaviors kicked in and for those who hadn’t been off work decided they wanted to live and for those who stay at home wanted to get out. Talk about a trading places and walking a mile in somebody else shoes. In that time, we were exposed to our true selves and many people didn’t pay attention at how their ways caused them a demise. Not a demise of hardship but the mask of this isn’t who I am.

We seen, social media ripping celebrities to shreds, the collective bandwagoned for change even if it wasn’t genuine, and attention brought to the things that did not matter. Overtime this burst of energy died off and like many they fell into the mind frame of this is how life will be. Not on my watch. (Iyanla voice)!

So, the internet and life went back to same way but with a more lethargic approach. It left people feeling sad, going back to their old ways, and dabbling in the arts. In by arts, I mean magic and spirituality o these niggas were playing with Divine forces. That is now playing with us with the planetary alignment.

Think about it, how was Scorpio season for you? I mean every time Scorpio season comes up you usually run into that old booty call you miss, think about those hidden desires, or your sex drive usually takes it up a notch right along with wanting to be in a relationship. No, we was ready to leave planet earth and go live on the moon. Sweetie we was tired and grew bored but as a collective some people didn’t stay to the course.

But I didn’t get on here for all that I got on here to talk about the ego. For those who dabble in the arts, tarot readings, spiritual guidance, and shamanism who fell on the folly side… I bet that ego death your going through is hard as hell because those blind sheep that was looking for a home because the church closed down and your messages seemed interesting. Showed you how to level up and not financially. Divine pulled and ripped like a wax on a course haired vagina. By the way that hair be hard to get off it you know you know.

It left many thinking they was going through the dark knight because spirituality and leadership isn’t about what you can look you capable of. It’s withstanding those dark times and being able to keep going by any means necessary even if that mean taking a break. And those harsh felt messages and preying on the vulnerable for your self-fulfillment seem to be the demise of many at this time.

I mean life is stripping you of your mess and blessing you with your stress and to teach you how to go about life in manner that isn’t just about your own. Because the girls be having this spiritual concept of just magic and knowledge all wrong. No, I’m talking about your practice I’m talking about the responsibility that comes with those gifts but I digress this ain’t about y’all.

Now let’s move on. Parenting was and still is a struggle this day and age because you just can’t find time to get away from the little sticker finger bandits. I’m not saying being a mom or dad isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be, but when you have a lack of boundaries, time, patience, and empathy with yourself and your kids then COVISHA has taught you it’s time to fix it.

That normal yell telling them kids to sit down, be quiet, and go to your room just didn’t work anymore. And for those who’ve had a struggle relationship with their parents almost found themselves breaking the light in their kid’s life because you didn’t teach them how valuable it was to listen. Trust I know it sucks somebody should’ve told me this when my child 6. I’m 26 by the way and he 13 you do math.

So, what happen you found yourself in the midst of giving the speech your parents gave you I bought this, I do this, and this how I get treated. Newsflash there is no reward in parenting and you found yourself questioning all your decisions based on the right now relationship you have with your kids. That we live in this neighborhood, other kids don’t have what you have speech didn’t work because guess what we are all in quarantine.

COVISHA is like next to karma you ask me. So, you found yourself damn near breaking down because all those good things you did for your kids, that head nod, and approval form other wishing and wanting what you had really didn’t matter at the time. Because life was still going and moving at the same time and the only thing that mattered was peace and silence.

Child, the ego had a lot of us f***** up because internally I was ready to move and get on with my life and reactivate my hoe phase. While Divine was like not today Marshae not in this lifetime. I mean I still haven’t found a sugar daddy in this economy with all these bosses. Lord why me? LMMFAO!

But I wrote all this to say that the death ego will feel like and attack on your character the person who you’ve been. The person you’ve been comfortable with and unwilling to change because people said that’s how you are.

It’s a particular story in 48 laws of Power that talks about not outshining your master. When the mind is in a battle with the ego it will go great lengths to prove it is worthy of something when its weakness are being revealed. Ignorance kicks in and reassures that all of your actions and reasons are justified for the wrong things. So, I say all this to say what has your ego gotten you into that your mind, body, and spirit is trying to get you out of.

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